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Cum to mommy part 1

Post #1

CUM TO MOMMY PART 1Like everyone else, I can be described a number of ways -- normal, suburban housewife, stay at home mom, soccer mom, average in looks, happily married...horny....and someone that lusts after her son and his friends. I know that many people would be shocked and appalled at that last descriptor and I can't say that I totally blame them. It's something I never thought about before. It came as a surprise to me. I'll describe how it got started.My husband and I were married 20 years ago, when I was 18 and he was 26. A year later we had twins, Josh and Amy. Our married life has been good; my husband is a good guy and a solid provider. For the first several years of our marriage, our sex life was very satisfying, both in terms of passion and frequency. Over the years, several things have happened though. One is that my husband has begun to travel much more, with some of the trips lasting a couple of weeks or so, so we don't see each other as much. And with the travel and work, he is often tired so his sex drive just isn't what it used to be. At the same time, for some reason, my sex drive has had a dramatic upswing. Part of that may be that I gotten in much better shape physically. I have been working out and feel and look better than I have in years. Along with the physical part of my enhanced sexual awareness has been a slowly growing question in my mind about whether or not I have missed out on a lot sexually. I have only had sex with two husband and a boy in high school and that adventure was pretty disappointing. So, I really had never experienced much sexual variety. Therefore, over the last few years, I have developed an active fantasy life...thinking about sex, imagining sexual encounters with males I either see or read about, or perhaps even movie stars, and looking and reading things online. And I started masturbating much more. I first masturbated when I was around 13 and did it fairly regularly as a teen. However, my family was religious and very straight-laced and I always felt that self-gratification was a little bit wrong. Mind you, I still did it but I was never able to let myself go completely. After marriage, I rarely masturbated until maybe three years ago, when sex with my husband became less frequent and not as satisfying and my sexual needs exploded.Up until recently I did not actively fantasize about sex with young guys and particularly my son, at least I don't think I did. I waffle on that because I certainly began to notice him, how he had developed into such a strong, handsome guy, with a terrific body. Like many teens, he was often not even aware of his looks or effect he had on others, so I would occasionally see him in his underwear often with no shirt, and I couldn't help but notice his physique as well as the bulge in his crotch. Twice, accidentally, I saw him naked, once with his back to me, and I noticed his very firm buttocks. Once I saw him from the front, and while it was only a glance, I was astounded by his long, thick cock, surrounded by curls of pubic hair. And while I don't really think I fantasized about sex with him, there were many times when that image, of him standing there naked, popped into my mind.And of course, since I had gotten much more sexually conscious, I wondered about my k**s too. My daughter, Amy, was now 19 and fully developed with long legs, a pretty little tush, and full breasts. She was also interested in boys. I figured she masturbated frequently. I know there were lots of times when her panties were stained in the crotch, showing evidence of a wet vagina, even during the time of the month when she wasn't having her period. And I noticed a few times, that my son's sheets were spotted, probably from semen stains. And the girls that hung around him were amazingly pretty and they dressed so provocatively. So he had to either be engaging in sex or thinking about it a lot. I only repeat all this to share with you my state of mind...I was normally curious about my k**s, particularly my son, but not salacious, at least at that time. During the period I am about to describe my husband was on a three week long, international business trip. One morning I had gotten up and got breakfast for the k**s and saw them off. My works at a bookstore in the summer between college semesters, and he typically drops my daughter off at the high school she works at in the summer. After they left, I got dressed in shorts and a t-shirt and went to the basement and worked out. After 45 minutes of that I put on a load of clothes to wash and went back upstairs. I sat down on my computer and went to a couple of favorite websites and read some erotic stories and answered some emails, a couple of which were erotic exchanges I was having with a couple of guys I had an online relationship with. I also chatted with one of them, and I got so worked up, I decided to go upstairs and take care of myself. I pulled off my sweaty workout clothes and threw them in the laundry and went to my bedroom. The room had a full length mirror and I happened to glance at myself. I was proud of my body since I'd started working out. I always had a pretty good ass and tits according