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Mikey Ch. 1-2

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Chapter 1.

Let me begin with I was a young man of 18 living at home with my mother and sisters. I always caught the raw end of the deal, no matter what. One day I was outside mowing our lawn when I saw my next door neighbor walk past me to the front door and talk to my mother. Let me just say my neighbor, Mrs. Casey, (Not her real name of course.), was one sexy fox with her tiny waist, huge tits, and long red hair. (I've had a thing for red-heads ever since.) This woman could get the blood of a dead man pumping.

I continued mowing the lawn figuring she just wanted some sugar or something, but then saw her coming towards me, she said into my ear in a husky shaky voice, "I'll see you in a little while." I raised a brow pondering what she had just said then continued with my chores. By the time I finished up it was around one o'clock in the afternoon on a hot humid day. So I went inside and asked my mother, "What was the deal with Mrs. Casey?" My mother said, "You, my son, are going to garden Melissa Casey's yard." I pissed an moaned about that for about fifteen minutes, needless to say mother got the last word. So I gathered up my gardening gear and walked to Mrs. Casey's place two houses down.

I knocked on the door and good god, when she answered the door I almost came in my sweats. She, Mrs.Casey, well Melissa, was in the tightest pair of cut off shorts I'd ever seen, showing off her beautiful ass and her shirt was nothing but a holy, cut-up, broken-in, white shirt that showed her big tits, I stayed quiet and stared at her for a few seconds, that felt like forever. She broke the silence by saying, "Mikey your mom said that you wouldn't mind helping me garden... I hope you don't mind, I can pay you? If you want that is.. do you?" Just then she caught me staring at her tits, I just stood there and nodded while blushing bright red.

Then she said, "Ok then Mikey, lets get to it!" I grinned at her and started up the lawn mower, I was half way through with her lawn, (this woman had the biggest front yard on the whole block), I felt a tap on the shoulder then I heard the beautiful voice, "Mikey.." I turned quick, "Um .. yes Mrs. Casey?" she quickly corrected me, "Melissa, Mikey.. Melissa," I grinned, "Melissa?" she smiled her green eyes lit up, it was then that I noticed she had changed clothes and was now wearing a pair of sweatpants and a longer t-shirt. "Mikey, I made us some lemonade if you would like some? It's on the porch." then she licked her crimson lips and istanbul escort smiled all sexy like. I was sold on the idea so I shut off the mower and followed that sexy ass over to the porch then I noticed she had no underwear line!!!!!!

I had to calm down and focus but it just wasn't happening I was staring at her tits while she was babbling on an on about God knows what then I felt it, her hand, on my THIGH!! Damn was her hand hot, I looked up at her and she looked at me and nodded then stood up she moved her hand to mine and pulled me up, I followed quickly.

Once inside she slammed the door and locked it, then pushed me against it, and kissed me hard. Then she pulled down my sweats and grabbed my already hard cock and stroked it fast, within seconds I was cumming, nearing the end of my climax she got on her knees quick-style and caught the last of my cum in her mouth then she stood up, gliding her body along mine all the way, and licked her lips as she smiled at me, I was in awe that this beautiful grown married friend of my mother's just sucked my cock of the last of my cum, then she moved her face close to mine and stared at me a moment "Mikey."

"Uh huh?" was my answer, "Have you ever been with... a woman?" I blushed because I hadn't even had a girlfriend at that point. " Mrs. Casey...Melissa," her eyes perked up with a glimpse of evilness and lust and she said, "Would you like to be?" I was dumbfounded but nodded anyway, "Good ...I can teach you Mikey," she said, "I can teach you how to please a woman." with that said she took the giant shirt off and flung it down to the floor, then her sweat pants came off followed by her sandals and she stood naked before me, my mouth was wide open as I stared at her huge tits then slowly looking her over I saw her clean shaved pussy then I looked back up at her and licked my lips.

"Mikey.." I heard her say while still in my lustfilled haze, "Mikey, I want you to make love to you think it's done." Her breathing got shallow. "Then..Mikey ...I'm going to show you how it's done!" I just stood there looking up an down her sexy body, (I had watched a lot of porn movies my brother had sent me in the mail from seattle and I seen allot of magazines so I pretty much thought I knew what I was doing), then she grabbed my face and made me face her, "MIKEY! Now!" she demanded. I looked at her tilting my head "On the floor?" I said, she said, "Oh... no no no mikey kadıköy escort upstairs on my bed follow me."

