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Football Hero

Post #1

The Bar at the smallish hotel off the casino strip was crowded that November night in 2002 as the conquering heroes entered, some with, valid I.D. some without. These football heroes were all in a boisterous mood. They had just had the best day they could possibly have had against the competition, they had played well and comported themselves like real athletes. Now they were ready to party in the hotel bar and they were dressed in their best clothes, which is to say, they were all in jeans and t-shirts. Accept for Fred, the sole Unitarian of the group, he was wearing a light blue short sleeve shirt with a clip on tie.

They were all members of the Timbuck Two County athletic League Dream Team. Which is to say that they were all attending local community colleges and participated in a sports collective, which allowed them to all play on the same team, even though they were from four different schools. None of them was over the age of twenty-three.

They were not very bright, they were probably destined for obscurity in one of its many forms later in life but tonight, this night, and they were at the top of their game. And as we shall see: they were here to kick up some dust.

Against one wall of the Romulus Room at the hotel was a table full of women in their forties and fifties here at this famous New Jersey casino city for a business seminar. All of them knew each other well, they were veterans of this place and this particular seminar. They had been through this time and time again but they enjoyed the annual break from their suburban professional lives and they enjoyed the time away from their husbands and families. Like the Football players they all had a sense that the usual rules didn't apply in a city like this, a city founded on greed and the things that went with it.

The ladies at the table took note of the young football players as they trooped into the bar and arrayed themselves against the plush purple velvet curtains and began behaving like...assholes. They drank beer exclusively and excessively. They talked too loud, they swore and they were insensitive to the room's ambiance, such as it was.

The athletes took note of the ladies. In fact the athletes goal was to take note of the ladies, that was why they were there. And largely they were disappointed. As conquering heroes (as they saw themselves) a part of their collective subconscious minds expected laurel wreaths from young single women. But no. The only people in the bar were the football team, six or eight guys sitting at the bar, the bartender (a woman, but not like the ones in the movies) and the seminar ladies at the corner table.

In the opinions of the football guys the ladies were old and....big. Big as to say overweight. Not excessively overweight, none of them were morbidly obese, but the football guys were raised on American culture and their ideal woman had a very thin waist. None of the ladies at the table had a thin waist.

As the night wore on, the football guys drank pitchers of beer and swore, and the woman at the table drank martinis and talked quietly. At around 11:00 P.M. one of the young men at that bar said something which was all too audible to everyone in the room, something with the term "fat old chicks" in the phrase. The offending phrase fell right into an unfortunately timed silence between the end of one song on the CD player and the beginning of the next.

Like all the loud pronouncements the guys at the bar were making, it was followed by a mild chorus of ascent from the amused guys. As so often happened in their lives, their own voices of approval were the only ones they ever got to hear, so they habitually seconded whatever any of them said to the group at large. Thus the unfortunate "Old fat chicks" was repeated back by some of the guys.

Over in the corner table, the six or eight older women looked at each other. Two of them, Vicki and Diana, as close as sisters but who only saw each other once a year at this conference, shared a more meaningful look at each other, then they turned and glared at the offending oaf at the bar, who pretended not to notice them.

In truth, Kevin was sorry he said what he had just said, his beer addled mind was hoping that the women in the corner hadn't really heard him. Kevin was 23 and a lifelong jock. He was going for his MBA and he was still stringing along his high school dreams of football glory, even though he knew he was never going to get onto any real sports team and that The Timbuck Two County All Star Team would probably be the pinnacle of his sports career. Still, as these things went, he thought he had done a proper job of following through on all that was expected of a high school football prodigy, now that high school was over and all.

Diana, one of the women, was from Kalamazoo Michigan, a full time auditor, a snappy dressing Virgo and more than twenty pounds over weight. She had been all of these things for at least twenty years. She had seen punks like this bunch come and go but for isveçbahis some reason she felt like this bunch should be taught a lesson. With her back against the left side edge of the booth she could see everything in the room and she hatched her plan right then and there. after she saw the look in her friend Vickie's eye, she decided she wasn't just going to let this last insult in a long long series of insults slip by unnoticed. She watched the drunken football guys and waited, judging her moment of action to the second.

