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Love to Watch Her

Post #1

I decided to come home early and surprise Carrie. She didn't have to work and I wanted to take advantage of the extra time we would have together. I pulled up in the drive and got out of the car. I checked the mail and started to walk up the sidewalk toward the front door. I could see through the sheer curtain into the living room if the heavier curtains weren't completely closed. As I approached the front door I could see the tv was on and I could clearly see that porn was playing on the tv screen. I stopped and looked closer and saw that it was girl-girl pornography which I know is some of Carrie's favorite kind. I tried to be quiet and quickly noticed Carrie was sitting on the couch watching.

She was only wearing one of my button down shirts and no panties. Her legs were parted, one leg was on the ottoman and the other was lifted higher and resting on the back of the couch. My cock shifted in my pants and it was immediately throbbing. Carrie had several buttons unbuttoned and she was intently watching the action on the screen as she rubbed and massaged her nipples and breast. My cock was so swollen as I watched Carrie tease and pleasure herself. I unconsciously reached down and stroked the outline of the cock through my pants. I couldn't help it. I craved her so much.

Carrie's lips were slightly parted and I could imagine how she sounded as the moans escaped her body. I knew she had to be soaking wet from watching porn and teasing her own nipples. I could see that her nipples were very hard. She would squeeze her perfect breast and then gently pull her nipples between her forefinger and middle finger. I could see that she had a few of her toys laying on the ottoman next to her. We had picked these toys out together and I knew exactly what she liked to do with them.

I couldn't take my eyes off of her as I watched her right hand slide down her stomach and her fingers parted her swollen pussy lips. She massaged her outer lips and I could see that she was dripping wet. Carrie pushed one finger inside and her eyes rolled back as her back arched up allowing her easier access. She then pulled her finger out and concentrated on her sensitive and aching clit. I watched her make slow circles, teasing herself by taking her time.

Her body was moving around and she was pressing her hips against her hand. She was now just listening to the movie because her eyes were either closed or she was watching her body respond to her own touch. I was wondering what she was thinking about and was hoping it was me. Her fingers were exploring her clit and she was writhing around on the couch now. I knew I could just go in but watching her was driving me crazy and was one of the sexiest things I had even seen.

Carrie removed isveçbahis her finger from her clit and reached for her phallus shaped toy that had the rabbit ears on the top that laid perfectly on her clit. I watched as she rubbed the head of the toy on her pussy for quite a while and I wondered if she was thinking of my cock as she did it. I then watched her put the toy at the entrance of her sopping wet hole and then I saw it disappear slowly into her. Her back arched and I could hear her moan through the window and I didn't know how much longer I could take it. I was mesmerized and didn't want to ruin the moment. This was the love of my life in the most private of moments.

She began to slide the toy in and out, fucking herself in a slow and steady rhythm. I could tell she had turned the vibrations on and she would push it all the way in so the tip of the ears enveloped her clit. She had both hands on the toy pushing it in and out and then just holding it in place as the vibrations consumed her body. I knew she was close to cumming and I couldn't wait to see it.

My eyes are fixed on Carrie as I peak through the window. I am simply captivated by how beautiful and sexy she is and watching her feel the pleasure she is obviously feeling has taken my mind and body to a state of arousal that I have rarely experienced. I am careful that she doesn't see me because I am not ready to interrupt the pleasure she is feeling. At least not yet. Somehow I think this is going to turn her on even more once she realizes I was watching her. At least I am hoping it does. She already knows how much it turns me on to watch her but this is different. This is voyeuristic.

Carrie's eyes are alternating between watching the porn play out on tv which is now showing one woman getting her pussy licked by another woman as she sucks a man's cock. I have written a story for Carrie with that exact scenario. I wonder if that is what she is thinking as she is watching? Her eyes at time are closed and her head thrown back as she feels the toy fill her pussy and the vibrations move through her body touching all of the pleasure points along the way. Sometimes, she is watching what she is doing to herself.

She is watching her toy disappear inside her and then she can see her wetness as it glistens on the toy as she pulls it partly back out. She is teasing herself, trying to keep herself on the edge and to let her orgasm build until she simply can't take it anymore. I am now rubbing my cock with more pressure and speed through my pants. I can clearly feel the swollen head of my cock pressing against my underwear and I undo my pants and touch myself now through my underwear. I notice that part of my underwear is wet with precum that has soaked through.

