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Carrie's Computer Ch. 02

Post #1

I got off the telephone and pushed the video tape into the VCR. The remote was lying on top of the television. I grabbed it and pushed the power button. The TV popped to life and the video started rolling.

The tape opened with fade in. It was a little jerky as whoever was holding the camera was following Carrie from the shower to the bedroom.

Carrie started to speak. "Hello. I just got out of the shower, as you can tell. My hair is wet and I have this towel around me. We are now making our way back to what I call 'The Pleasure Room'." She laughs and giggles.

"My big stud lover, Jaime is kind enough to make this video. I like to watch my lover and me when he's away and I can't get to his big strong cock. So, I like to masturbate to my own movies. I'm kinky, right?" Then she broke into that beautiful smile for the camera.

She was entering the bedroom now. She let her towel fall to the floor, spun around, and proceeded to get on her knees. The camera was directly above her. The camera turned down to Carrie on her knees with a handful of his big dick. I wasn't immediately sure but this looked like a different cock from the cd roms. She pulled his cock back and forth stroking his length in her hand. Her lover had a hard stomach and appeared to be in tight shape.

"On this video I want to suck this big penis. It feels so good in my mouth. I like to make my lover big and hard. I like to make him feel good. I love to see the pleasure on his face. I love to suck his dick for him. That way he can fuck me good and hard. Isn't it a wonderful penis?" She said and laughed for the camera.

Jaime had yet to say anything. Then she opened her mouth and put about half of his dick inside. She closed her eyes and started slowly working back and forth, taking a little more of his cock in her mouth each time. Jaime started to moan.

My own cock was still hard and I absent-mindedly played with it. On the screen, Jaime was getting more vocal.

"That's it baby. Take my cock in your mouth. You are such a wonderful cocksucker, baby."

"Remember, you can only call me that in the bedroom dear." She stopped long enough to say. Then she started back on his long wet cock. The camera was beginning to shake some.

"I need to put this on autopilot baby. I can't keep holding this while you're doing what you're doing to me."

"Put it on the dresser. Hook the cable up to the television, that way we can watch ourselves."

I was still in awe of all that had taken place today. In such a short while Carrie had went from being a distressed computer user to a slut in heat. I was so into watching the video I couldn't think straight anymore. I knew I needed to leave. I had been here long enough. I couldn't risk getting caught. It was bad enough that I shot a wad into her panties. I was just hoping they would be tossed into the washer and she wouldn't notice them. I had just gotten off the phone with her. No more than five minutes had passed. If she left the moment we got off the phone, she still couldn't be here for another fifteen minutes. I talked myself into staying a while longer.

On the screen, Jaime had set the camera in a position where they could capture all the action. When he was through positioning the camera, he took his place right back in front of her. I could see more of him now. He was indeed muscular. Carrie was into longer faster strokes now. She had her hand between her legs touching herself. This was way too hot. No one would believe me if I told them. But, who would I tell? Could I afford to tell anyone? Probably not. I mean it would be bad enough to tell my friends that, for one I couldn't be trusted alone in their homes. I would be a little embarrassed to admit that I was jacking off to her stuff too. It would have to be my secret. I immediately had another thought. What if she never needed me to come fix something again? This may be my only chance to see these tapes.

The movie of the week was now progressing to Carrie climbing on the bed.

"Are you going to use that big thing on me lover? Are you going to fill my pussy? Do you think you can squeeze that big 'ol dick in my ass?"

"You can take it in the ass. You know you've had it there before." He told her.

This I knew I had to witness. Over the next several minutes, I watched as Jaime went from fucking her pussy then to offering his penis to her mouth. He did this several times. They both seemed to enjoy it. I know I certainly would have. Each time she sucked his cock clean of her juices. That is so hot.

By the time he had patiently graduated from fingering her lubricated ass to slowly pushing his cock past her tight ring, I was completely naked stroking my own well-lubricated cock. I was so into it that I never heard the car in the driveway. I was on her couch legs spread apart jacking off to a porno like I had done in my own home so may times.

Before I could react, the door was open and suddenly I wasn't alone anymore.

"I was scared this might happen!" It was Carrie.

