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How He Dominated My Wife With His Big Cock

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How He Dominated My Wife With His Big CockFor two years, I'd pestered my 49 year old wife about making love to another man while I watched. I was rejected every time as she wanted no part in doing something that she thought wasn?t right. She also thought at her age no man would even want her. I had been my wife?s only partner and after more than 20 years of marriage I wanted to see her so badly with another man. Our love life was still very good, but I needed more, or at least I thought I needed more. I was getting more dejected everyday until I decided to try a different tactic. I thought why don?t we role play it out in the bedroom with another man and see if that would turn her on at all. One night while we made love I brought the idea that she was being fucked by another man. I couldn?t believe how hard she came that night as it was some of the best love making we had in many years. I now had hope that just maybe she might still fulfill my fantasy of seeing her with another man. I began my search again as I look for the perfect guy for her. It took me a few weeks of looking when I came upon a gentlemen named Chris. Chris was a single 30 year old guy who had a good job and was looking for a couple to be involved with.We chatted over the next week or two as I quickly felt very comfortable with him. I had explained to him that my wife was a bit shy about sleeping with another man and that I thought she was slowly warming up to the idea. I had mentioned Chris to my wife a few times, but I still wasn?t getting the answer I had wanted yet. Chris was absolutely great as he was very patient and volunteer to do whatever I had asked of him. Chris then came up with the idea that why don?t we meet at a local pub so my wife could meet him. I thought that was a great idea as I knew this would be a great way for both of us to meet him. A few days later my wife and I met Chris at a local establishment. Chris was way better looking than I had thought. At 6?1 he had beautiful eyes to go a long with a spectacular body. There was no way could my wife say anything bad about how Chris had looked. My wife felt almost instantly comfortable with Chris as he was very witty. He had my wife laughing most of the night as I had to say we really had a great time all together. I had notice on more than one occasion my wife checking out his butt as he got up to get more drinks. I don?t think we could had found anyone better than Chris as we chatted for more than a hour and a half. We were now ready to go as Chris gave my wife a very nice compliment before he left. His eyes roamed her body as he told her how attractive looking she was for her age, and that she didn?t look a day over 30. My wife immediately blushed as Chris gave her a kiss on the cheek before he left and said, ?I hope to see youagain!? As my wife and I got into our car I looked over towards her and said, ?Wow! Chris is a great guy! What did you think of him?? ?He is a special guy. I was very impressed by his humor,? my wife said back to me. ?What did you think of his looks?? I asked her back. ?He was very cute! He definitely had a nice butt!? my wife said. I got very nervous as I asked her, ?Could you see yourself in bed with him?? I waited patiently for several seconds as she said, ?I might be able to be with someone like that.? I couldn?t believe the excitement that went through my body right at that moment. It might not had been a total yes, but it was as close of a yes that I had ever gotten from her. I then said,? He thinks you are gorgeous and wants to make love to you badly. Would you do it?? ?I don?t know!" she took a few seconds to think it over, then replied, ?I will do it under one circumstance! If I sleep with him one time you will never bring this idea up ever again!? ?I agree! I will never bring it up again!? I said back to her. I was so excited that as soon as we got back home I fucked her immediately. I couldn?t believe she had finally said yes to the idea of fucking another man while I watched. The next morning I sent Chris a text. He couldn?t have been more excited as he told me again how gorgeous my wife really was. Chris and I chatted more about it over the next several days. I had asked him about how big his cock was as I didn?t really want my wife being fucked by a big cock. My cock was only average at 6.5 inches and I really wanted someone very close to the same size. I didn?t want my wife to love a big cock so much that she would want it again and again. Chris had told me his cock was also average in size and that I didn?t need to worry about that. I had a list of rules I didn?t want him to do with my wife, but since I had felt so comfortable with him I decided to skip mentioning any of them to him. I had set things up with Chris to meet him at a local inn a few nights later. It was a very nice place as we were able to get a top floor room. My wife looked absolutely stunning that night as she had on a nice tight pair of black slacks on and a very nice white buttoned up top on. I had never seen her look so sexy in my life as her 5?5 and 138 pound body just radiated in beauty. We got to the room about a half hour before Chris was to arrive. I was way more nervous than she was as she actually looked relatively calm. This would be the first time in her life that she had been with any other