So she started up the stairs and I followed her watching that beautiful ass shake her hips swayed and I could easily see her pussy that glistened with her juices already. We made it to her room and she said, "How do you think people have sex? Mikey?" I said, "Lay down and I'll show you." She did as I asked and I got up on the bed and told her to spread her legs and she did, then I laid between them pushing my cock, (it was about a good 6 inches then), against her naked pussy she quickly guided my cock against her opening and I rammed my cock in her pussy with all the force I had.

I was just going with instincts at that point ramming my hard cock in her pussy hard and quick not caring if I hurt her or myself for that matter, I just wanted to cum and within a few minutes of animal like fucking, I came in her pussy, she was moaning as I came, then she rolled over forcing me on my back, my hard cock still in her, then she got up and went to the bathroom. When she came back into the room and looked at me and said, "Mikey...I want you over here every Saturday I want to teach you the art of giving pleasure to a woman." (I found out later that Saturdays her husband went golfing and stayed gone until around 5am Sunday.) I nodded to her then closed my eyes and fell asleep...To be continued

Chapter 2.

The phone rang and I growled then opened my eyes.. Melissa was in my arms naked sleeping soundly I whispered in her ear, "The phones ringing." She moaned then rolled over pushing me on my back and laid on top of me to answer it. With that I was hard again and looked up at her she motioned me to be quiet and continued talking to my mother!. I reached up, and rubbed on her inner-thighs. I felt her grab hold of my once again hard cock and stroke it. Then she lifted herself up and impaled her body on my cock with a gasp, she told my mother I was resting and she made dinner and we were going to watch some movies before she sent me home as my payment.

After saying they're good-byes, Melissa hurryingly hung up the phone and rode my stiff cock like some kind of wild woman. Within minutes Melissa and I were in extacy cumming together. She clawed my chest with her sharp painted red nails and moved one of my hands to her pussy forcing my fingers against her swollen clit, that drove her completely insane with orgasm kağıthane escort while I came in her dripping hot cunt. She fell forward onto my chest, we were both breathing heavily, she told me to get up so she can lay down so I rolled over pulling her with me, my still hard cock pressing against her pussy once more and she moaned loud and pushed me away. "Mikey pull out." I thrust against her pussy as she said those words "MIKEY!" I thrust in her once more "OHHH! MIKEY...FUCK... Pull out Mikey!!" I pulled her legs up high and continued to fuck her pussy. It felt so good. "MIKEY PULL OUT NOW!!" So I did.

"God Mikey what the hell did you think you were doing!" she scolded me,"I-I-I I Just.." was my answer to that, "You just what Mikey?!" At that point I was getting kinda pissed off that she was yelling at me like a little kid. I looked at her then grinned to myself and grabbed her hips then pumped my hard young cock deep into her steaming cunt. She grabbed my ass and forced me into her and yelled at the top of her lungs, "FUCK ME MIKEY!" I thrust a few hard times. Then I pulled out and grinned. "Why did you want me out in the first place?" I asked, she was catching her breath then said, "I want to teach you oral sex lover." (I didn't know what the hell that meant.) I nodded then smiled to her, "Ok... lets do it!" I said.

She caressed my face as she spoke "I want you to put your head between my legs and eat my pussy..." while she said this she was frantically fingering her clit then she pushed my head against her cunt with her free hand, "Just lick Mikey! Lick fast baby!" I don't know, could just be me, but I looked at her pussy, then just licked the length then looked back up at her and saw her eyes roll back into her head, "Ohhhhhh Mikey...Ohhhhh fuck mikey...faster lover.. faster!!". So I licked up an down her wet swollen slit pushing my tongue in a little deeper as I went. Then I realized what it was doing to her and slowed down, her hips were bucking against my face, her hands tangled in my hair, forcing me against her cunt then I barely flicked my tongue against her clit and she went wild bucking and moaning, screaming and thrashing about, I stopped and watched her a moment then started licking up the juice that came from her.

"Ohhhh Mikey.... so good.. husband can't even do it like that." She breathed heavily between words as she calmed down. I moved up and laid my head on her stomach she rubbed the back of my head softly, "Mikey your a natural at oral-sex... but next time try sucking softly on my 'lips' and when you go to lick my clit suck it and circle your tongue and while your doing that, put your fingers in my hot cunt and fuck me with them." I kissed her stomach then slid back down her body and did all she instructed me too, finally bringing her to a huge orgasm that lasted what seemed to be forever...
03-18-2023, at 02:16 PM

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