When Kevin got up to take a piss, he told his pall Frank to "keep his fucking hands out of his bowl of peanuts" and walked into the hall, past the elevators to the men's room. On returning from the aromatic urinal and back into the hallway leading back to the bar, he saw Diana standing by the elevators, looking right at him. As he came abreast of the large chested woman in the nice looking black outfit, she said to him:

"You and your friends don't have any manners, you should learn to behave if you want to go out in public".

Kevin thought this was a bit harsh, but he had the idea in the back of his mind that he had this coming, that the unfortunate statement he had made back in the bar was too loud and too crass. Kevin made to say as much but Diana cut him off before he could get out more than three placating words.

" Don't tell me you hate big women and don't tell me you have everything that women want and don't tell me that you suppose we any of us at that table could give a rats ass about what you think about women."

Kevin was stunned to silence. Diana went on:

" You know how I know all this? I know because I am 45 years old and I have learned a thing or two about men"

She stepped closer and lowered her voice, looking Kevin right in the eye.

"Men are slaves to women, any woman. I can make you do anything that I want you to do and you can't stop me from doing it. I could make you stand on your head or sing the star spangled banner, because I have the magic power".

The expression on the still speechless Kevin's face began to change at that last bit. Partly it was the almost entire pitcher of Duff Light he had consumed, partly it was the mortification of being caught out by a woman that knew he had acted badly and that had the moral upper hand. But there was another part too. The look in that woman's eye. Kevin couldn't tell what she was getting at. It really didn't sound like she was leading up to the part where she would demand an apology and he would say something flippant like " If you want an apology, today is not your day" or some other shit like that. It always worked back home but Kevin was beginning to get the sense that he was out of his depth with this woman. His stock phrases and attitude were going to fail him here, and he was beginning to realize it.

Diana gave Kevin a significant look, right in the eye, and hit the "up" button on the elevator panel. She said to Kevin:

" When this elevator arrives, you and me are getting on it".

There was a pause while Kevin just looked at Diana, his mind still racing to come up with something to say. Kevin started to speak, it was going to be something cheerfully dismissive, but again Diana cut him off.

"If you get into the elevator with me, I will show you my tits".

The elevator want "Ding!" cheerfully and the doors opened with a smooth flourish. Diana backed into the elevator and, looking at Kevin, cupped her breasts suggestively and raised an eyebrow at Kevin.

Outside the elevator, Kevin began to speak again, but stopped and looked over his shoulder into the bar where his drunken buddies were throwing peanuts into each other's open mouths. Kevin drew in a breath and stepped into the elevator just as the door closed.

"What's your name champ"? Diana asked, her hands alongside her bosom.

"My name's Kevin"

The silence inside the elevator was uncomfortable, only the muzac version of "Girl From Epinema" could be heard.

"Well Kevin why don't you push button number eight?"

Kevin pushed number eight and turned back to look at Diana.

"You see Kevin? All I had to do was speak one sentence and you came right into the elevator and pushed the button for me. You're my slave."

Diana's hands were cupping and caressing her large breasts and Kevin was still speechless but now it was a different sort of speechlessness. Diana's fingers were tracing the edge of the black dresses fabric and she was speaking in almost a whisper.

"Kevin I'm going to let you see my breasts, that's what you want isn't it?"

"Uh-uh- yah!" Kevin said.

Supporting her breast with one hand Diana pulled the edge of the fabric smoothly down exposing the top of her nipple to Kevin's gaze. With effort, Diana got her entire left breast out of the dress and stood there staring at Kevin, who was riveted to the spot. The elevator Dinged loudly and the door opened on the deserted eighth floor corridor. Diana got her breast isveçbahis giriş back into her dress and stepped off the elevator with Kevin in tow.

"Kevin I'm taking you to my room and you have no choice in the matter, do you?"

Kevin stared dumbfounded but nodded his head in assent, then realized his mistake and shook his head no.

Diana turned on her heel and without looking to see if Kevin would follow, she walked around the corner to her door and swiped the key in the lock and stepped inside.

