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Jolene joy stubert weekend her away

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Jolene joy stubert weekend her awayMonths you had been messaging and private chatting with a couple ,sometimes with the male ,but mostly with the woman ,you had shared foto,and over the months you had shared your likes and dislikes .You being a very buxom mature woman ,seemed to get the woman very excited ,you often wondered what her pussy would be like to taste ,she had this gorgeous coffee coloured skin ,her hubby partner was tanned but certainly not from the same place or ethnicity as her but ,hell they seemed happy as a unit .They suddenly asked you if you would be interested in a holiday together and meet up ,What they had in mind was a hedonistic holiday ,you already knew every inch of each others bodies ,you had seen her pussy ,tits and face she had seen the same of you ,your partner and her partner had seen each others manhood and faces .As soon as she suggested it you just went YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS, your partner more conservative and was not so game ,you worked on him for a week using your womanly ways, you knew exactly how to get your own way with him making him feel like it was his idea in the end .You contacted Kate and told her it was a go ,so between you you pm each other until the right place was chosen .Then she asked you are you submissive with the right person !! and can you be .A very strong mistress in others ,my partner needs a strong hand to guide him ,i have controlled him since the day we met ,You can use and abuse him as his mistress if you like to !!.BUT you are my cum slut in return it will be a 50/50 share in time ,but it has been a long time since i had pussy on pussy .NO NO NO,i am not a submissive to cock or pussy .Kate sent you a private video of her and what she did to her hubby as his mistress and how submissive he really was ,Fuck when you saw it it took your breathe away ,You had never seen a guy give himself like he did .The message read this could be you as the mistress .Think about it carefully ,all i ask in return is that you are submissive to ME ,you messaged back what about my partner ,its a hedonistic holiday if he cant find cunt ,he not using his cock right .The more you thought about it ,the more you watched the video it took you two days and messaged her again told her were you booking your holiday .In Jamaica At one of the hedonistic resort Hotels you gave Kate the details ,She booked a room next to yours ,you have no idea how she did it .You packed very little mostly bikini,s a little black dress ,This dress pushed out your ample tits ,pulled in at the waist hugged your Ass, and hips ,and that was where the hem was ,it was decent only if you walked if you sat in a chair or a bar stool your cunt could be seen as you always went commando ,you only wore the smallest bra your tits allowed your preference was a 1/4 bra ,so the tit meat was on display as well as your nipples ,giving just a hint of support . Kate though had told you to bring a black and a red suspender ,with red , and black fishnet ,Also with them a black basque .You Wore a little black dress there ,with heels your feet sinking into the white sand ,you soon kicked off the shoes even if the sand was hot,People around already in the resort were mostly naked ,of all ages from the 18 yr olds ,through 20,s 30.s 40,s 50,s and 60,s slim, fat but everyone was equal here .The only thing that was here was self indulgence of self sexual gratification ,As you looked around ,there were young guys with older women older guys with younger women ,and every other combination that was possible ,You met up with Kate in the foyer checked in , her partner looked like a lap dog when with her ,your guy acted like a man ,Not Pete Everything was yes mam or Yes mistress Kate ,He was wearing tight fitting leather shorts with braces , his cock was always bulging out ,If it went hard by looking at another women ,she slapped it really hard with her palm . You and your partner went with them to an organized gym work out ,it was like a boot camp ,but for adults ,The gym instructor believed in nothing gained ,un less you were soaking wet .This guy picked on you until your white T shirt was soaking wet your out line of your tits fully exposed ,The women you were with ,told you to get them out,you said No now was not the time .With that she ripped your t shirt they were exposed fully now .Fuck you squealed ,Dont you squeal out to me she said grabbing your nipples and twisting them .I am your Mistress ,She was hurting them to fuck ,until you said those few small words I| am your sub whore Mistress do as you please with me .With that she bound your tits in rope .Then getting her sub hubby to eat out your cunt and suck your tits .With the impossible task not to drool or to get a hard cock ,he failed miserably on both counts ,She rammed his ass with a huge blow up dildo he had to sit on it fuck was he squealing ,his balls and cock she roped ,and stretched ,Telling him you want it hard then have it hard ,she kept pulling on the rope ,like you would ring the bells .Whore come here with your tits out ,put on these skimpy crotch less panties on pull your lips out ,stick your cunt up his nose ,she passed you her whip Now train him whore he has to obey your every command .He is Worthless ,he only gets a hard cock when you tell him too ,He is going to have you and me as his Mistress, you are going to be my Slut ,and if your not you will learn to be very quickly .She then asked you if your hubby was a masculine type ,you replied he was .She invited him to join her in the most seductive outfit .Within a short time he was under her spell ,bound and trussed like a turkey ,as she tied him up you had to do to her hubby .They were both eating cunt ,drinking piss as you and her squirted in there mouths ,there cocks in cages unable to get hard until you wanted them hard . Then she passed you a huge strap on put that on you fucking bitch , You and the whore now opened up each others hubbies ass hole with oiled up fingers ,Then you fucked each others hubbies ass hole .After your mistress let there cocks loose .Turning to you she had you suck them Hard they were so erect , now they were strapped up tight balls and all ,there was no way this bitch was going to let them get soft She had you ride her Hubby cock ,in your mouth in your cunt and in your ass ,the poor bastard was just being abused by you , ,Then when you had finally finished with him ,only because your Mistress released his cock ,Your partner then saw what was in store for him as you repeated it on him our cunt ass and mouth ached but you had never been fucked like this by cocks usually they went limp after they cum ,not these guys .Now you have had your fun whore your mistress told you .Time i had my fun .She strapped you onto a sybian machine only you were bent over on it legs secured ,long vibrator up your wet cunt the knobbly pad all around your cunt lips and around your groin bent over at the tummy arm,tied into place but allowing you freedom of your hands .Your mistress sat her cunt into your mouth Eat whore eat me .You started eating cunt as the machine started ,the more excited your mistress became .The more intense she made the vibration in your cunt ,As you brought her to climax the machine brought you to climax .Only this Bitch Mistress gave you no relief she kept the intensity up .Here Jolene you like that dont you ,you mumbled several times until it came out correctly .Yes Mistress Kate but even then she kept it going until you passed out and could no longer eat her pussy ,she brought you around ,then changed tack instead of using the vibrator in you it was the pad vibrating over your clit and pussy ,your legs and every part of you were jelly You pleaded with your |Mistress ,she kept this going until you were in the same state to her as the guys had been made to you and her .This Bitch made you sign a piece of paper while you were on this high .You only found out after you were hers every weekend for a six month period
04-06-2021, at 07:00 PM

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