to my husband and comparing myself to other women my age, but in the last year or so, my waist had narrowed somewhat, and my thighs and buttocks were much firmer. My tits had gotten a little smaller as I lost weight but they were still good...a D cup...and while they sagged a little, they were still fairly full and firm. After my online activities, I noted that my nipples were hard and erect and I rolled them in my fingers a little bit. As I pulled on them, to the point it hurt a little, I felt a jolt in my vagina, like a quick charge of electricity. I reached down and ran my fingers up my slit and when I looked I noticed how shiny it was with pussy dew. I was so horny. It seemed like ages since I'd had sex.I went to the closet and found an old overcoat in the back. In the pockets were a couple of sex toys I hid there. I pulled out a battery operated dildo, about six inches long and pretty big around, the kind that had the rotating pellets in the shaft and a little rubber clit-massager attached. I got in bed and spread my legs. I have always had a full bush because my husband is fine with it that way and it is much less trouble than shaving would be. The only thing I do is trim it occasionally, particularly in the summer when I may be wearing a swimsuit. I bent my knees and splayed my legs and slowly ran a finger over my pussy lips which were slightly opened. One hand slowly massaged my tits, occasionally rolling the nipples in my fingers. I kept thinking about a guy...a friend of my husband that I had long thought would be a great lover...and I imagined him watching me, stroking his hard cock, waiting to sink it inside me and fuck me like the slut that I wanted to be. My pussy ached with desire and I dipped a finger inside. I withdrew it as I looked down and saw a string of fluid connecting my cunt and the tip of my finger. I moaned and opened my pussy lips more and rubbed the flat of my hand over the swollen flesh, spreading pussy juice over my hairy crotch. I imagined a big hard cock spreading my cunt lips open and spearing me, buried deep inside my throbbing fuckhole. I took the dildo and sucked the head and left it shiny with saliva. Bringing my feet up off the bed, I opened my legs as wide as I could get them. I took the long, pliant but firm, head of the silicone cock and rubbed it over and between my pussy lips, getting it well-lubed with hot juice. I stuck it inside for an inch or so and then I turned the vibrator on to the lowest setting. I knew that my pussy could eat it up all the way, but I wanted to wait and savor it before getting myself off. So I fucked it deeper inside me but not as far as my hungry cunt wanted. I love to watch myself getting fucked so I got a pillow and put in under my head and leaned forward to watch the dick-like dildo fuck me. As I did so, I saw through the crack of the door eyes watching me...the eyes of my son. I had no idea how long he had been there but knew that I saw him and he scurried away. Needless to say, my lustful thoughts disappeared. I was mortified. I knew that he could see everything the way I was laying. My ass and my open pussy were facing the door so he could see everything...from my asshole to my open pussy with a dildo inside, and my bobbing tits. He must have come home for something. He normally calls out when he comes in but he either didn't this time, or I was so focused on my sexual needs that I didn't hear him. I quickly got up and got a bathrobe. I put the dildo away in the closet and sat on the bed. I couldn't believe that my son saw me that way. I didn't mind him seeing my body so much...a few times, I knew that he had glimpsed it accidentally, the same way I had seen him a couple of times. But to see me so splayed out, fucking my obviously wet and needy pussy made my mind spin. I tried to figure out what to do. I supposed the best thing to do was nothing, just forget about it, like it never happened. But, that would seem to make it very awkward for us. I didn't know how I would act around him, or him around me, knowing that he saw me that way. It would probably be in our minds every time we saw each other. No, the best thing to do was clear the air; to talk to him and tell him that I had needs to, and hoped he would understand that and eventually forget it, or if not forget it, at least not hate me for it. Maybe that would clear the air anyway.So, I decided to simply confront him and talk to him about it. I knew he had gone to his room so I went down the hall. I knocked on him door."Hold on." I heard him scurrying around. Finally, "come in."He was on his bed, wearing a pair of cut-offs with no shirt. I sat on the edge of his bed. "Josh, listen, this is awkward for both of us. I know you saw me. And I'm...I'm sorry you saw me like that. I thought I was alone in the house. It's just...well, with your father gone so much, I...well, I just get lonely and I did it. I...I don't know what to say."He didn't look at me but responded. "Mom, I understand. You don't have to be sorry. I shouldn't have looked.""How long were much...?"Josh blushed. "Not much. I just saw you....I guess I had been standing there a while though. I'm sorry, Mom. I shouldn't have looked. It's just...I...I couldn't help it.""No, it's my fault for not