man other than me. Chris arrived right on time as his eyes got really big as he seen my lovely wife standing their in front of him. I moved off to the corner of the room and let the two of them get acclimated with each other. It didn?t take more than a few minutes as Chris gave my wife a long kiss on the lips. He already had my wife melting in his hands as he slowly unbuttoned her shirt and undid her bra. His hands gently groped at her big tits as my wife moaned out softly. She nibbled on his neck as she felt his strong hands grabbed each of her gorgeous butt cheeks. He sucked on each of her tits as he undid her slacks. His hand then slipped down inside her panties as my wife pressed her mouth tightly down onto Chris?s shoulder. She let several soft moans as Chris worked over her wet pussy with his finger. He slowly pushed her slacks and panties down her legs as she stepped out of both of them. He then removed her shirt as her beautiful naked body was in plain view of both of us. He slowly brought my wife over to the bed and laid her on her back. He stood off to the side of the bed as he began to undress. Her eyes were glued to him as he removed his shirt and pants. I then got the biggest surprise of the night as he removed his boxer briefs. His cock was way bigger than he had led me to believe. It was a good 3 inches bigger than my 6?5 inch cock as it was in a semi hard state. Iwas in total shock as I stood their looking at it. I had never mentioned anything about the size of Chris?s cock to my wife as her eyes stared right at it. I wasn?t about to stop Chris at this point even though he had misrepresented the actual size of his cock. Chris crawled up on the bed as he moved his head in between my wife?s legs. He slowly worked over her pussy as he licked and sucked on it as my wife squirmed about the bed. His tongue slowly brought her up to the point of cumming as my wife lay there moaning. A few seconds later he held my wife?s legs wide apart as he worked his tongue deep into her pussy. She screamed out loudly as she started to cum for the first time for another man. She had cum all over Chris?s face and mouth as it was her first orgasm of the night and it already was a powerful one. Chris now moved up on top of my wife. I was very nervous because I had no idea how my wife would react to a cock that size inside her. Chris was patient with her as he kissed and worked his cock against her wet pussy for a few minutes. A few seconds later I heard my wife moan out, ?Oh god, Chris! It is so big!? Chris began to work his 9 plus inch cock into my lovely wife of twenty years. I heard her moans radiate through out the room as Chris took his time inching his big cock into her. It was several minutes later and Chris now had several inches of his big cock buried deep inside my wife. My wife continued to moan out as her hands had griped Chris?s back tightly. Chris?s rhythm picked up as my wife moan out, ?Oh? god Chris your cock feels so good inside me!? I hadn?t expected that as Chris began to fuck my wife a little harder. A few minutes later my wife moans grew substantially as she was on the verge of cumming on Chris?s cock. I heard her cry out, ?Oh? fuck! Oh? fuck!? as my wife started to cum all over Chris?s large cock. Her orgasm was very powerful as Chris held her body tightly to the bed. My wife had loved Chris?s big cock as I sat their in disbelief. Chris had now moved my wife onto all fours on the bed. He came behind her gorgeous ass and gently pushed his large manhood back into her pussy. She cried out immediately in pleasure as Chris worked several inches of his cock into her. He fucked her slowly at first from behind, but then started to push his cock deeper into her. Her 49 year old body began to weaken quickly as her face and chest now rested on the bed. Chris now fucked my wife even harder as she was very close to cumming again. A few seconds later my wife screamed out loudly as Chris had pushed his big 9.5 inch cock all the way into her. Her orgasm was so powerful that her body completely collapsed down flat onto the bed. Her body continued to tremble as Chris continued to fuck her as her body lay flat on the bed. My wife screamed out even more now as Chris ground his big cock into her. My wife cried out, ?Oh? god Chris fuck me!? Chris had her again on the verge of cumming as he quickly moved his cock in and out of her pussy. My wife cried out, ?Omg!? several times as Chris had made her cum again on his big cock. A few seconds later Chris withdrew his big cock from my wife?s pussy and moaned out as began to cum all over my wife?s ass. His cum ran down the cheeks of her ass as she lay there still trembling from cumming so hard a few minutes earlier. He then reached up and kissed my wife on the cheek and said, ?How was that?? ?It was great!? my wife cried out. ?You want it again?? Chris asked my wife. ?Yes! Yes! I love your big cock!? My wife said to him. I was very worried as Chris and my wife had become very acclimated again with each other a short time later. Chris laid on his back as my wife began to suck on his big cock. I had never seen her so eager before to suck on a cock as she was at this point. Chris had her move into the 69 position as he began to suck on herpussy at the same time. My wife was going nuts on Chris?s cock as she quickly ran her tongue up and down Chris?s shaft several times. She even sucked on each of his big balls as she couldn?t take much more of Chris?s tongue