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Liliths Goal Pt. 01

Post #1

Part 1-Goals

I awoke early, my eyes adjusting to the dull morning light. Laying there I listen to the lake water lapping onto the rocky shore. Stretching my warm naked body I linger a moment longer under the thick white down comforter. The queen bed soft and warm envelops me in its folds, cocooning back and forth I snuggle down under huffing in frustration. Wishing I could stay there all day. My hands are cold and I brush them over my breasts causing my nipples to harden. Smiling to myself and lowering them between my legs allowing the heat there to help them warm up.

Sitting up, I swing my legs around the side of the bed my feet adjusting to the coldness of the room. Scooting across the mattress my feet hanging off the side and swinging. Hopping down and landing with a quiet pat. Light on my feet I stand on my tippy toes stretching my arms straight up looking out at the cold lake, a mix of gray and blue along gentle waves. Holding the palm tree pose 30 seconds and breathing rhythmically, I raise my foot to knee in tree pose. Turning my naked body I face the window watching the sun just beginning to crest over the hill dotted with farms and vineyards.

Relaxed and awake I look down at my body. I look good, not bad for being 30. Brushing my palms across my stomach and hips. I was the sexiest I had ever been, not the smallest but a size 8 was still pretty hot. Besides, men liked curves. I wasn't skinny but also not obese, a perfect mixture of what a grown woman's body should be.

It is quiet as I pass through the small cottage. Walking from bedroom through the living room. Reaching the bathroom I cluster my hair on top of my head, clipping it into place. Looking like I am ready for glamour shots I step into a large black and white tiled shower. The warmth of the water hitting my chilled skin causes moans and heavy sighs. Lathering and sudsing my body I clean from feet to head, groaning in pure pleasure as the hot water revitalizes me awake. Finished I step out and crack a window, steam falls off my wet skin in waves, cascading over my shoulders and stomach.

Rubbing lavender scented lotion all over my body, worshiping and loving my soft skin. The sensation of my hands massaging from feet, slow and circular motions up my legs and thighs is pure bliss. Working north to full hips I take care manipulating the silky damp skin. The touch is so lovely that my eyes flutter closed.

"Shit, this is the most action I have gotten in months." Murmuring in an annoyed huff.

I continue to rub and work my body over, fingers rolling my nipples hard between pointer finger and thumb. Flattening my palms I pass them over my breasts slowly down to my ribcage. Back up to cup, gently squeezing. My head thrown back and moaning. isveçbahis Hands slick with moisture I glide them between my breasts, over my belly circling around the little button. Breathing heavily, my chest rising and falling I look up in the bathroom mirror. Alabaster skin is rosy and flushed from the hot shower, my pink areola darkened slightly from my massages. Nipples hard and illuminated in the morning sunshine.

A free hand travels past lower over my hood to tap lightly at my clit. Pulling and teasing gently at the labia on each side, letting them snap back into place as I caress the swollen area. Inserting a finger in and out slowly, groaning my pussy tight from excitement. The sound of my wetness creating suctions noises adding to the steady waves outside my window. Trembling I shake my head

"How ridiculous, I really need to get laid. The most action I get is applying my lotion? Pull yourself together Lil!" I Contemplate on whether to pull out my favorite toy, Mr. bumblebee.

"When was the last time I masturbated? Weeks? Ugh, I need to cum!"

Walking from the bathroom I head to my closet. Sucking my drenched finger into my mouth tasting my sweetness. Pulling open the lingerie drawer I rummage to the bottom, removing a small yellow vibrator. It curves in a "C" arc, perfect to hit the G-spot a small bumblebee at the base suspends to massage the clit.

"Hello friend." Giving it a little kiss I smile, chuckling softly.

"I really need to get laid, now my only boyfriend is a silicone yellow bumblebee."

Shaking my head I walk to the bench outside my small closet. Sitting down I perch on the edge scooting to the middle. Spreading my knees slowly, bringing one leg up into a half split my hips rotating out. Looking up at myself in the floor length mirror, bright blue eyes with hints of gray look back at me. My petite hourglass shape with delicate curves is clustered with freckles dotting my body like a map. I admire my stretched out form in front of me, the years of dancing molded my body with delicate dips and curves.

Circling the tip lightly around my pink nipple, moving slowly to the other breast and flicking it back and forth, eyes flutter closed. Soft hums resonate through my chest turning to quiet purrs. Brushing the tip lightly across my clit, while simultaneously clicking the button. The sound from the strong vibration fills the silence, breathing hitched. I tap the tip of the toy on my clit, hearing the wet smacking sound I moan at the sensation. Not wanting to cum just from my light taps I let it brush across each side of my labia slow and soft, teasing myself. Head relaxing and rolling to the side. I slowly push it inside of me. Sucking my breath in a hiss, moving it back and forth isveçbahis giriş purring in pleasure.

