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Kira's Frustration

Post #1

All characters are 18 and up.

Hope you enjoy!


Kira walked into her apartment and slammed the door behind her. The 20-year-old college volleyball player was in a very bad mood. After practice got out early, she went to her boyfriend, James's dorm to surprise him, but when she got there, he was balls deep inside some random slut.

Kira replayed the image in her mind, James's hard cock thrusting deep inside the girl who was begging for his cum, her large tits bouncing as he fucked her from behind. Kira doubted either had noticed her walk in, and when leaving, she didn't say anything either, just walked back out in shock. Is it my body? Are my boobs too small for him? Am I boring in bed? These thoughts raced through Kira's mind as she fought back tears and took her long brown hair out of her ponytail and let it fall down her back.

Who cares? It's not like two years dating means anything. Kira walked into her small bedroom and began to strip naked. First she threw her workout shirt in her laundry basket, then she worked her sports bra off, revealing her B-cup breasts to only herself. Finally, she dropped her volleyball shorts and exposed her small ass and shaven pussy to the air. Kira's meaty inner lips extruded past her outer lips, a trait which James had supposedly liked about her.

Kira looked at her body in her mirror, and sighed, "Damn... why wouldn't he just break up with me?" Her hands rubbed up her hips, sexily, before covering her small pink nipples. Much to Kira's surprise, they were rock hard and pointy.

Kira mumbled to herself, "Well it has been a while since I had a good hard orgasm... maybe I'll feel better then."

Kira then sat on the floor of her bedroom, feeling her soft carpet brush against her ass and thighs. Then she leaned back on the floor, propping her back up against the bed. Kira opened her legs and looked down at her meaty lips. Kira licked her left index and middle fingers, before sucking on them, wetting them with her spit. Once they were dripping, Kira placed them on her clit and began to rub in circles, feeling her juices begin to flow. Kira rubbed at her clit for several seconds before using her right hand to spread her lips open and her left fingers poised to sink into her meaty entrance.

Kira ran her left index finger over the length of her vagina, feeling it's wetness, before plunging that lone finger inside herself, to the first knuckle. Kira sighed, as she was used to a cock and wanted more stimulation. She pulled her finger out and tasted her juices. Kira smiled as she tasted her natural lube off her finger, enjoying the warm, sweet taste. Kira then lined her left middle and index fingers up at her entrance and plunged them in to the first knuckle. She let out isveçbahis an involuntary soft moan from the pleasure and, leaving her fingers inside herself, sighed. This is more like it! Kira thought.

Kira slowly slid her two fingers out before rapidly plunging them back inside herself, grunting. Kira continued her fingering for another minute, feeling herself get wet, but not even coming close to an orgasm. Kira slid her fingers out and sucked them clean in her mouth. Once they were free of her juices, Kira stood up.

Kira said to herself, annoyed, "Fuck this isn't working!" Kira then walked out of her bedroom into her kitchen, still naked. She looked around for several seconds, for something, anything that she could use to help herself. Remote? No. I don't have any empty bottles... Kira thought to herself, turning and looking into her refrigerator. Kira opened it and saw a long, fairly thick cucumber sitting in it. Kira picked it up and examined it. The cucumber was probably 10 inches long and a fairly uniform 2.5 inches thick.

Kira moved her hand over the cucumber like she was giving it a hand job. "You might work." She told it. Kira then brought it over to her kitchen sink and ran it under warm water so she wouldn't be forcing a cold cucumber into her depths. Once it was fairly warm, Kira dried it off and returned to her bedroom with it. Kira sat down on her carpet again and rested her back on the foot of her bed. She used one hand to massage her clit and the other to begin to suck on one end of the cucumber.

Kira liked to think that she was fairly good at sucking cock, but this cucumber was far larger than any cock she had ever seen before. James's member was only 7 inches long and maybe 1.25 inches thick. After several minutes, Kira finally felt her juices begin to flow again and removed the now partially wet cucumber from her mouth. Kira looked at it, she had been able to get about 5 inches of it wet. Kira then looked down at her pussy, which was practically dripping. Some of her juices had begun to slowly ooze out and run down towards her asshole.

"Come on big guy, let's take this to the shower where we don't have to worry about making a mess." Kira said again to the cucumber, like it was a man. Kira then stood and walked into her bathroom and turned the lights on. Kira opened a drawer in her bathroom cabinet and removed some lube, just in case. Kira then climbed the low wall of her bath tub and laid down, with her legs spread as wide as she could. Kira placed the lube next to her and gave the cucumber one last wetting with her mouth.

Kira then lined up the moist end of the green monster with her meaty lips. One last chance to not do this... She thought, before pushing this idea out of her head and rubbing the isveçbahis giriş tip of the cucumber against her wet slit. Kira shuddered as the idea of fucking herself with something so large turned her on. Kira bit her bottom lip gently and closed her eyes as she pushed the tip of the cucumber into her pussy. The hard rubbery surface of the cucumber felt strange in Kira's tight wet pussy. Kira opened her eyes and looked down her body.