Carrie's isveçbahis giriş pace with the toy has quickened and I can see that the slow and steady pace has given way to a more aggressive thrusting of the toy inside her. Her mouth is parted and her left hand is now squeezing her breast and nipples harder and her hips were now thrusting back against the toy. It was the sexiest thing I had ever seen. Her orgasm was taking over and her face showed the pleasure that her body was feeling. She was breathing faster now and then, I could see that she was holding her breath which means that what she was working towards was now there. Her orgasm was obviously intense as her body became rigid and then completely relaxed.

I realized at this point that my hand was wrapped around my cock and I was close to cumming but I didn't want to yet. I watched Carrie slowly remove the toy from her pussy and lay it on the table. I wanted her bad. I was at the point that I had to have her but I also wanted her to know how sexy she was and that I had been watching her.

I put the key in the front door and Carrie jumped and tried to cover up for a second but realized that between her wearing almost nothing, the porn on TV and her toys laying on the ottoman that she wouldn't be able to deny what she was doing and I didn't want her to. I walked right over to her and opened her legs and started to lick the skin around her pussy that was covered with her post orgasm wetness. I wanted to push my tongue in her immediately but I knew she would still be sensitive from what looked like a huge orgasm. Her sweet nectar tasted perfect and I cherished the taste of her and the way her body trembled as I got closer and closer to putting my tongue directly on her. I pushed her legs up and started licking her juices right below the entrance to her perfect, hot push and then I pushed my tongue inside her. Carrie moaned loudly which only encouraged me to make her feel even more pleasure. She put one hand on the back of my head and we made eye contact as she was watching my face buried between her legs.

I told her to rub her nipples as my tongue traced their wet pussy lips and then began to circle her clit. Lightly and slowly, as I slide my finger inside her and began to curl my finger upward and rub her gspot as my tongue concentrated on her clit. Carrie was moving her hips all around as I knew another orgasm was building. I pulled my finger out of her and reached over for her bullet toy. I rubbed it up and down on her clit for several seconds and then turned the vibration on and continued to massage her clit with it. After several seconds I pushed it inside her and watched it disappear. I turned the vibrations up higher and I stood up and isveçbahis yeni giriş moved next to Carrie's face. I pulled my pants down and exposed my throbbing cock and wrapped my hand around it and moved it close to Carrie's wanting mouth. My head was so swollen with blood that it was almost purple.

I told Carrie to lick the tip of my cock and taste the precum she caused. She extended her tongue and tasted me and she began to lick all around the head and along the shaft. As she did this I took one hand and played with her nipples, circling them with my fingers. Carrie couldn't wait and she swallowed my cock into her warm mouth. I knew I couldn't last long and, as she continued to suck me, I told her I had been watching her through the window and had seen everything she did. This seemed to excite her even more and she moaned her approval and sucked my cock with so much passion that I almost couldn't take the pleasure. She stopped for just a second and asked me if I liked watching her? I told her that watching her is what caused the precum she was tasting.

As Carrie continued to suck my cock, I could tell the bullet vibrating inside her was bringing her close again. I took my hand her pussy and got her dripping juices on my fingers. I pulled my cock from her mouth and rubbed her pussy juices all over the head of my cock. Carrie started licking me all over, tasting herself on me. She knew seeing her taste herself made me crazy with desire. I returned my fingers to her pussy and started to stroke her clit alternating between up and down motions and circles of her clit. I couldn't believe how soaked she was. Her pussy juices were flowing from her and I wanted it all over my hands. I got more on my fingers and put my fingers in my mouth to taste her.

I could feel my balls tighten and more orgasm building. I was holding back all I could because I wanted to cum with Carrie, as we almost always do. I rubbed her clit and could feel her toy vibrating inside. I moved my fingers to her ass and it was wet from her juices running down it and I rubbed my finger all against her tight hole. I returned to her clit and She pulled her mouth off my cock and asked if she could please cum. I told her to tell me when she was starting to cum and just a few seconds later she announced that she was cumming. I kept rubbing her clit but I withdrew my cock from her mouth and began to stroke my cock and aimed the tip at her breast. I wanted her to see what she had done to me. As her orgasm gripped her body, my cock started pulsing rapidly and the first shot of cum sprayed across her breast and onto her neck, the second part of my load was even bigger and it covered her breast and nipples. It continued to put from the head of my cock. Carrie was watching as her own orgasm ripped through her body and she moaned her encouragement over and over. She took her hands and rubbed my cum against her skin and then licked my cum off of her fingers. Now this is the way to cum home.
07-05-2022, at 10:09 AM

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