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Sub lara - chapter 1

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SUB LARA - CHAPTER 1CHAPTER 1I woke up slowly and peacefully. My eyes fluttered open to the defused light of the early morning coming through the sheer curtains of my bedroom. The bigger realization of the start of the day was I was still in the arms of a man. Well, maybe it was more like my arm was d****d over his lower rib cage as I lay on my side, which is why my eyes took in the filtered light of the window on the other side of the room. I kissed his upper chest/shoulder where my head was resting and I wiggled my naked body up tighter to his naked form and sighed deeply ? my god, what a man.I raised my head and sought out the bedside alarm clock. It read 6:20. I knew he had set the alarm for 6:30. That allowed him time to shower, shave, and dress with enough time to safely make the drive to his assignment. He allowed an hour, though it was probably a 40 to 45-minute drive during rush hour. But, I knew he would never be late for an assignment. It was one of his rules. He lived by his rules, but somehow, he still managed to be spontaneous and unpredictable, especially when he was relaxed. He confided that he had a problem with ?relaxed? but it was one of the things he found happened easier around me. Little things make you feel good. That was one of them for me.That 10 minutes wasn?t much time, not enough time, but it was sufficient to remind him. So, I snaked my way under the top sheet we slept under, sliding down along his muscular body, giving that body a kiss periodically along the way until I came to his snake. More like an anaconda as far I was concerned. I might have run away the first time I saw it but the relationship we anticipated then seemed worth the trial of this monster. Flaccid, as it was now, his cock is 6-½ inches long. Fully erect, it is 11-½ inches long and 3 inches wide. After a few times together, when it seemed like we might have something real between us, I wanted to measure it. He resisted, feeling embarrassed and sensitive about it, but I persisted until he gave in. Half his size would be about normal in the world.As I gently picked it up from where it was d****d between his legs and brought it to lay on his left thigh, I still found it amazing. I was sure our earliest attempts at sex were as frustrating for him as it was for me. But, as I would no sooner reject a relationship with a guy with a small penis, I wasn?t going to reject one because he had a penis that seemed too big. It deserved a good patient effort and patient effort is what it took, patience on his part and effort on mine.My fingertips lightly stroked his limp cock as it lay in front of me. I liked tracing the thick veins that came out along the surface and even that little touch caused it to react slightly as if it really were a snake coming to life. But, with limited time available to me, I moved my face to the head, kissing it, licking it, and finally taking the head inside my lips and mouth where my tongue swirled around helmet and slit while my lips clamped around it and sucked. I started moving my head to take more of his cock into my mouth, pushing it in and pulling it back as it got slicker and smoother with my saliva.I like the feel of my mouth being full of growing, hard flesh. My efforts were quickly rewarded as the snake grew in my fingers and mouth. Sucking cock was always something I didn?t mind, but this experience was so different and intriguing. I could wrap both hands around his erect cock and still engulf the head of it in my mouth. Attentive and loving kissing and licking of the length was like a journey from the head to the base and equally large ball sack. As a result, I enjoyed spending time just doing that: licking, kissing and sucking this cock.I felt a disturbance in my meditation of everything cock as Jake patted around trying to find my head. When he did, he stroked my head from over the sheet and mumbled, ?Mmmmmmm ? soooooooo much better than an alarm ?? I smiled around a mouth full of cock despite my mouth being stretched by the size of it. ?Would you consider doing this on a regular basis??I giggled but was still around his cock and had no idea what that might have sounded like to him. I pull my mouth off with a slurping suction sound, kissing the head at the end. From under the sheet, I suggested to him, ?You might want to turn the alarm off before ?? But, it was too late. The buzzer sounded and he rolled to reached for the alarm but my mouth had reattached to his cock causing him to rotate his shoulders and upper body. He threw the sheet off us and I looked up at him with another distorted smile around his cock.He was looking down at me and flatly said, ?You know I have to get moving.?I slipped my mouth off his cock and pouted up to him, ?But I want to play.?He grabbed me by the arms and effortlessly pulled me up to him. ?I can see that, but ???You?re no fun.? He stared into my pouting eyes and I broke, giving him a big smile and kiss. ?Yes, you are fun.? I started to swing my left leg over his midsection and he rolled off the bed.He waggled a finger at me. ?Good try, dear.? We both laughed. I love this playfulness and he saw it for what it was. He knew I respected his desire and need to be on time for these appointments and he appreciated my pretending to try to mount him. I told him I would get the coffee ready and a light breakfast as he got ready. My office was much closer so I could get ready after he left.I gave him a hug and kiss at the door, he