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A Moveable Feast

Post #1

It is cold. I can see my breath in the light of the street lamp. I pull my coat tightly around me, but it does little. My nipples are hard under the lace of my hot pink bra; goose bumps have covered my stocking covered legs. The thin wrap style dress that I am wearing does little to protect my skin from the freeze in the air. It is 2 a.m. and I am sitting on the picnic table in the park like we agreed. My legs are spread, my skirt pulled up to reveal my naked pussy.

I see you walking toward me, a tall dark shape with a gait recognizable from our many previous outings. I shiver, from the cold and from the anticipation of your hands on my skin. When you reach me, you run your hands through my hair and kiss me deeply. You pull me into your arms and I forget the cold momentarily as my attention is focused on the wet heat in my cunt. I wrap my arms and legs around you, under your warm leather duster. "I am freezing," I whisper.

Laughing softly, you waste no time opening my coat to release the tie at the waist of my dress. You slide your hands inside, over my skin, warming me. My nipples are aching from the cold. You begin to rub and massage them. I begin to moan softly. I love the way you play with my breasts. I could spend hours basking in the gratification of your hands and mouth on my tits.

You pull gently at my nipples, rolling them between your fingers, before pulling the lace of my bra down. You pull back slightly so you can watch as you continue your lovely play with my sensitive peaks. You are using your thumbs now, rubbing the tips in slow circles. I allow my head to fall back, opening my arms to give you full access. My breath is coming in steamy gasps now and I am pushing my naked pussy against your crotch.

You lower me onto the table and begin to suck my right nipple while your hand continues its play with my left. You are gently at first and my hand moves to rest on the back of your head, my back arching toward heaven. Then you begin to isveçbahis suck deeply, pulling and tugging with your mouth. I wrap my legs around your back, making small sounds of delight. You hungrily turn your attention to my other nipple and your hand moves down my body, rubbing and caressing me. I spread my legs in anticipation of your hand, placing my feet firmly on the edge of the table to give me leverage. You fingers brush my pussy lips ever so lightly and I push my hips off the table, eager for you. You pull back your hand to my hips, pushing them back down on the table, all the while sucking and nibbling my nipples, first one, and then the other. "Shh," you murmur, "Be still."

I moan wildly. I love this game. I open my thighs wide pressing my butt down on the table. I will not move my hips. Not an inch, until you say. You pull away, standing between my spread legs. I am lying back on the table, panting hard, nipples swollen and erect, thighs wide. You can see how wet I am, my clit protruding slightly from between my pussy lips. You begin to softly caress, lightly grazing your fingertips up and down my aching flesh. I bite my lip. I will not move.

You gently part my outer lips with one hand and begin to trace breathtaking patterns along my inner flesh with the fingers of the other hand. I grip the edges of the table on either side of me. I will not move. You begin to tease my opening, sliding a finger around the edge, before pushing it into my sodden tight cunt. I gasp and my head lifts off of the table. I will not move.

You slide the finger out and run it firmly the length of me to my engorged clit. I cry out as you begin to make slow, firm circles around my button. I will not move. I know that I am going to cum, and I am sobbing in pleasure, my hips pressed hard into the table, my knuckles white, clinging to the table edge. You pull your hand away and I almost scream in protest. I hear you unzip your pants and I know now that the torture has just begun. isveçbahis giriş I am begging for you now. "Please fuck me," I gasp.

"Don't move," you say as you begin to rub the head of your hard cock up and down my throbbing slit. I will not move.

You press the head against my opening and then pull out, continuing your attack, rubbing against my clit. Leaning down over me, you pull my mouth up to yours and kiss me passionately, before resuming your attention on my aching nipples. You kiss and suck them roughly, as you continue to massage my clit with the dripping head of your rock hard dick. I will not move.

You are kissing and gently biting a path from my breasts to my neck. I arch to completely expose my throat to you. You are sucking and biting my skin, and the head of your cock is driving me insane. You brush your lips against my most sensitive spot, just along the shell of my ear. I cry out and you know that I cannot take much more. You begin to push your dick into my dripping pussy while teasing and nipping my ears. You are slowly fucking my throbbing cunt, sliding in and out. I am like silk inside but my muscles are clutching you hard. I am crying out now, knowing that anyone who hears me is hearing the sound of a woman in the grips of the most extreme pleasure. You slide the tip of your tongue into my ears and suck softly. I make the sound that lets you know I am at my breaking point, that I can take no more. "Let's fuck" you say huskily and I let go completely.

My hips thrust forward wildly and I am fucking you with abandon. You pull back and grab my hips firmly, slowing me down and taking control of the pace. You kiss me passionately, and my hands move down to grab your ass for dear life. My knees are gripping your ribcage as you thrust into me again and again. You take one of my nipples into your mouth, sucking hard and I am on the edge of heaven, teetering on the border of orgasm. You grab my wrists, forcing them over my head, kissing isveçbahis yeni giriş me. I am cumming, tears of pleasure rolling down my cheeks as spasm after spasm of deliciousness pumps through my pussy.

You pull back, standing between my legs, grasping my hips. You begin to pound deep and slow in to my wetness. My pussy is quaking with orgasm after orgasm and I am crying out your name over and over. You drive into me until I am limp with exhaustion. I moan softly as you pull out, your cock wet with my juiciness.

You gently pull me up and turn me around, pressing me forward onto the table. The wood is rough against my nipples and stomach and the cold air rushing between the slats stings my skin. I lift my hips to you, pushing back to receive you again. This time you are not gentle. You ram your hard cock into me, pounding as hard as you can, one hand gripping my hips roughly. You fuck me mercilessly, and I love it. I take it all, my supple ass in the air, pushing back against your thrusts. I begin to tighten and loosen my pussy muscles to massage you and I hear you groan "Oh, fuck!" I smile, knowing that you are going to cum inside of me.

You are slamming into me now, fucking as hard as you can, your hot throbbing cock about to burst. I know that your head is thrown back and that your eyes are closed. I know that you are clenching your jaw with each animal thrust, panting like a stallion. You groan loudly and I feel the first shot of your hot cum inside of me. You hold my hips still as you pump your load into my hot cunt. I feel it running against my thighs. You collapse on my back, your breath ragged against the nape of my neck. You weakly reach around to cup my breasts, holding me.

We lie like that for a long time before you pull me up and turn me toward you. I cling to you for balance, my legs weak. You kiss me, long and deep. We pull away from each other, reluctantly. I fix my dress, you zip your pants. We walk slowly to the parking lot, holding one another. You kiss me hungrily at my car and help me inside. "Next week?" you ask.

I smile in agreement. "See you then," I murmur huskily. I start my car and drive away, exhausted and satisfied. Until next time.
07-05-2022, at 10:15 AM

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