The view from Diana's window was tremendous. She didn't turn on the light but walked to the large window and looked out over the Dark Atlantic and saw the white waves breaking on the beach below. She slid open the window and the sound of the sea filled the hotel room. Without looking to see if he was there, Diana said:

"Close the door behind you and sit on the bed"

With her back to the window Diana turned and faced Kevin without saying anything. Kevin could only see Diana's silhouette, arms akimbo, against the night sky and could not make out her expression.

"Kevin you aren't answering me when I speak and I don't like that. If I ask you a question I expect to hear you speak and answer, not just nod your head, understood"?

Kevin nodded his head, caught himself, and said "Yah"

"You liked seeing my breast didn't you Kevin? You came right into the elevator and did just what I told you to didn't you? You just let me take control of you like you had no will of your own, all for a peek at my tit"

Diana stepped closer to Kevin and slipped the straps of her dress down off her shoulders as she did so. Kevin swallowed dryly and noticed that his hands were shaking.

"You and your friends were very rude in the bar and I don't like that. I want you to know, like I said downstairs, that people like you don't know anything about people like me and that you don't have any control over me. I have control over you and I can make you do anything I want. Isn't that so"?

In the dim light filtering through the window Kevin could see more and more of the white skin of Diana's breasts as she cinched down the dresses black fabric. Kevin no longer cared about any other aspect of his life, could not remember the guys downstairs or the score of the game he had won this afternoon, all he could focus on was the hint of dark nipple beginning to appear before him and the soft sound of Diana's sexy scolding voice.

"Kevin that mouth of yours has offended me and my girlfriends so I think you owe me something from your mouth."

And with that she stepped closer to Kevin and placed her breast in his face. With her hand on the back of his head, Diana uses her other hand to guide her nipple into Kevin's open mouth.

"That's right Kevin, you are beginning to get the picture aren't you?

Kevin was sucking that nipple into his mouth, it was a large nipple and he did his best to get as much of his tongue onto it and around it as he could. His penis, straining against his pants, was causing him pain but he didn't dare make any sort of move since he was, amazingly, fairly intimidated by this Diana woman who had him literally in the palm of her hand. Diana was smiling down at Kevin, looking at his pants.

"Kevin it looks like your being made uncomfortable by something in your pants, is it bothering you"?

Kevin nodded his head but didn't stop licking Diana's breasts. They were both out of their confining dress and Kevin was moving from one to another trying to get as much as he could, he was loving this!

"Give me your cell phone Kevin, that will reduce your discomfort I think" Diana said with a big grin on her face.

Kevin fumbled in his pants and retrieved the cell phone, which he gave to Diana.

"Wow Kevin you sure like to suck tit's don't you"? Diana said as she flipped open his phone. "You just keep at it babe".

Kevin felt bolder now so he put his hands on Diana's breasts, but Diana batted his hands away and shook a finger at him:

"Only the mouth Kevin, until I tell you to"

Diana looked at the speed dial but didn't have to scroll down, the first name on there was "Kim". Diana hit the call button and put the phone to her ear.

"Kevin is Kim your girlfriend"?

Kevin felt a cold stab of dread as he realized what Diana was doing. He looked up at her, her face oddly illuminated in this gloomy hotel room by the phones cheerful green light and said:

"Yah, Kim and I are going steady, are you going to call her"?

Diana nodded as she listened to the phone ring somewhere far off in New Jersey.

"Do you ever suck Kim's tits Kevin"?

"Uh, yah. What are you going to tell her"?

"Do the two of you have sex Kevin, do you fuck her"?

"Unhh- Yah we do but I don't think...."

Diana cut him off.

"Don't forget your the slave here Kevin, we are only doing what I say we do and you appear to like it don't you"?

In Diana's ear she heard the phone answered isveçbahis yeni giriş and a young sounding sprightly voice said

" Hey Kevin! I'm so glad to hear from you! How are you sporty man? Why didn't you call me today"? Diana spoke into the phone:

"Hi Kim, this is Diana and Kevin and I are in my hotel room, you know what he is doing to me? He's sucking my tits, aren't you Kevin"?