was stroking my bare back and bending over to fondle my ass. ?We?re still on for dinner tonight? You?ll let me know what you think of my idea?? I nodded at him and I know I blushed. His idea seemed outrageous. His idea was the most exciting thing I had ever considered.He smiled at me like he was thinking about taking me into the hall and fucking me right there. I hoped fucking me would come after dinner. Not in the hall, though, I hoped.?I will pick you up here at 6:30. Wear THAT dress.? My eyes opened wide and he nodded. Then he left. I stepped back into the apartment and closed the door, leaning against it and suddenly realized I had been standing in the open doorway naked as I saw him off. God, I have never felt the way I do with him. And that dress! He had taken me out in search of a special dress. We ventured to many of the exquisite dress shops in Atlanta until he saw this one. When I tried it on, I initially wouldn?t come out of the dressing room to show him. It took me five minutes to work up the nerve, but, as in most things with me, he was exceptionally patient. The dress was a thin satin. It was loose about my body and attached by halter ties behind the neck. The back and sides were bare and it hung down the front, wrapping around to barely covering my ass crack, and ending at mid-thigh. There was no way to wear a bra and the garment had no built-in cups. As I tried it on, I could see that I couldn?t wear a panty or thong as either would show under the material and ruin the smooth shape of it on my body. Depending on how the dress gapped by my position it was possible to see the sides of my breasts either on the sides or down the low V-neckline in front. And, if that didn?t make me feel exhibited enough, the material without a bra clung to my nipples. When they became erect, it showed clearly. And, I had a very real tendency to be excited when I was with him. At the same time, he bought me 4-inch strap heels to match the silver colored dress.His assignment was finishing today and he would again be leaving to return to his home in Florida the next day. Our relationship had progressed in ways neither of us might have expected initially and the dinner tonight was to address his idea for our relationship going to the next level. If I could agree. If I could commit. If I had the courage.I tried to do the work I had spread out in front of me on the desk and loaded to the dual monitors of my computer. My mind, though, continued to wander over the months preceding tonight?s dinner and everything that had led the two of us to this point in time and place. All the things that led us to the understandings, decisions, and commitments that would be a part of this dinner. Was I ready for this? Forget the emotional reaction, did calm reason and analysis make this the right thing? How do I leave emotion out of the consideration, though? Was it even possible for me to ignore emotion?* * * * *It was almost a year ago that my life fell into a wretched spiral of emotional, psychological, and physical misery. No, that wasn?t even right. A year ago was just another episode of the spiral. The truth was that despite my many accomplishments in high school academics and athletics, college academics and athletics, and my work, I was a mess when it came to my personal life and intimacy.The very weird part of it, though, was that by all appearances, it would seem that I should have had the world by the tail. I was an attractive white woman of 27 years, 5? 4? tall and 120 pounds on a fit and trained body. My hair was long, to the middle of my back, and was a wavy auburn that shined with color in the sun. I lettered in swimming and soccer in high school, made the soccer team in college on a scholarship but never did crack the starting lineup. Although I didn?t make the swimming team, it continued to be an integral form of exercise along with running and resistance training. I felt good and I looked good.I graduated from the University of Georgia with a BS in Accounting and an MBA in Financial Analysis. I was immediately recruited and hired by Innovative Financial Management where I have been for the past 3 years working as an Account Analyst and reporting to an Account Manager. Little did I know that one of the accounts I worked on with the Account Manager would turn out to be that of the man I would eventually being having a very life-changing dinner with.Innovative Financial Management is one of the most successful and creative (innovative) financial management firms in the US. We are headquartered locally in suburban Atlanta, GA, with regional offices located around the country where significant groups of clients are congregated. Currently, offices are located in 14 states covering approximately 76% of our clients. We don?t work with just anyone, however. Clients are accepted with the satisfaction of having the necessary available assets and goals for financial wealth growth and management. The minimum consideration is a million dollars of manageable assets and a very expensive home or such wealth doesn?t count. There have to be sufficient assets available to manage with those of other clients with similar wealth growth goals to leverage the marketplace. That is what is unique about the company. Innovative Financial Management is at the vanguard of a profound shift in finance: the move away from brokers and mutual fund companies who sell products for a fee and toward firms offering truly independent, low-cost investment advice. These new firms are a registered investment advisor and Innovative Financial Management is