I isveçbahis jumped a foot off the couch and came to my feet. Carrie was in the room with me. She dropped her purse on the floor and stared at me. There was a look in her eyes that I couldn't describe. To make all matters worse, Jaime was standing beside her. I tried real hard to just die right then and there. It was over. Everything. After Jaime would break every bone in my body, after I would completely disgrace my family and friends, and after I had done my time in jail I would have to move. Far away. Somewhere where no one would know me. I felt so embarrassed and ashamed.

"I'm sorry." My voice quivered. I slowly walked over to pick up my pants.

"What are you, some kind of freak?" Jaime asked.

I just looked at the floor, too humiliated to look either of them in the eyes.

"I'm so sorry. I don't know what came over me. I'm just so sorry. I can't believe this is happening." I pulled my pants on still looking down at the floor. I was awaiting the beating of my life.

"What do you want to?" Jaime asked Carrie.

"Tell me what happened Adam. Can you explain your behavior?"

"I just had to go to the restroom. The cokes, you know. I saw your clothes on the floor. I'm sorry. I just haven't had a girlfriend in quite a while." I tried for some sympathy. I was looking for anything.

"Anyway, I don't why I did it. I just lost my composure. I was working on the computer. I looked in the entertainment center for some blank cds. I needed to download some new tools from the internet. I was at a point where I could use your computer some, but needed some new updates. I needed to save them on a disc. I was just looking for a blank cd. I didn't have any, which is rare but, I saw the tape in the back. I was just curious. I had no idea it was a personal tape. By the time I realized it, it was too late. I couldn't control myself. Again, I'm so sorry."

It was a pretty big lie but I needed anything I could grab onto at this point. The video meanwhile kept playing on the television. There was two completely different atmospheres in the room. In one of them, Carrie was angry with me and I was shamed to death, in the other Carrie was getting her ass screwed by the guy standing only a few feet away from me. I suddenly had a thought. Why has no one stopped the tape? Why has he not started punching me?

"Jaime, go get the video camera. I have a confession to record." Carrie said.

"I'll gladly pay for any damages I might have done and no charge for the work of course. I just don't want to go to jail or have my face in the paper." I told her. We were looking at each other eye to eye now.

"What do you want me to do?" I asked her. Suddenly her voice broke into a wail on the television. She was on her hands and knees taking the ass fucking of her life. It somehow made the situation at hand easier to deal with. It kept the both of us in both worlds.

I couldn't help but grin at her as her voice moaned from the speakers on the television. I think I saw a hint of a smile from her too.

"I guess I can see how it all could have happened." She said.

Then her mood elevated. She turned to watch herself on the screen. There was a long pause between us. The only sounds in the room were of her moaning, telling Jaime to take her ass, to keep fucking her ass. Jaime on the tape had his hands on her hips pulling her back and forth on his cock. He was calling her cocksucker again. He was really getting dirty with her. He was telling her she loved to take dick in her ass. I didn't see how the scene in the room could escalate into something terrible now. Not with the two of us watching her fucking on the screen together. All the modesty had to be gone at this point. I got caught naked stroking my dick in her home and she was on the television getting her ass fucked. In a weird awkward way, it was as if it was a tacit okay from her. I mean, we were watching porn together. So what if it was her in the porn tape. I felt the tension drop. Jaime walked back into the room with the camera. He handed it to Carrie.

She went to the shelves below the television and pulled out a brand new tape. She opened it and inserted it into the camera.

"Take your clothes off and have a seat on the couch." She pointed the camera at me."

"What?" I asked incredibly.

"You heard me. You've seen me and Jaime. Let us see you. Besides, as along as I have you on this tape, you won't tell what you've seen in here. It's blackmailing you to keep you from blackmailing me." She said.

"Take your pants off. Show me what you were doing while you were supposed to be repairing my computer."

I reluctantly undid my jeans. I pushed them to the floor. She pushed a button on the camera and popped the lens cover off. I saw the red power button come on and she pointed it at me.

"All the way off, and don't look at me. Look at the television. That is what you were doing when we surprised you. I made the last call from my cell phone. We were almost isveçbahis giriş home when you decided to jack off to my private tapes. I had a feeling something wasn't right. I didn't know if you were stealing my jewelry or sniffing my panties. But I knew something was different when you didn't answer the phone the first time. If you were at the computer, you were only ten foot from the phone. You weren't stealing. Not really, I don't guess. But you were sitting on my couch naked playing with your dick."