The cucumber was just barely inside her and it got wide quickly. Kira pulled it away from her pussy and examined herself. Her pussy was sopping wet and she had not even come close to an orgasm yet. Too late now, let's just try one thrust and see how it feels... Kira thought as she once again lined up the cucumber with her tight cunt. Kira watched this time as she began to push. Her meaty lips began to slowly sink inside her as she pushed. The 2-inch-wide part was resting at her entrance, ready to be pushed in. Okay... now for the hard part. In three... two... one... now! As Kira thought now she pushed hard and groaned as her pussy stretched wide around the green monster between her legs.

"Oh fuck!" Kira cried out as she continued to push slowly, wanting to cum desperately. After taking about four inches, Kira began to quickly pull the cucumber out, careful to keep a little bit inside herself. Then she slowly pushed in again, taking slightly more than before. Kira groaned loudly as she pushed it inside herself again. As Kira pushed more inside herself, she could feel her juices begin to be forced out to make room for the cucumber.

I need to cum! The horny part of Kira's brain called out to her. Kira instinctively began to pick up the pace. The increase in speed caused Kira to cry out in pleasure as the cucumber filled her completely. Soon, she was overwhelmed by pleasure and pounding the cucumber in and out as fast as she could. Kira could hear her moans and groans mixed with the squishing sound her new sex toy made as it plowed in and out of her. Kira could feel her orgasm building rapidly as she slid the cucumber in and out of her. Kira used her other hand to reach down and rub her clit.

Kira just barely touched her clit before she cried out, "Oh fuck, fuck, fuck!" Kira's thrusting stopped as she was overwhelmed by her orgasm. Her eyes closed and the brunette's legs quivered. Kira felt her pussy clamp down hard on the cucumber as it was coated with her hot cum. Kira's orgasm subsided and she lay in her tub trembling for a couple of minutes while she recovered. Kira then sat up and pushed some of her hair that had fallen out of her eyes.

"Holy shit I needed that!" She said to herself as she sat up against the back of the tub and pulled the cucumber from her cunt. After removing it, Kira isveçbahis yeni giriş held it up to her face to examine. Her juices coated about 6.5 inches of the total length. Had that much really been inside me? She asked herself as she looked at the cucumber. Kira then used her free hand to rub her pussy and slip one finger inside.

Kira gasped in surprise as her one finger had plenty of room to spare in her normally tight pussy. "You... you stretched me..." Kira said in disbelief to the cucumber. The cucumber had no response other than dripping some of her juices onto her stomach.

After a minute, Kira sighed, "Well... that was the best orgasm I've ever had. Maybe I just need another one like it..." A smile came over Kira's face at the idea of another powerful orgasm. Yes! Cumming again is going to make me feel better about James and that slut! Kira thought as she tasted her juices off of the hard rubbery surface. Kira once again lowered the cucumber to her pussy and thrust it inside herself, gasping as it slid deep into her pussy. Kira felt more full than she ever had before. Kira once again resumed pounding her toned body relentlessly with the cucumber gasping and moaning from the impacts and stimulation. Each thrust of the cucumber forced more of her cum and juices out of her pussy, where it would drip off the cucumber or slide down her ass. Eventually, it all gathered in a small puddle between her legs.

Kira felt another orgasm begin to bloom as her relentless masturbation continued. Kira whimpered as she reached her free hand down to rub her clit, soon crying out in pleasure as she brought herself to another powerful orgasm. Kira's legs once again shook as her mind went blind with pleasure. Kira's orgasm made her see stars as she shook and rolled around in pleasure. Kira's pussy came hard, clamping down on the green member between her legs. More of her juices and cum were forced out of her pussy as her muscles clamped down. Kira's breathing came in short gasps, then began to slow down to normal as she began to recover.

Kira finally pushed herself back up into a sitting position and pulled the cucumber from her cunt. It left her pussy with a wet slurping noise and Kira looked down at her pussy. It was wide open and red from the stimulation. Kira slipped a finger inside and found that she had temporarily stretched herself. Kira then examined the puddle of cum and smiled, reaching a finger down to swipe some up and taste her juices. Kira picked up the cucumber and shakily stood, bracing herself against the wall. Kira washed off the cucumber in her sink and then thought for a second. Kira considered putting it back in the refrigerator or maybe leaving it out for later use. After debating for a minute and thinking about her now ex-boyfriend's actions, Kira decided on the second.

"I need to find more like you!" She told the cucumber, placing it on her kitchen counter. The cucumber sat on her counter as Kira went to wash up and recover from her day.
07-05-2022, at 10:01 AM

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