Opening my legs even wider I hold the toy in my hand. My free hand brushing slowly over my hips across my ribs up to my nipples, pinching and rolling the nub between thumb and pointer finger. Breathing faster I arch my back. Goosebumps flush my skin where I have touched causing shiverers, body temperature rising in excitement. Curving my back further I whimper pushing the toy deeper I become lost in my grinding. Slow at first and becoming frantic, allowing myself to relish in the sensation.

Slowing the pace I force myself to wait, building a strong release. Dancing my hips back and forth I fuck the toy, shuddering as I edge again then pull myself back. Rolling my hips back and forth, I rock in short waves. Toes curling, my heels dig into the bench and floor as an anchor.

Being that it's been so long, I know I could cum in seconds. My moans and breathy sighs fill the room, as I begin to shake and shudder. My eyes opening I look at myself in the full length mirror. Releasing the hair clip, long rich mahogany curls flutter around my shoulders and feather my chest. My eyes glazed from pleasure change to pale gray as I get closer.

"Oh fuck this feels good!"

Watching the reflection as I reach peak, shivering and twitching. Losing all brain function my moves become erratic and fast. Screaming and breathing rapidly a hand balling my hair at the top of my head and holding there. The explosion of energy passing up and through my chest flushes my whole body a deep pink. Convulsing and tightening around the toy, I cry out as I fall apart in ecstasy. Unable to control the shudders and twitches, collapsing backwards slumped half against the wall. Humming and panting as I continue to shake, I feel the spread of warmth flow through me. The heartbeat strong in my pussy, blood rushing there and squeezing the toy. I twitch and shudder again, eyes flutter close as I relax. Clicking off the toy, my clit hard and fluttering in a gentle beat. I open my eyes and begin to giggle at my reflection.

"You're a hot mess express."

I play with the toy pulling it out and in over and over, teasing. Fucking myself slowly, so sensitive and jumping slightly when I hit the right spot. Biting my lip I take the toy out slowly. A soft wet pop fills the silence the toy is drenched, It would be a shame to waste that lovely cum... I lick and lap at the toy, sucking all the residual juices until it's clean again.

Leaving the residual wetness between my legs I stand a bit shaky. Looking at myself again in the mirror, flushed cheeks and glowing incandescent in the sunshine streaming through the windows. Straightening my shoulders I isveçbahis yeni giriş stretch my arms above my head toy in hand. My hair tousled as if I had just been fucked by a real person and not Mr. bumblebee.

"Okay, Lilith goal of the week...fuck a real Man."

Shrugging I turn to the closet. Returning Mr. bumblebee to the lingerie drawer. I pull out the small bar of dark chocolate next to it, breaking off a piece I pop it in my mouth. Sucking lightly as it melts, mixing chocolate and the taste of my pussy. Moaning in pure pleasure, eyes flutter closed in delight. It was a habit I had gotten into since I was a teenager after I had read in Cosmopolitan. Eating chocolate releases the same hormones as a female orgasm.

I pull out a pale petal pink satin bra with lace across the nipples, along with a matching pink lace and satin boy shorts. Standing stagnant in front of the shoes I think carefully. The heels set up in rows, organized by color was my best collection of pretty things to date. I pick a classic black suede, with curved toe. Biting my lip I hug the shoes as I walk to my tiny drawer of rolled tights, the inside is a rainbow of colors and soft imported black satin.

Tapping my lip in thoughtful consideration I cross my ankles and appraise my options. Selecting tights opaque from the waist to thigh with a scallop lace edge turning into thick black above the knee to the toe, giving an appearance of thigh highs. Seated at the bench in bra and panties I roll on my stockings carefully to not tear them. Admiring them in the mirror, crossing and uncrossing my legs.

I wiggle a light denim mini skirt that buttons all the way up the front over my hips. A black scoop neck tee shirt tucked in showcases my lush cleavage, my pink satin bra peaking underneath. Finishing the look with pale pink blazer, pearl studs in my ears with a single strand of pearls around my neck. Glancing one last time at my reflection, I lean closer to the mirror applying a thin layer of mascara and cherry red lipstick. Fluffing my hair with my fingers complete my look.

"Fuck, I'm late again."

Checking the clock, as I pass through the kitchen I throw and orange and apple in my black leather handbag. Hopping as I walk, putting on my shoes I click across the tile floor to the refrigerator grabbing a cucumber. Paused in thought, turning it over in my hand gauging its length and girth.

"Should I save this for tonight?" I toss it in next to the fruit, Laughing and shaking my head as my thoughts get dirty.

"Naughty girl, you need a real man. Not a cucumber for goodness sake, Goals Lil.. Goals!" Walking quickly I leave the house making my way down the cobblestone path skipping and hopping to avoid a fall in my spiked heels.

"Goal of this week? Fuck a real man, and stop having conversations with yourself!"

Giggling I smile at my ambitious idea. Biting my lip in anticipation to having a real warm cock and not a cold cucumber...Goals.
07-05-2022, at 10:00 AM

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