closing my door," I replied. "I thought you were at work.""They are doing construction in the parking lot and so they closed the store for today. I forgot about it."I couldn't help but notice how much my son had developed over the last year. He was already almost 6', and over the last year, with swimming, football, and working out with weights, he was certainly well muscled, "rippled" I guess they call it now. His chest was broad and it tapered down to a very narrow waist. He had a little hair on his chest, not much, but his shorts were pulled down and I could see the trace of light fuzz that began at his navel and ran towards his groin and I remembered the day I saw him naked, with his big cock dangling, the base of it covered in brown, curly public hair. I thought about how it would look now. As I observed his body, I noticed that the crotch of his shorts was tented. I thought he must have been erect, if not fully, at least partially. I wondered if the sight of me fucking myself did that to him. He had tried to hide it by the way he was leaning on his side, with his leg bent in such a way that his shorts bloused out naturally, but it was evident."Josh, as I said I'm sorry I didn't close my door. You must have been shocked to see me that way. Were you son?"He blushed again. "Yes...yes ma'am. I was shocked...but...but." He looked at me plaintively.I couldn't help it. As I sat there and thought about him seeing me, it turned from something I was embarrassed about to something I was turned on by. I was still mortified but also aroused. I felt my pussy become moist again like it was earlier. And to know that he stood there and watched suggested that he just have been turned on. And that hard cock of his was proof of that. "Josh you can say whatever you want to me. How did you feel when you saw me?"He reddened. "Embarrassed, I guess. But...I...I shouldn't have watched so long.""Josh, like I say, you can be honest with me. Tell me the truth. Were you a little bit excited too?" I asked tentatively."I...I guess I was a little bit. You looked...not like my looked like any other woman." "Were you...playing with yourself when I knocked on your door? It's okay if you were. That's natural. I can understand that. Sometimes I think about seeing men do that and I know, so it's natural."He looked away. "Yes Mom...I couldn't help myself."I put my hand on his leg and slowly caressed his calf. His skin was so smooth and firm. I could tell he was getting hard again. He shifted a little to get more comfortable but he didn't move away. My hand kept caressing him, getting higher and higher on his leg."Josh, like I said, it's natural to feel that way. Just like it was natural for me to be doing that. I know I shouldn't have let you see me, but I couldn't help doing what I did. I just get so...oh, I don't know how to say it...I just get lonely and needy."He put his hand on top of mine. "Mom, like I said, I understand. Mom, it looked...I liked watching."He slid down the bed toward me and laid flat. It was evident now that he was hard. And he knew that I knew he was hard. He didn't try to hide it like he did at first. His breathing was becoming raspy and labored. "Just be still, Josh. Mommy will take care of you. Don't worry...just lie there and enjoy yourself."My fingers traced around the legs of his shorts. He began moaning softly. I reached through the leg hole of his shorts and caressed, my hand near his balls. I ran my hand all around his leg. He spread them out a little and it looked like his cock was about to burst out of his pants he was so hard. As I leaned down to stroke his leg, my robe fell open and the tops and sides of my breasts were revealed. It had also pulled open below the waist and my legs and upper thighs were showing. I pushed my hands further up under the shorts and as I touched his testicles, he moaned again, somewhat louder now. He didn't have on underwear. I cupped his balls and rolled them around in my hand for a minute, and was amazed at how his sac was tight around them and I couldn't believe how big they were. I then put my other hand up the other leg of his shorts and wrapped it around the base of his cock. He was so thick and hard that I couldn't even reach around him. I pumped him a couple of times but my hands were so constricted I couldn't do much.I got on my knees and pulled the robe open and let it fall to the floor. Through half --lidded eyes my son saw me. I stayed up for a moment so he could see my tits and the rest of my body including my hairy pussy. I was breathing so hard I couldn't have spoken if I had wanted to. It was like I was in some erotic zone. I couldn't have stopped now if my husband had walked in and saw us. I leaned down to unbutton and unzip his shorts. Because he was so hard and his cock so big, I had to get the crotch all the way open so he could lift himself and I could pull the shorts down over his hips and legs. I was astonished at the sight. He was bigger than my husband, both in length and circumference. His cock was slightly curved and because he was so hard his cock was pointed towards his face. I could see it throb every time he breathed. His shaft was lined with bulging veins. His balls were tight against his body. And the overall impressions