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Dinner at My Friend's
It had been a long day at work, and my co-worker had invited me to her house for dinner. This was not unusual for us, since starting at the company, we'd formed an instant bond and quickly became friends.

Each time I went to hers, I'd allow my glances at her body to become bolder as she cooked dinner for me. Her tight rear, her small but shapely breasts. She was the archetypal girl next door.

We ate dinner whilst laughing and joking, before retreating to the lounge to watch some TV together. We sat on opposite sides of the room, each on our own sofa, laid watching the screen. I always felt so comfortable around her, I would be mortified if she knew I was starting to harbour some sexual desire towards her.

As we were watching, someone in the show we were watching mentioned pornography, which sparked a discussion. We each agreed that we thought porn was okay if people used it for what it was, and didn't see it as a true reflection of sexuality. We went further to suggest that we each liked watching porn. My interest was piqued.

She said how free porn sites were a pain as you had to flick through so many poor quality videos to get to the good stuff, and I agreed, adding that I often returned isveÁbahis to a few favourites to get the job done. She agreed. I laughed and asked her what her few favourites might be. She laughed, and said there was an anal scene she really liked. I asked her which, and I knew the one she meant. I said I really liked one where a secretary is being fucked hard on a desk. She blushed, before saying she knew that one too. She then hesitantly said there was a gangbang scene she really liked, but I didn't know it.

She said she would show me, and got her laptop and connected it to the TV. A little typing a few clicks later, and I was watching a petite girl surrounded by four men, smiling at the camera. My friend returned to her sofa, and resumed her laid back position.

We discussed the scene like two people would discuss an academic paper, neither of us willing to admit to the other that we were becoming aroused by the situation. I said to her that I was surprised that she liked such graphic material. She again blushed, and stuttered out that she liked seeing women being used, and seeing them like being used. I agreed, and a silence fell in the room as we watched the scene unfold.

As the girl was thrown on the isveÁbahis giriĢ bed, and a penis lined up to enter her, my friend started rubbing her thigh, almost absent-mindedly. I started to do a similar motion, keeping my hand still and running my fingertips over my knee.

A few minutes later, the tension in my crotch became too much, and I began to gently massage the bulge that had appeared. My friend saw, and I sheepishly apologised, but she laughed and said it was okay. She then started run her fingers along the buttons of her shirt, and very gently, very slightly arched her back.

Seeing this response in her, I began squeezing my bulge, desperate to release the tension I was building. My friend saw this and started to cup her breast, thrusting her crotch. As the petite girl on the screen started to take a cock in her rear hole, my friend flicked open the button on her jeans and slipped her hand inside, circling her fingers onto her clit. With my free hand, I began to squeeze one of my nipples.

My friend started unbuttoning her shirt, and I undid my pants. She took off her bra and started openly squeezing and kneading her tits. I put my hand in my boxers and started rubbing my dick, watching isveÁbahis yeni giriĢ her more than I was watching the screen.

As girl in the scene was penetrated by two men, my friend pushed down her jeans so she could slip a finger inside herself. I took my pants off fully so I could get a full grip on my cock as I stroked myself, unashamedly watching my friend, not the TV.

She however, was engrossed, and as the girl on the screen started chocking on a cock, she hurriedly took her jeans fully off so she could spread her legs wide. She took two fingers and began to aggressively finger fuck herself, grabbing her tits in the meantime.

As the wet sound of her hand slapping into vulva began to rival the whorish moans of the actress, I began to furiously masturbate. On the screen, the girl took a load of cum to the face, and my friends body contorted, her fingers deep in her pussy. She straightened out again, letting out a load, guttural moan. As the girl took three more cumshots, she kept rubbing her pussy, but gentler now.

As the final cumshot was landing, she took her attention away from the screen, and turned to me. Our eyes met as I kept pumping. I stood up and walked over to her. As I stood over her, stroking my cock, she gently placed her fingertips on my leg. As she made contact, I came over her, my cum landing on her tits and stomach. I kept stroking to get every last drop out, and then flopped back onto my sofa.

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