buried deep inside her pussy. She cried out a few minutes later, ?I want you to fuck me again with that big cock! Please fuck me again Chris!? She then climbed on top of Chris as she slowly lowered herself down on top of his big cock. She moaned out instantly as she slid about halfway down the shaft of it as her body quickly adjusted to it. She moved her precious body up and down on Chris?s cock as her moans grew even louder. She then reached down and began to kiss Chris very hard on the lips. Her tongue was now buried deep inside Chris?s mouth as Chris reached back and grabbed her ass with both of his hands. He then began to ram his big cock hard up into my wife?s pussy as she moaned out loudly into Chris?s mouth. It was 3 or 4 minutes later when my wife began to orgasm all over Chris?s cock again. I heard her muffled scream as her tongue was still lodge inside Chris?s mouth. Her ass shook for a good minute as she had a very powerful orgasm. Chris quickly rolled my wife off his big cock as he got up and stood off the side of the bed. He then grabbed my wife?s legs and pulled her worn out body to the edge of the bed. He pulled both of her legs into the air as his big cock slip back into her pussy. Her cries were much louder this time as Chris began to fuck her very hard. He rammed several inches of his cock into my wife as she cried out, ?Omg Chris! You are going to make me cum again! I can?t take much more of this!? ?You like this baby!? Chris said to her as he fucked her hard. ?Yes! Yes! I love it!? my wife cried out. My wife let out a loud scream as she had her most powerful orgasm of the night. If anybody had occupied the rooms next to us would had easily heard my wife?s screams. Chris fucked her good and hard as my wife?s orgasm went on and on for several minutes. Chris now immediately flipped her over onto her stomach. Her legs hung over the side of the bed along with her ass as Chris quickly inserted his big cock back into her pussy from behind. He fucked her very hard from behind as my wife had a handful of sheets in each of her hands. Her face was buried into the sheets as she let out one continuous moan as Chris fucked her. A few minutes later Chris removed his cock from my wife?s pussy and held onto it tightly so he wouldn?t cum. My wife slid down off the bed as she knelt right in front of Chris?s big cock. Chris moaned out, ?Open you mouth!? My wife opened her mouth as wide as she could. She pushed her tongue out towards Chris?s cock as he began to stroke on it. It only took a few seconds and Chris started to cum all over my wife?s mouth and face. Several streams of warm cum landed right on my wife?s tongue as she spit it back out of her mouth. It then slowly ran down her chin as she knelt their on the floor worn out. Chris help my wife back up as he took her into the bathroom to get cleaned up. A few seconds later I heard the shower go on as I went to investigate. I peaked into the bathroom and watched my wife and Chris kissing each other while the warm water poured over each of their bodies. A few minutes later a heard my wife cry out again as I again looked into the bathroom. My wife had her hands plastered to the shower wall as her ass was pushed back towards Chris?s body. Chris had his big cock lodged inside my wife pussy again as he began to fuck her in the shower from behind. I watched as my wife?s tits shook violently as Chris fucked her very hard. A few minutes later I heard my wife cry out. ?Oh? fuck Chris! I am going to cum again!? Chris gave it to my wife good and hard as she screamed out into a very powerful orgasm a few seconds later in the shower. Chris then broughtmy wife out of the shower as I continued to watch from outside the bathroom. He laid my wife down on a rug that was right on the bathroom floor. He quickly crawled on top of her as he began to fuck her right their on the bathroom floor. He had fucked her for a good 15 minutes as they kissed and cuddled each other. I saw Chris?s ass moved in and out as he shoved his big cock into her right their in front of me. My wife now had her hands and legs tightly wrapped around Chris?s body as she was ready to cum again. She cried out, ?Fuck me Chris! Fuck me!? ?Do you like my big cock!? Chris asked her. ?Yes! Yes! I love your big cock!? my wife cried out. A few seconds later my wife screamed out on the bathroom floor as she came again on Chris?s cock. She then quickly said, ?I want you to cum inside me Chris!? My wife and I had an agreement Chris wouldn?t cum inside her, but that was now all out the window. Chris began to grunt out loudly as he gave my wife several hard thrust with his cock. He now had cum inside her as my wife?s fingernails had dug into Chris?s back. He laid on top of her for a good 10 minutes as he still had his cock lodged deep inside her pussy. He kissed her and sucked several minutes on each of her beautiful tits as my wife let out several soft moans as she laid on the bathroom floor still trembling. He then got up off my wife as his huge spent cock dangled down in between his legs. My wife laid on the bathroom floor worn out as hickey marks were visible on each of her tits. Chris got dressed and gave my wife a long kiss on the lips and left. My wife then collapsed onto the bed as it only took a few minutes for her to fall asleep. A few days later I asked her, ?What did you think of Chris?s big cock?? All she said was, ?It was wonderful!?
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