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She lay there beneath me, her belly to the bed, hair spread across her shoulders like the last moments of a summer sunset. Gently, I trailed my fingers down across her back, the softest possible caress, learning each curve and division; each rise and fall of her body.

Ever so slightly, she arched her back to me; I read the signal and crooked my fingers so that I was running my nails up and down across her. This elicited a barely-audible, "Yessss," and I continued, just the slightest bit harder. Red streaks shot through her skin like fireworks, fading quickly to an afterglow that seemed to radiate heat. I scratched harder yet, and she writhed beneath my touch like a cat.

By that time, I was bare as well, though she hadn't turned her head to notice. As I gripped her shoulders more strongly and kneaded the muscles there, I also straddled her hips. She gasped, then, as my thighs enveloped hers and she realized that nothing at all separated our skin. My palms moved down, wringing tension from her shoulders, her upper back, and she took another deep breath as my turgid flesh slipped against the cleft of her buttocks. I rocked forward, sliding the whole length against her, and she hissed as if burnt ? but then she raised her hips, lewdly rolling her ass up against me, around me.

I leaned down for a moment, my whole body covering hers, my lips just beside her ear. After a slow, unhurried kiss, I murmured, "Yes, my darling," and isveçbahis slid myself back and forth again, feeling myself swell further against her softness. I traced her earlobe with the very tip of my tongue, kissed the side of her neck, marked the side of her neck slightly but deliberately with my teeth. One hand slid beneath her body, grasping her breast, the nipple pressed between two fingers until her moans twisted elegantly into the night.

She lifted her hips then, offering herself to me more strongly, allowing my cock to slip down over her ass, down inch by inch into that smooth, inviting valley. I let the blunt head tease at the first puckered opening for a moment, but then slid down further. As it moved between her thighs she clamped them shut around it, trapping me there until I bit the nape of her neck gently, teasing her until she relaxed.

Slowly, reluctantly, I lifted myself from her prone body, making up for my absence with a trail of kisses down her spine. With each one, my tongue wiggled, trapped between my lips and her skin. Finally, I moved in behind her, my legs in between hers this time. She raised up on her knees, her backside thrust invitingly into the air as an offering. I bent down to kiss it for a moment, and I could see her body stretched down past me back to where her breasts dangled, brushing lightly against the knotted strings between each square of the quilted bedspread.

I lay there, my cheek pressed isveçbahis giriş against her, sliding my palms up and down her sides and her breasts and belly, until I could feel both our bodies trembling with readiness to move on. My fingertips caressed the swell of her buttocks as I pressed my cock against her inner thigh, letting her feel it throb with the beating of my heart. It was so close to the center of her that I could feel the heat, as if too close to a fireplace.

Teasingly, I leaned forward, the head parting her luscious folds, the shaft becoming slick with her wetness, but moving further until I bumped against and over the hood of her clitoris. I rocked back and forth against it a few times, then slid backward again. She hunched down, her thighs parted, ready to be taken; but I pulled back and broke all contact. Suddenly, out of nowhere, I smacked her soundly on the ass. Once, twice, three times; hard enough that these red marks lingered. Then, as she was reeling from that, turning her head to look over her shoulder, I trailed my fingers down that delicious cleft and sunk them deep, deep into her liquid warmth, filling her as fully as I could, and every muscle in her body seemed to tense and release

My fingertips spread wide inside her depths, riding the slick currents of her body like jellyfish fluttering beneath the sea's surface. She moaned again as they wriggled, and I gave her each finger in turn, then several at a isveçbahis yeni giriş time, and then the short, blunt thumb, twisting and turning circles. It opened her up wide, but just as she pushed back against it, I slipped it back out, sliding upward to slowly trace circles into her ass while the other fingers dived deep yet again ... and my other arm wrapped around her waist, my forearm pressed tight to the sweet curve of her belly, pulling her back, the bedclothes bunching up around her knees.

Meanwhile, my cock was weaving back and forth in the space between her thighs, side to side like a cobra waiting for the moment to strike. I could feel her whole body contract every so often as my fingers worked inside her, and I knew even before she cried out that each one was a wave of pleasure rippling through her body. She squeezed my fingers, tighter each time, and I knew she was getting close, too close for what I had planned next, so I withdrew my hand and felt her shudder to a halt. This time, she turned her head fully, the question in her eyes, the need impossible to miss.

I moved to one side, enough that she could see as I made a circle of my slick fingers and slipped them up and down over the shaft of my cock, enough that she could watch it grow even thicker, wider, that she could watch the colour deepen at the head. Almost imperceptibly, her eyes widened, her tongue darted across her lips. She pushed up a bit higher from the bed, bracing herself, and spoke only two words: "Take me."

And I did, and she did, and we came gloriously together into one flesh as only the most perfect of encounters can be ... but that is a whole other story, my friends.
07-05-2022, at 10:37 AM

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