one of the largest, responsible for the assets of clients totaling nearly $41 billion. As the independent advisory industry has grown, Innovative Financial Management has grown faster, with assets exploding from $50 million in 2004 to their current $41 billion. A quote in a prominent national financial publication had our president saying, ?It?s horrible, people don?t even know that they are paying someone to sell them something. Here is the bottom line: Compensation drives behavior. If someone is going to be paid to sell their own product, guess what product is going to be recommended to the investor?? We don?t sell financial products; we don?t get commission for the products we recommend and the trades suggested. The size of the combined client worth allows a unique ability to hold down the cost of financial dealing, which increases the return for the client.And, within the firm, I was a rising star. My client account analysis and recommendations to my Account Manager were always spot on, which allows him to focus more on the client?s needs and struggles. Even I believed my life should have been really good. Until there was another spiral.My spirals? Guys. Always guys. Since high school, it has been guys. There was always something about myself that I never understood or maybe accepted. But, so many relationships ended in that downward spiral. I excelled at so many things like education, athletics, and work. Why couldn?t I do the same with guys?Then, one day, early morning at the coffee shop in the strip mall close to the office, I was confronted with my latest very angry and demanding ex-boyfriend. In that very public space, he shouted, threatened, and finally pushed me. Out of nowhere, a hand clamped around my forearm to keep me from falling to the ground. He stepped in front of me, standing between me and the ex. This man blocked out the view of the ex like the sun does to the moon during a lunar eclipse. Only this sun was a massive black guy. The ex was stupid enough in his rage to charge, but the effect was lost on this man. With a hand on the throat, he turned the ex and escorted him out the door. There was a commotion outside that I didn?t see so it might not have ended so peacefully as it seemed to me.I was still standing stunned in the shop as people came to me, other regulars who didn?t know each other but knew each other. My rescuer never returned, however. At least not that day.Over a week later, it happened, again. This time the ex was even more enraged and quite possibly drunk, even so early in the day. He seemed to have stoked the shame of the earlier episode on top of what he felt about me and exploded into something more outrageous than I had ever witnessed from him before. This time I saw the man coming through the door. The ex didn?t.When it was over, he led me outside to a bench by a sidewalk green space nearby. We talked. Out of this very large and intimidating man came gentleness and security that I simply opened up to. We talked and talked. My coffee became cold without drinking it. Then, it occurred to me to check the time and I was going to be late to work. I thanked him. I didn?t know what else to say to the man who had saved me twice. In the office, I couldn?t even remember what we talked about, but it seemed that I did most of the talking. In a weird sort of way, it felt cleansing to confess my troubles and faults to someone. And, who better than someone you may never see, again.Several weeks later, a friend of a friend of a friend that had some contact between us made it known that the ex had been in the hospital. There seemed to be a lot of confusion about what had happened. Some said he fell down some stairs, others that he was beaten up in a bar brawl, others that he was mugged. Regardless of what happened, when he got out of the hospital, he moved out of town without telling anyone where he was going. It was the last time I ever heard about the ex.Several weeks after that bit of news I was again sitting in the coffee shop, feeling comfortable and safe in my routine, again. I was sitting next to the window sipping my coffee, watching the movement of the morning outside.?It?s rather crowded here today; would you mind if I shared your table??I looked up absently, then surprise took over my reaction. It was him. The black guy, my rescuer, the sun that blocked out the moon guy. The guy. I smiled embarrassedly at the delay in responding as he waited for my mind to process all those thoughts. ?Please, yes, please.??Thank you.? He put out his hand, ?My name is Jake, Lara.?I shook the offered hand, but cocked my head to the side and peered at him. ?How did you know my name was Lara??He smiled and pointed down to my cardboard cup. They put your name on the cup to know who to call when it is ready. Nice move, Lara, smooth.This time our talk wasn?t rushed or mixed with tears and looking over my shoulder. But, I still had to get to the office. He asked if he could take me to an early dinner, someplace close to the office, very public and casual. He wanted to talk some more. He expressed his concern and hoped I was doing well. How could I refuse?Again, he managed to get me to talk and when I started it was like a floodgate finally opening to release all the pent-up frustrations and feelings of hopelessness. It was then that he gave me a card after he wrote a name and phone number. He slid it across the table to me and assured me this woman could help me. It was on the back of his business card, Jake Baylor, Personal Protection
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