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This is a note from Mark to Linda in which he describes a couple of his masturbatory experiences.

My dearest Linda,

In your note you described how you masturbated when you finally had a room of your own. It struck a responsive chord in my memory taking me back to my early 20's. I began acting out my fantasies in my bedroom, at night, with all of the lights out.

It would take me the rest of my life at one story per e-mail to describe all of my fantasizing. However, I'll stick to our original agreement and share

with you those which I can recall with sufficient clarity and which have unique aspects to set them apart from all of the "routine" masturbatory experiences I can remember.

To set the stage, you must understand that I had always been sexually precocious as a child as far back as I can remember. As I reached puberty, I have recollections of riding on a bus and being subjected to the embarrassment of having a raging hardon suddenly occur, stimulated by nothing more than the motion of the bus swaying and bumping its way home from school. I'm sure you've heard stories of boys having to cover their crotches with books, sweaters, etc., in order to hide the telltale bulge in their pants. That most assuredly was I; but, in my case, it started when I was 12 or 13! Anyway, you get the picture.

I have rarely masturbated without an accompanying fantasy. Two exceptions happened on separate occasions with boys. I suppose, technically, they could be classified as homosexual incidents.

On one occasion, Paul, a school mate of mine, and I had slipped into the school gym during the summer vacation. After we had played as much one on one basketball as we wanted, we had wandered into the area behind the stage which was located at one end of the gym. I really can't remember the details of what led up to the incident, but it probably had something to do with bragging as to who had the biggest dick, or who could come quickest. In any event, I can picture Paul and I sitting on the floor with our back up against the wall, flys open, and furiously beating away on each others stiff pricks.

I've not had many homosexual experiences, so I don't know what's a "normal" mean time to climax for 18 year olds. I estimate that Paul and I both ejaculated in less that two minutes from the time we stroked our penises erect.

On another occasion, my friend Bob and I were at a Friday night movie. The movie was not erotic by any means; in fact, it was probably boring isveçbahis which led us into a mutual masturbation activity in the darkness of the back of the practically empty theater. I can still feel the hardness of Bob's prick in my fist as I jacked him off in rhythm with his stroking of my erect spear.

I mention these two incidents as examples of masturbatory adventures I experienced without any accompanying fantasy.

When I was 18 or 19, we were visited by my mother's sister, her husband and their daughter, Marjorie. Marjorie was a high school senior, so she must have been 18 or 19. One night, after dinner, Marjorie and I were in the back yard. Darkness had fallen and the heavens were filled with bright stars. Marjorie had backed herself up against a tree and I had slowly positioned myself in front of her, edging closer and closer as we talked about our lives and friends and what we wanted to be when we grew up. Marjorie was about one or two inches taller than I, but we were standing on a slope and I was uphill which made us "nose to nose." Finally, with my breath held, I moved up against her. She didn't push me away, or even try to move away herself.

This bolstered my courage, so I put my hands on her shoulders and aimed my mouth toward hers. To my surprise, as our lips touched, she grabbed the back of my head with both of her hands and mashed our mouths together. At the same time, she opened her legs slightly and pushed her pelvis forward, grinding her mons veneris into my groin.

I felt myself immediately begin to get hard, but, even though I was embarrassed, I thought, "What the hell!" and pushed back. Marjorie's tongue suddenly darted into my mouth and she began to explore my tongue, teeth and the roof of my mouth. Then she began sucking on my tongue, drawing it into her sweet mouth in a rhythmic, almost throbbing motion. I moved my hands from her shoulders onto her small, but shapely, breasts and began squeezing them and pinching the nipples.

Within minutes of my first handful of breast, my mother's calling us into the house suddenly brought us back to reality and we tore ourselves apart and moved guiltily back to the house.

Now we can get back to where I'm in my room, at night, laying in bed on my back. I slip my shorts down to my ankles and then kick them off. My mind goes back to that summer night a few years before. I see Marjorie, her beautiful blue eyes and shoulder length blond hair, backed up against the back yard tree. My hand grasps my already isveçbahis giriş stiff rod and begins to lightly stroke it in that already familiar up and down motion.