I got from seeing him totally naked were leanness, smoothness, and sexual tension. He continued to look at me and he paid particular attention to my tits hanging a few inches over his legs. My nipples felt like they were bursting and my cunt was draining fluid down my leg as I reached out to feel his cock. I squeezed the head. I pulled his cock back towards me and it was felt like a coiled spring. I couldn't believe how beautiful he was and how exciting it was to hold my son's hard cock in my hands...the son that had come out of my now wet and warm pussy. The pussy that was now throbbing for his hard dick.Leaning on one hand I stroked his cock with the other. I wanted to explore the length of it. I knew he was close to cumming and frankly so was I. I leaned down to kiss his cockhead and took it inside my mouth. He jerked involuntarily and I knew he was getting close. I lowered my mouth down his shaft, taking the slight saltiness and smelling the slight musky odor of a young boy in heat. I wanted to devour that marvelous golden cock. The shaft was slick from my saliva draining down it and I felt the veins as my lips caressed him. I held his tight balls. My head jolted as his ass lifted and he began to thrust. I held his cock and began to jack him off with my mouth closed over it. I was masturbating him inside my mouth. I felt a couple of jerks and tasted the first stream of cum as it erupted and spewed from his cock. My pussy was humping as I was mouthfucking him and jacking him off. I quickly swallowed his cum.But I wanted more. So I moved up his body straddling him and spread my leg to the side so my cunt was open. I took his cumming cock and plunged him inside me. It felt like I was being split open but God, what a glorious feeling."Fuck Mommy Josh, fuck Mommy's hot cunt. Cum inside Mommy's cunt, Josh. Cum, cum, cum, cum," I kept repeating over and over.My words and my wetness and warmth as I engulfed him inflamed him more and as he humped me, I could feel another eruption of cum hit the walls of my cunt. I fucked him as hard as I could with the downstrokes burying his cock up to his balls. His cock engorged my cunt more than anything ever had, spreading me out and stretching me. But somehow my greedy pussy took it all and if he'd had more, I would have wanted that too. His whole body was jerking each time he squirted and both his hands groped my dangling, flopping tits. I yelled as my contractions started and the muscles of my cunt, already tight with his big dick squeezed him even more and milked him of whatever cum he had left. I came over and over and by then he was just twitching periodically, humping a little but primarily just quivering. Finally, my contractions subsided, and I lifted my leg off him and his long dick flopped against his belly. I moved down to take it in my mouth. I licked him clean and let the rest of the thin cum draining from his cock settle into my mouth where it pooled. I moved it around a little, coating my teeth and gums and I swallowed.In a few minutes, I stood. My son's cock was now limp and lying against his belly. It was red from the fucking we just had and my cunt was sore. I leaned down to kiss my son's cock. Then I pulled a sheet over my son and gathered my robe and left the room. I took a shower and went downstairs. My son stayed in his room. My mind was reeling with emotions. First was simple disbelief that I would allow this to happen. What kind of person has sex with her own son? Secondly, I was concerned about the effect on Josh. Would it kill our relationship? What would he think of me as a mother? Would this make him "warped" in some way? Would it cause him psychological problems and cause him problems with relationships in the future? Would he tell? If he did, it would be devastating. But another part of my thoughts concerned the sexual part. I had to admit that the sex part was great. I loved the feel of Josh's cock in my hands, mouth, and pussy, and thinking about it caused me to get wet all over again.In a couple of hours Josh came downstairs and fixed a sandwich. I knew we had to discuss it so as he was eating, I sat down across the table from him."Josh, we need to talk. I hope you...well, this is something that I hope you can just forget about. We both got carried away but it was my fault. Everything today has been my fault.""Mom, wait. It wasn't all your fault. I'm 19 and a grown man even if I am your son. I could have stopped you."We chatted for a few more minutes and I began to think it was all going to be fine. So I gathered up his dishes and took them to the sink to wash them and put them away. As I was standing there, Josh came over to put the glass he was using in the dishwasher. I moved to give him room and as I turned towards the sink again, he put his arms around me from behind. After my shower, I'd put on jeans and a pullover blouse, that was not tucked into my pants. His arms crossed and he held my tits. I stood still for a moment and I felt his breath on my neck. He was breathing hard and as he pressed his body to mine, I could feel his erection. I made no attempt to move his hands. He then raised my shirt and put his hands over my bra and caressed me. I knew he could feel how hard my nipples were through the thin