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Alex,my ex...

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Alex,my ex...I had my first MFM threesome experience last fall, and it left me wondering even more about what it would feel like to have my FFM encounter. And here is how it all started:When I started dating my ex boyfriend (call him Alex) we shared our fantasies with each other and quickly realized that we both had deep desires for threesomes. Although, I wasn't against MFM, my ultimate desire was FFM. For the past couple of years I was bi curious and wanted to experiment with another female but for different reasons I failed to make it happen. Neither had I have support from my previous partners nor did I have courage to do it on my own. Finally, I had a wonderful man who is selflessly very supportive of me and my desires, and for the first time in my life I was sure to fulfill them.Alex can be truly called an "Alpha male," 35 years old, mixed martial artist who is very protective of his females. Although he is not a jealous type, I wasn't sure if he would like to have MFM right of the bet. I wanted it but I didn't insist on it. Little that I knew he was a very unselfish and adventurous man...Unbeknown to me, Alex was setting up my first MFM threesome. For a few months he was sourcing fit candidates. I didn't realize at that time that he had been "fishing out" my taste and preferences of a man I would like to experience with. I was in the dark while he was working his plan out.So one day, Alex and I decided to take a trip away from our town. It was awesome. We hiked, watched a movie, had a nice dinner, and on a way back to our hotel Alex suggested to grab a drink at a bar (he had a perfect surprise set up already). We went to a bar and kept on having a great time together. All of a sudden a very handsome man (call him John) sat next to us and ordered a drink. Being a good mannered and social person, Alex started a conversation with John without any hesitation (as if they never knew each other). Few seconds later, we all were engaged in heated discussion about different subjects. Soon after, our conversation focused on Swinging Lifestyle. At one point, John mentioned that he had a six-pack (I only wanted to have a guy that was as fit as Alex). Alex dared me to touch John's stomach and verify it. So I reached under John's shirt, and, yes, he did have a six-pack. Because our conversation was so casual and John was so handsome, I got horny really fast. Alex sensed my desires and whispered into my ear if I wanted to try MFM right then. We were away from home, a little tipsy, so I said "Why not?!"Few minutes later, we paid our tab and left the bar. In order to make me and John comfortable and get used to each other, Alex offered me to catch a ride with our new friend. Getting in John's car without Alex made me feel a little awkward. But as soon as Alex sensed it he decided to help us break the ice and dared John and I to kiss. So we made out, and it put me at ease. We drove off, and on the way to our hotel John and I caressed each other, and the heat and the chemistry scaled off the roof.John and I got to the hotel first. Alex was on his way. I don't want to give too many erotic details, but for the first 20 minutes it was just John and I in the room, and we were exploring each other's bodies. Although I enjoyed John's company I could not stop thinking about Alex. I needed him beside me right there and then. I realized that I would never ever want to be without him, and I always needed his support. Anyhow, a little later Alex joined us and we had a blast. I tried almost everything I wanted to with two guys at the same time, and Alex really helped me out throughout this process. After we all got satisfied, John packed up and left. And as soon as he left, Alex and I kept on having sex until I couldn't bear it any longer. . .I think if I could take just one main point out of our experience I would say I learned that Alex is the most supportive partner I ever had. I fell in love with him even more after our erotic encounter.I was pleased but as my head cleared after a long night of sexual experiments, I started realizing how much more fun it could have been with a girl. I mean, I have all it takes to have my FF M. I don't want to sound too shallow but I am young, tall, fit, and considered to be hot. More I think about it, more I want to try it. Day by day, I am getting more and more passionate about FF M. And I am determined to make it happen no matter how hard or how long it may take.So I had my MFM encounter with the help of my ex boyfriend. It was a wonderful experience to be a center of attention of 2 handsome men. It turned out to be very sexual and rewarding. But because I have been bi curious for a long time, I am striving to have my first bi (FF M) experience.To be continued. . .
04-06-2021, at 07:00 PM

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