This time my mother does not call us. This time I squeeze and pinch for a few minutes while Marjorie is thrusting her hips and tongue in an ever-increasing motion. I stop squeezing and open the buttons of her blouse. She releases my head and reaches around behind her, under the back of her blouse and suddenly her bra hangs loose over her heaving breasts.

This vision has resulted in a firmer grasp around my still growing erection while the pumping slowly continues.

I see myself lifting the bra up, off Marjorie's beautiful, milk white mounds, exposing her stiffening nipples. I take each nipple between the thumb and fingers of each of my hands and begin a gentle pinching.

My grasp loosens around my turgid prick and begins to massage the head and glans penis and its supersensitive underside in unison with my vision of a similar use of my hands on Marjorie's nipples.

She has begun to moan, softly now. Her hands are fumbling with the zipper of my fly. I bend my head down and suck in her right nipple. I begin flicking it with the tip of my tongue. Her moaning increases in intensity. She has the zipper all the way down and is digging into the opening in my shorts trying to capture my throbbing prick.

The head of my dick in now slick with pre-ejaculate and I'm rubbing my hand around the head very slowly and lightly sending electric waves of pleasure throughout my groin area.

I move my mouth over to her left breast and repeat my ministrations on her erect nipple. I lightly begin to bite on her nipple as I suck it into my mouth; then, back to the flicking with the tip of my tongue. As her hands finally free my raging hardon and it springs forth like an unleashed snake, my hands reach down and begin to raise the bottom of her skirt.

The opening in my real life penis is now constantly oozing clear, slippery lubricant. It flows down the sides of my rigid cock onto my fingers. I stop my stroking to lift my slick fingers to my mouth to lick them. The taste is somewhat salty, not at all unpleasant.

My mind's eye is now viewing the hem of Marjorie's skirt as it reaches her hips. I slide my hands inside the elastic of her panties and begin to tug them over her hips. Her hands are holding my throbbing prick like a baseball bat. They are not large enough to encompass the length of my shaft. isveçbahis yeni giriş There is an inch of cock exposed at both the head and the base.

I have now spread my knees as widely as possible and my hands duplicate Marjorie's in my fantasy. While my hands are larger than hers, I also cannot hide the entire shaft. It measures between 7 and 10 inches erect, depending on the duration of foreplay and the intensity of my desire.

Marjorie is now pulling my prick toward her now exposed cunt. Her pussy lips are puffy and she, too, is oozing liquid from her genitals. She lifts one leg up on my hip to create a better opening angle. She removes her right hand from my dick and notches her opening with her first and index fingers. I hold still as she moves her slippery cunt toward my dripping dick.

My back arches on my bed as I begin playing both female and male roles. I hold my fist steady and thrust my slick cock up and down at the same time imagining what it must be feeling like to Marjorie who has now impaled herself on the first two inches of my prick. My bucking becomes faster; I begin moaning as Marjorie has backed off and then, with one mighty thrust, has swallowed six of my ten inches up her tight, swollen, juicy tunnel.

She backs off again, but I can hold still no longer. I brace myself against the tree and ram forward as hard as I can. Marjorie screams with pain and pleasure as I feel her uterus bumping against the head of my prick.

My hand takes over the pumping as I lay still on my back and try to envision the sensations Marjorie is experiencing simultaneously with my actual waves of pleasure. I can feel the knotting beginning as the spermatozoa begins its journey from my gonads. I feel the rock hardness of my prick thrusting into and out of Marjorie's tightening vagina. I will myself to feel the sensations she must be feeling as I pound into her body. She screams again as the first of my load erupts into the back of her love tunnel, dousing her cervix with its gelatinous liquid.

Reality sets in as I feel the first salvo of come splat onto my chest, followed my three, four, five more each hitting lower and lower until the last barely escapes the opening and drips down my fist onto my wrist. I lay there, catching my breath, for five, or so, minutes. Then, I reach over the side of the bed and grab one of my socks and begin my cleanup duties.

Linda, I hope the above has "stirred up" your juices and you'll be able to finish yourself off (if you haven't already done so!) in quick fashion. As I finish this note my erection is demanding immediate attention. To ensure I don't get the keys all sticky, I'll sign of for now. Sweet dreams, Sweetheart.

All my love,

07-05-2022, at 10:51 AM

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