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Dinner for two

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Dinner for twoIt was already getting dark outside when I decided to take a quick shower while waiting for my food to be delivered. I closed my Mac Book, put it onto my bedside table and switched off my desk lamp. I've now been trying to write a message to my ex for more than 3 hours... But it seemed like the right words went on vacation, I just didn't know how to put my thoughts into words...After checking my phone once again, I went into the bathroom and undressed myself. I shivered a bit when my naked feet touched the cold bathroom floor. Maybe I should buy a little carpet... On my way to the shower, I came across the mirror and was shocked when I saw how red my eyes where. I've been crying since yesterday. The breakup came out of nowhere. But I had to get myself under control for my important meeting tomorrow. I brushed my hair out of my face and tried to smile. It looked as fake as my new Gucci bag but it would be good enough for the meeting.I felt how another tear ran down my cheek. Just a second later, I heard the rain outside getting heavier. Pefect timing... I finally wanted to get into the shower but suddenly I heard the bell ringing. Fuck, that must be the food... I wiped off my tears, grabbed a towel and wrapped it around myself. Then I hurried to the door and opened it. A young woman handed me a bag full of food. "Sorry that you had to wait so long... The rain got so heavy...""Oh, don't worry about that," I said, "The weather is really bad today. I understand that."She smiled at me. "Well, then... I'm glad that you are the last one for today. It just takes me 15 minutes to get back home."I looked at her. Her hair was blonde where her helmet had covered it while the ends seemed darker due to the rain. It framed her beautiful face. Her clothes sticked to her skin and I could see that she shivered."Um... You could come inside until the rain is over," I said. "I mean, just if you want to."She seemed surprised and answered, "Really? That would be kind of you. It just looks like as if you...""Oh, yes, I was planning to take a shower. Don't worry bout this, I'll get dressed, of course!" I laughed.A second later, she followed me inside. She pointed to the opened wine bottle on my table. But before she could ask anything, I said, "My girlfriend broke up with me yesterday... I usually don't drink, but yesterday I just had to..."She looked surprised. "So... You're into girls, too?" "By saying 'too', you mean...?"Instead of answering, she just smiled. I grabbed two glasses, filled them with wine and handed her one of them. "By the way, my name is Sarah," I told her."Kate," she replied.We raised our glasses and drank. I refilled and we emptied them again."So, you wanted to take a shower, right?"I looked down and realised that I was still standing there, wearing nothing than a towel in front of that woman. That's so embarassing! I felt how I blushed. But she's hot, actually... She grabbed my glass and filled it with wine. She looked me deep in the eyes before I raised it once again. This time, I took my time and let the wine run down my throat slowly. I glanced at her, smiled and..."Oh no, I spilled it all over me!" I laughed."I guess that I shouldn't be doing this," she whispered and came closer until I could feel her breath on my skin. My heart started to beat faster. Then, she put her hands on my shoulders and gently licked the red wine drops from my neck. I put my left arm around her waist and pulled her closer. With my right hand, I lifted her chin so that I could look into her eyes. I shouldn't be doing this as well, but I think, I had too much wine... I also put my right arm around her, pulled her as close as possible and just kissed her. I feeled Kate's soft lips on mine. She also leaned into the kiss and gently slid her tonge in to my mouth. It was so overwhelming that I nearly moaned.It felt like the time was standing still when we separated. She looked at me."I think, you should better wash off the wine, it might leave stains on your skin." She grabbed my hand. "Where's your bathroom?" I DEFINITELY shouldn't do this..."Follow me."I lead her into the bathroom and she kissed me again. At the same time, she pulled down my towel. I sighed. Then I helped her getting rid of her wet clothes and revealed her beautiful body. Kate was athletic and had perfectly formed boobs. I couldn't take my eyes off her.She grabbed my hand, pulled me into the shower and switched on the water. The hot water made me wet. Or even weter... I grabbed her waist, pulled her towards her and kissed her. My heart was beating even faster when I felt her hand rubbing my clit before she slid two fingers inside of me."Oh my god," I sighed breathless. Kate slowly moved her fingers in and out. I moaned. She still pressed her lips on mine and played with my tongue. She tasted so sweet and soft and...She increased the speed of her hand's movement and fucked me so passionately while I bit her lips and ran my hands over her soft skin. She sighed and then started suck on my nipples. I moaned while I came. The waves of my orgasm were shaking my body and Kate smiled when she slowly pulled her fingers out of me. She licked my juice from her hand and gave me a short kiss."The rain stopped," she said."But... Don't you wanna stay a little longer?"She already started to get back into her wet clothes. "Thanks for the offer, but I think I should go now." She noticed that I was a bit disappointed and added, "Well, what about next weekend?"I nodded and smiled. Kate was now dressed and on her way to the door. I kissed her once again before she left.
04-06-2021, at 07:00 PM

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