Kevin, his face full of conflicting impulses and his confused mouth open in bewilderment could say nothing.

"You can put your hands on my tits now Kevin, Answer me, are you here in my hotel room sucking on my tits"?

Kevin had no choice. He also understood the rules of the game now and so he spoke up loud enough to be heard by Kim on the phone:

"Yes I am, I am sorry Kim!"

Kevin put his head back into Diana's cleavage and gave up on understanding or affecting any of the things that were happening to him. He knew he had just really fucked up his relationship with Kim, but he couldn't get over how happy he was to be playing with these great tits in his face. Kim was a hundred miles away but Diana's tits were right here in his face, and he was loving it!

"Kim, I'm sorry but I am making Kevin my slave and he is going to be mine tonight and I'm afraid he will just have to keep doing whatever I tell him to. Right now he's sitting on the bed and I am standing over him and he's sucking my tits, do you hear that sucking sound? That's your unfaithful boyfriend sucking on my tits".

Kim said:

"Who are you? What the fuck is going on?"

"I met Kevin at the hotel here and even though I never met him before and even though I'm much older than him, when I told him to come to my room he just went right along with it, apparently he will do anything for you if you just let him suck your tits, he's such a slut, aren't you Kevin"

Kevin, his mouth full of tit, mumbled "Mrrmph!"

"That's right Kevin, just keep sucking, you like that don't you"?

Into the phone Diana said:

" Kevin and I have to go now. Did he tell you he won the big game today?"

Diana shut off the phone and put it beside her purse on the Nightstand. She crossed her arms above her head and leaned back and made Kevin strain forward to get at her.

"Take your cloths off Kevin I want to see you naked. She stepped back and allowed the horney boy to do as he was told. She wasn't disappointed in what she saw, Kevin truly did have the body f a young football star, his average sized cock was standing up at an angle and Dian put both hands right on it and began to play with it.

"Put your hands behind your back Kevin I like you better that way."

Stroking his cock and looking at his face Diana said, in a cartoonish little girls voice:

"I'm sorry I had to do that with your girlfriend Kevin, but I had to teach you a lesson. Now I want you to go into the bathroom and take a shower and get yourself as clean as you can"

Kevin was clearly disappointed that his hand job was ending so abruptly but he did as he was told. Alone in the bathroom, his penis still erect, he set the water temperature and got into the shower. Soaping up his body he avoided stroking his penis since he didn't want to come in the shower. Hell, he could come in the shower any time back home, how often did you get to become a sex slave and do whatever you want?

As he shampooed his hair he felt a sudden stab of guilt about Kim but thoughts of her were quickly washed away as he rinsed out the shampoo. Maybe he could claim he was drugged or something? In truth he just didn't care right now.

Back in the room Diana got out her cell phone and called Vicki, who was still at the corner booth back at the bar with the girls.

"Vicki, I got one of those football studs up here in my room, want me to get you one? Meet me up here in room 808 as soon as you can"

Diana knew Vicki well enough to know that she would be here in less than ten minuets. Vicki was divorced and horney all the time. She went through men faster, probably, than Kevin there in the shower went through cheerleaders. Diana pulled the straps of her dress back into position.

When Kevin emerged from the bathroom, wearing a towel that did not disguise his raging hard on, Diana crossed over to him and gave him his phone.

" Call that guy with the blue shirt I saw you with down at the bar, tell him to come up to this room, room 808, and tell him there is a girl that is gong to fuck him. Diana looked right into Kevin's eyes and her look was not to be questioned. Kevin flipped open his phone and hit the send button.

"Hey Frank this is Kevin. I'm uh....I have this weird thing going on upstairs and I need you to come up here and ...there is a girl that wants to fuck me, er, you. Just -- Kevin paused to hear something Frank was starting to say and said "no fuck that, just get up here room 808 stupid. Get up here now there is a girl that wants to fuck you"

There was a knock at the door and Diana opened it to let Vicki in. Kevin and Vicki looked at each other and Vicki burst out laughing. Kevin shut his phone and stood there sheepishly trying to hide his erection with his hands folded awkwardly in front of himself. He failed.
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