I was sitting there naked again, embarrassed to heck and back. Jaime seemed to be calm about the whole deal. I guess if you're sporting a big dick like his, you don't have any insecurity issues. Even if someone is whacking off to your girlfriend. It looked like Carrie was the boss here anyway.

They took a seat on the large leather love seat together.

"Masturbate for me." Carrie instructed.

I looked toward her and Jaime. After that, I just focused on the scene in front of me. Jaime had pulled out of her ass and was shooting off on her tits. I felt my cock grow. Maybe I would just jack off now, die later and the incident would never be mentioned again.

I started to stroke slowly bringing my cock back to life.

"Do you like the movie Adam? Do you like stuff like that? Have you ever fucked a girl in the ass before?" She asked taunting me.

"Yes. A few years ago a girl I dated let me do it."

"Did you like it?"

"Yes, I loved it. It was so tight."

I started to get excited stroking my cock in front of her, talking about anal sex. It was beginning to turn into a good thing. I wondered if we would all end up in bed taking turns fucking Carrie. I wondered if she was hinting that she was going to let me fuck her ass.

"You would like to fuck my ass wouldn't you, Adam?"

I turned and looked toward her. She was rubbing Jaime's cock through his pants. I wasn't sure what my answer should be so I just told the truth.

"I would love to fuck your ass Carrie. I would love for you to suck my cock like you do for him. I would love to do everything with you. I would love to be inside your pussy right now. Damn, I'm so horny." I slid my hand up and down on my slippery dick.

The vcr tape had gone to black. There was no more action on the screen. Carrie leaned over and started to undo Jaime's pants. She sat the camcorder on an end table beside her, still aimed in my direction and turned her attention to his growing bulge. I continued rubbing my leaking cock and caressing my swollen balls.

Jaime stood up and let her pull his pants down. He kicked out of his jeans, pulled his shirt over his head, and sat back down to enjoy what was to come next. Carrie lay on her side, rested her head on his leg, and began slowly rubbing his long dangling cock. Jaime looked at me and grinned. For the first time since they entered the house, he showed some emotion. He looked at me like I was a dumb fuck. I was a nerdy computer repair guy whacking my stick and he was a well built, well hung stud getting his dick sucked.

Carrie kept one hand at the base of his shaft and the other wrapped around his waist. She kept her eyes trained on my solo action. Minutes before I had been very embarrassed to be caught playing with myself, now it was turning me on be jacking off in front of her. I even think it was turning her on, I have no idea about Jaime, all I got from him was a silly grin. I took it as a positive.

I considered getting vocal with her but decided against it. This was her game and I was just a player. When she had his cock stiff as a piece of pipe she leaned forward and started sucking him. He sighed in an anticipated relief. I couldn't help but mutter a low, "Oh yeah."

My hand was wet from my own precum. She locked her eyes on mine as she took half of his cock in her mouth. She closed her eyes as she struggled to get all of him in. Again I spoke softly to myself, "That looks so good."

She turned her gaze on my slippery cock and the squishing sounds I was making. She inhaled deeply and started working his wet cock in and out of her mouth. Suddenly she stood up and began to undress. She pulled her shirt and bra off. I had seen those wonderful full breasts several times today, but never in person. They hung neatly on her chest with nipples that pointed skyward. She took off her jeans but left on a pair of tiny black thong panties. She stared at me the whole time she was doing this. This time she turned her back to me and knelt between his legs. In this position, her ass flared out and created an inviting image.

I stood up and walked slowly toward her my cock still in my hand. She was giving Jaime some wonderful head. He had his head tilted back, eyes closed. When I was only a foot or so from her, I stopped. I didn't want to startle anyone so I softly said again, "Damn, that looks good."

