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Mind Hack Pt. 02: Mystery Gift

Post #1

ALLYAfter uploading my first video on the Mind Hack Society servers I felt a bit dumb. What on earth was I thinking? I guess I was too horny to think straight, but still, I had never seen myself as "that kinda girl". It was time to forget about the foolishness of the last few days and focus again on what really mattered: studying.Finally, I managed to concentrate on my books and I felt a bit more like myself again. People might have thought I was a nerd, but I couldn't care less. In a little over a year, I was going to hold my diploma and those people would be long forgotten. I fell into my regular schedule of studying for two hours and taking fifteen-minute breaks in between. I'd go for short walks, grab a snack or chat with a friend until the timer went off and I turned back to my books.It was on a Thursday evening, two days after I had uploaded my video, that I logged back onto the MHS website. I'd been studying for ten hours and been horny for the last two. My attention was fading. I couldn't get the videos of moaning masturbating girls and the memory of how good it all felt out of my mind."Why not?" I asked myself, "Why can't I watch one video? After all, masturbation isn't unhealthy or unnatural, as long as it's in a moderate amount, right?"I browsed the site looking for the one perfect video, it took me half an hour to pick one. I locked the doors, undressed, turned off the lights, and settled in bed before pressing the play button. Even just the flashes in the beginning of the video felt like a release. My clit was hard and swollen with excitement as I spread my thighs and started to replicate the girl's isveçbahis every move. I slid my fingers in my mouth, getting them well lubricated, before plunging them inside. Leaning on one elbow, bucking my hips against my hand and arching my back I quickly felt the wave of pleasure overcome me. As I came with the girl in the video, the familiar flashes followed and I collapsed on my bed.My panting breath slowed down. I closed my laptop, satisfied and relaxed, and went to sleep with the thought: "See, there's no harm in it..."I didn't film myself anymore, nor did I go back to the video I'd made, but I did watch a video once or twice a day. I decided there was nothing wrong with it, this was just a need I had to satisfy. A need, not any different from the need to eat, sleep or take a break every so often.About a week later, I'd gotten up at five in the morning to start cramming. Tomorrow was one of my biggest exams and I felt ready. I'd been focused for four hours when the doorbell rang. I looked up over a pile of books, wondering who had the guts to bother me, today of all days.I opened the door, still a bit pissed off. It was the mailman holding a small package. I was starting to think my roommate was addicted to online shopping, at least three times a week one or more packages arrived for her."Miss Ally Park?" the mailman asked."Uh? Yes...? That's me," I responded confused."Sign here, please."I took the package and closed the door. I set it on my desk, stubbornly trying to finish my chapter before taking a look. My mind was going wild.I didn't remember ordering anything. What could it be? Maybe someone had isveçbahis giriş used the wrong address... but it was in my name... Who would have sent me a package? Maybe it was from my parents?I dropped my pen and grabbed the box, it was clear that I couldn't focus until I had opened the package.I carefully cut through the tape and revealed a pink postcard with "Congratulations!" in big sparkling letters. It was marked "The Mind Hack Society" on the bottom."Did I fill in my address on my account?" I wondered, "well I guess so..."Curious I read the back of the card.Good job, Doctor Ally!Your video reached 250,000 views! You have unlocked access to brand new MHS content! As a token of our appreciation you've received a small attention. Be sure to try it out on cam!Kind regardsMHS"250,000..." I mumbled, "250,000 views... 250,000 people have..."Panic closed around my throat, "250,000..."Not one second had the thought crossed my mind that my video was going to be watched by so many viewers. I'd simply uploaded raw footage to the MHS servers and they took care of the rest. I hadn't even watched the final product, but apparently, it was popular. Popular enough to get 250,000 clicks in ten days. 250,000... young... old... female... male... had been watching me masturbate... How many men had been wanking off over my naked body? My heart was racing at the thought. But as much as it scared me, it also turned me on.I checked out the other contents of the box. They had send me two items. One was a sex toy that looked like an egg with a tail. It was about three inches long (without the tail), two inches wide, pink isveçbahis yeni giriş and you could screw it open to reveal a small reservoir. It was made of a soft silicone and had a Bluetooth symbol on the back. The second item was a bottle of what looked like lube. It had a thick translucent blue liquid in it and was labeled "MHS: blue bliss".According to the manual, the tail of the toy had a cap that could be removed for USB charging. The reservoir needed to be filled with one of the original MHS lubes which the toy would automatically dispense when needed. The toy had thirteen different vibration modes which could be controlled via Bluetooth through the MHS app."I'll get back to studying right away," I told myself, "but I do deserve a longer break, I've been up since five this morning."I plugged my "fun egg" into the charger and installed the MHS app on my phone. The app opened with the high-pitched buzz and the flashing images I had grown to expect. It had several tabs, one of them a "my profile" tab. I clicked, curious to see those 250,000 views for myself. True enough, the counter said 250,798 views. The video also had forty-seven comments and "three comments awaiting moderation." Apparently, the MHS moderators had to approve comments before I or anyone could read them.I scrolled through the comments reading things like: "I'd sell my car and walk 500 miles barefoot just to get a taste of that pussy!"But also less creative comments like: "mmmm..." and "nice tits!"Then I noticed a tab that said "credit". I opened it and only then realized that my video had generated a good amount of money. I had earned 100,319.2 dollars to be exact. MHS did subtract several thousands for subscription, moderating fees and video editing. Taxes were also subtracted, but I was still left with $60,982.40! That was about a third of my student loans with one dumb video.
07-05-2022, at 09:54 AM

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