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For The Moment

Post #1

We met a couple years ago at a swingers club. We really hit it off, but our spouses... not so much. No one hates anyone; it is just that they are not really attracted to each other. Not you and I, sparks flew the minute we saw one another. Shortly after meeting we started sharing fantasies and desires about each other. We have met for lunch and a quick drink a few times, but mostly we behave. Not tonight.

We meet at a popular pub in the trendy south part of town to see a favorite local artist jam. We sit close, flirt, drink our drinks and enjoy the music and the evening. The end of the show finds us making out on my Road King. The more we feel, kiss and touch, the more I begin to wonder if this night would end differently than our previous "without spouse" rendezvous'. There is more urgency in our kisses, more desperation in our embrace. I sit back on my Road King, light a cigarette and ask you what you want to do.

My suspicions are well founded. You climb on behind me and after a short cruise, check into a nice hotel with a view of the river. On the elevator, we nearly maul each other. I have no idea how we actually make it to the room. Once there, the curtains fly open and the clothes come off in a whirlwind. Your slim figure is so inviting. Perfectly proportioned in a very MILF next-door sort of way, you have such a beautiful smile; I almost cannot get past it! But tonight is the night to do so. Your slender neck isveçbahis transitions to such pretty shoulders I just cannot keep my hands off of you. Exploring your body while I kiss you, I know how you like to be touched. Pinching your nipples and kissing your mouth, I feel you grasp my cock in both your hands. You stroke me slowly and very firmly, making sure I know you have a good handle on the issue.

Running low on patience, I force you back on the bed and dive straight to your sweet, wet pussy. I begin licking your lips and nibbling on your clit. You roll your head back and pull my hair, forcing my tongue deep inside you. Holding my breath and giving myself totally to your oral satisfaction I realize you have been waxed clean for me and my cock pulses in excitement! You are a woman who knows what you want, and now you want to go down on me. A quick reversal on your part and you have your knees on each side of my head; I am on my back and let me say the view is spectacular! Feeling my dick in your hand, I open my mouth knowing what is going to happen. You lower your smooth, silky wetness onto my tongue and I feel your lips wrap around my cock as you stroke the base with a strong hand.

Going on like that until I just cannot take it any more, I am decide to take control. You may know your business, but I know why I am here! Gathering you up in my arms I position you underneath me so I can control you and enter you at isveçbahis giriş the same time. Hovering over you, you can taste beer, tobacco and your pussy in my kisses. You can feel the head of my cock rubbing your wet pussy, feel it throb and quiver with anticipation. Looking at my face as I enter you, you know you have me. As the full length of my shaft takes you, you know. I may be physically in control but you know you are taking me as thoroughly as I am taking you.

We settle into a sexual rhythm that keeps pace with our heartbeats. Our timing grows in intensity and desperation. I know you are ready and want to cum, so I pull my thick shaft from your body and lower my point of aim just enough to really get your attention and place the head of my cock against your well lubricated ass.

Covering your mouth with mine I can feel you moan as I gently push against the initial response of your body. As your muscles relax and I begin to enter you, you wonder who is really in control or if it even matters anymore. What matters is my shaft stretching you tight, your knee draped over my shoulder, your hand pulling the other knee back and my cock, my thick, hard cock taking you so deeply. You allow your eyes to roll back and become heavy-lidded as I fuck you as thoroughly as you have ever been. Penetrating you so deeply you have difficulty drawing breath, my dick delivering pleasure and pain to you with each desperate thrust. isveçbahis yeni giriş I see you think this just cannot get any better, so I slip a finger into your pussy, and then two fingers, thrusting them into you with gentle force. Alternating between fingering your slick pussy and rolling your hard clit between my fingers and thumb. I continue to test the limits of your ass with every stoke of my dick and just as your tension is building to the limit, you see my face change.

It is just too much, your body coils for release and you feel me tense. My cock plunges into you and you feel it lurch and my cum begin to flood your body. Hissing at me through clenched teeth you tell me to fuck you harder and your climax begins. Feeling my cock pump jet after jet of cum into you, waves of ecstasy wash over you without number. You are forced to push my hand away from your clit and cling to me, pulling my body down upon yours. Feeling my weight on you and my shaft pulsing inside you, you allow your body to relax underneath me. My thrusts are becoming more even and less forceful with my cum adding to the slick, hot wetness lubricating our union. You sigh and pull my head gently down to your breast.

Holding me loosely in the afterglow with your hands on my back and my head on your bosom, you are finally sated. You feel my weight shift and see me put a cigarette to my lips, light pierces the darkness and flame touches the cigarette. Exhaling as I pull you close your hand lazily strokes my softening cock. Knowing I cannot resist your touch and in moments we will be enraptured again you smile at me while I smoke, knowing I am yours. At least for the moment.
07-05-2022, at 10:37 AM

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