Jaime slowly raised his head, took a quick look at me, and returned to his splendor. Carrie never flinched. I knelt down beside and slowly guided my hand toward isveçbahis yeni giriş her round ass. With quivering fingertips, I let my hand rest lightly on her hip. She never withdrew. I slowly caressed her bottom letting my fingers dance close to her ass crack. She still gave no resistance. I started to get more involved in it. I put both hands on her glorious globes and massaged her in circles. She didn't stop what she was doing and didn't do anything to indicate that she wanted me to quit either. I got braver, and let my hand trail down between her thighs, and put my hand on her warm crotch.

Even with her panties on I could feel how wet she was. I rubbed her pussy slowly getting her panties even wetter. I thought it's either do or die so I pulled the thin thong panties under my fingers and started slowly working them down off her ass. There was still no resistance. I began to think I might take this all the way.

I wondered what made her mood change so quickly. When she first arrived she was ready to throw me out, but after seeing herself for a minute on the television, her anger turned to lust.

With her panties down to her knees, she lifted each one up so I could finish undressing her. I held her panties in my trembling hand and dropped them on the floor. She eased her legs apart giving me more access to her hot pussy. I put my hand on her again and she gasped as she pulled his cock from her mouth. I easily slid my index finger inside her. She was soaking wet. I slowly played in her pussy lightly touching her clit. She arched her back toward me. My cock was stiff as a flagpole. I pushed the wet dripping head against her flesh. I rubbed my leaking cum across her ass. I saw a green light all the way.

I positioned myself behind her and eased next to her. I pushed my cock toward her wet opening. I slid in. She stopped sucking Jaime and held his throbbing meat at the base. I held onto her hips and started pushing into her.

"He's fucking me lover." Carrie said aloud.

"He's in my pussy. The computer guy is fucking me. He came to repair my computer but decided to pilfer through my underwear instead. Then he went through my homemade porno and I caught him jacking off sitting on my couch. I wanted to call the police and file a report. But I got turned on by the thought. I wanted to watch him masturbate to me. I wanted to suck your big cock my lover. I wanted to give him something to come to. Now he's fucking me. What about that, my lover?"

"Keep sucking me baby." That was his only response.

I was inside her and she felt so damn good. I wondered if my cock was pleasing her as much as her pussy was pleasing me. I tried to go slow and concentrate my movements. After all that had happened, I didn't want to cum in two strokes. I wanted to give her a good fucking and make myself feel good too.

I was looking down her back watching her head move up and down on his big cock. This computer work is turning out pretty good I thought to myself. I stared at her wonderful ass. Nice and round, this woman had some hips on her. I kept up my strokes and pulled her ass cheeks apart. There was that cute little asshole. I stuck my index finger in mouth and made it wet. I put the tip of my finger against her tiny hole. I kept stroking in and out of her and lightly put some pressure against her asshole.

She pushed her ass against my finger and I slowly massaged my finger inside her. I was in fantasy dream I thought. I rubbed her ass with my left hand and fingered her bottom with my right.

"Cum in my pussy, Adam." She said. "I want to feel you unload in me."

She went back to sucking her lovers cock and I began to thrust faster. I pushed my finger in her ass further and proceeded to fuck her faster and faster. When I couldn't hold it any longer I pumped out my second load of cum of the day. Instead of emptying into her panties as I did the first time, I was cumming in the real thing this time. It felt so intense. I squeezed my eyes tight and kept pumping spurt after spurt into her. When I felt ready to pass out, I pulled out of her and lay flat on my back.

She immediately left his cock and turned toward me. I looked up to see her squatting over me, her pussy inches from my face.

"Suck it out computer boy." She said and immediately dropped her wet pussy on my mouth.

I had never eaten a woman out after cumming in her and frankly, the idea wasn't turning me on. I had no choice as she started grinding on my face. I sucked her pussy lips into my mouth and tasted the warm cum I had just ejaculated. I swallowed it all and tried to catch my breath. I couldn't get any air. When I had sucked her clean she stood up and looked over me.

"Jaime the computer boy is all fucked out. And look, he's got a face full of his own cum."

They both laughed at this and walked down the hall to the bedroom. I lay there for a few moments longer catching my breath taking in everything that had taken place. I could hear them in the bedroom. She was moaning and yelling like crazy. I finally got up and got dressed. The video camera was still rolling. I stopped it and ejected the tape. I dropped it in my silver briefcase and headed for the door. I put the money back on the table and pushed the door open wide.
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