fabric. "Josh, are you sure?" I barely waited for his answer. "Josh, that feels so good."One of his hands moved to my groin and he pressed his hands to it. As he squeezed, I knew that my pussy was swelling and becoming lubed. He had pushed my bra up and was caressing my bare tits. I reached back and felt his hard cock...he seemed fully erect and I marveled again at how big he was. I turned and began to unbutton my jeans. He helped me get them over my hips. Then I quickly removed my shirt and bra and stood before him naked. I simply pulled down on his shorts and they easily slip off his narrow hips. He flung his shirt away as he removed it.We embraced and kissed and I felt his hard cock pressing into my belly. I reached down to hold him as our mouths opened and explored with writhing tongues. It felt so good to have my tits pressed against his bare chest. As much as my pussy was throbbing to be fucked, I wanted to taste and caress that big cock again, so I had him sit in the chair at the kitchen table. I stood next to him and he put his head to my lower stomach and reached around to caress my ass. I felt his fingers explore the crease between my buttocks and then I felt a finger touch my asshole. I moaned quietly. He slipped his hand underneath and I felt his fingers open my pussy lips and feel the wet flesh inside. I bent over slightly to give him greater access and he moved his head to the side so he had more space. I cocked my leg out a little and my slit opened up for him and he probed my warm pussy. He was a little rough but I was so hot that it didn't matter. As his fingers grazed my clit, I shuddered with a mini-orgasm. I wanted to get back to that big cock. So I pulled away and got on my knees between his legs. He stretched out and slid down in the chair a bit. His penis must have been at least 8 inches and as I said earlier was really thick. I put a hand around it and pulled it down to my face. I squeezed the head and saw a little bead of pre-cum bubble up in the little slit. I stuck the tip of my tongue to it and pulled it into my mouth. I raised his cock and put my mouth over his sac and pressed and one of his balls popped into my mouth. I greedily sucked it as my other hand caressed the length of his dick. He moaned and held my head. I could feel his cock twitching. He was a young guy and I knew that he could cum at any time, so I took the head of his cock inside and slid my mouth down as far as it would go, which frankly wasn't that far. As I was sucking his cock, bobbing my head up and down, I felt his leg reach between my legs. I shifted a little and felt his shin bone press against my hairy, needy pussy. He moved it a little and I smeared his leg with cunt-juice. He began to lift his hips off the chair to fuck my mouth and I knew he was about to cum. But I wanted to fuck him.Standing, I moved forward and spread my legs. His eyes were glued to my outstretched pussy lips. I took the head of his cock and rubbed it over my clit and lodged it inside his fuckhole. I lowered myself onto his cock and I have never felt anything as glorious as that big cock entering me. Obviously we were moving pretty feverishly but it truly felt like it was in slow motion, at least in my memory. He opened me up and fucked me in virgin territory. His cockhead seemed to blossom as it went deeper into the hot, wet flesh. It even hurt a little bit as it went deeper and stretched me out more. But I was so wet that it hit home and I had him buried inside me.A few times, I stroked his cock with my cunt, but frankly I couldn't keep sliding up and down. I needed him inside me, so I settled onto his lap with it all in me and I rocked on him to create the glorious friction. My tits were in his face and he moved from one to the other, sucking my nipples like he did when he was a baby. As I ground into him, I whispered raspily, "Josh, you cock feels so good in Mommy's pussy. So big and hard. Oh, Josh, do you like to fuck Mommy's hot cunt?"As I talked to him, he reached around and cupped my asscheeks. As he did so, he began to thrust inside me. My tits were against his face as he took control. Groaning and snorting, he held my ass apart and his cock pistoned in and out of me, spearing me and taking short very, very hard strokes into my grasping pussy. My asscheeks under his hand clasped together to attempt to capture that huge cock every time it went inside me. I wanted his cock, his balls, all of it inside my hungry, greedy pussy. The velocity and pace of his thrusts accelerated and I felt the first warm spurt of cum cover the insides of my cunt. I started cumming at the same time and I licked his face, moaned and yelled with the feel of his hot thick cum and my pussy muscles milking him.Finally our gyrations quieted and I pressed to him and held him until I felt his soft cock plop out of my pussy. I stood and he looked to see his cum draining down my legs. Late, after we were all in bed, he came into my room, licked my pussy and fucked me again, this time as I was on my knees and he was behind me. The next morning before leaving for work, he fucked me again. He told me he would come home for lunch and I couldn't wait, because I knew he would fuck me again.
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