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5 Cheerleader Sex Slaves (Chapter 8)

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5 Cheerleader Sex Slaves (Chapter 8)This is the story of 5 high school cheerleaders who get lost and have their car breakdown, only to have a friendly garage owner "help" them out and turn them into slaves. Thanks for reading...Chapter EightI started toward the kitchen but as I passed Jim's closed door I could hear Tara whimpering inside. I thought I heard Jim in the basement still, so I knocked to see what was up, when I got no response I opened the door I saw Tara bound on the chair, just like I'd left her."Please, god please let me go. I'll do anything, my arms and legs hurt so bad, and I've got to pee, please, my?" She hesitated, ashamed she had to speak of herself as an object. "My tits hurt, please, you've got to let me go, I'll do anything." She stared up at me, the pain and desperation was clear in her eyes.Tara started groaning as I reached under her lifted the weighted clip attached to her breast relieving the strain in some ways, but adding to her pain in others. I could see her biting her lip trying to keep from screaming."Please?" It was a plaintive, tortured plea. I let go of the weight and let gravity tug it towards the floor, stretching Tara's nipple to the brink again and making her wail out."Owwweeeee, god, no, please!" She was screaming as her whole body responded to the pain in her breast. I ran my hand over her back, then her ass, her muscles twitched under my touch, to my surprise her pussy was moist."What's this, you're still wet cunt?" She started whining louder."Please, do anything to me, fuck me, I'll suck your cock, cum on me, anything, please." I thrust a finger into her pussy and she started to whimper."Okay slut." I pulled my finger from her snatch and started undoing the ropes."Thank you, thank you." First I had her legs free, then her arms. Red marks were dug into her skin where the rope had been looped. She got gingerly to her feet after I'd untied her, I could tell her legs were weak and stiff, she rubbed her arms trying to get the life back into them. She started up at me, her eyes pleading, the weights tugged mercilessly on her breasts.I reached out and held the heads of the clamps between my fingers, but I didn't remove them."Please?please Master, please!" I stretched her tits a little, making her yelp, then I opened the clamps and undid them from her breasts."Thank Yo?" She could barely get out the words before her yes squinted shut and she started to wail."Ooooowwwwwe." Tara had her hands on her breasts, trying to rub away the pain. I just sat there, smirking as she got her whole body into it, she bucked her hips and twisted her torso, her face was contorted with the fading ache in her breasts.When she finally got back a little to sorts Tara looked at me, there was a mixture of rage, and thankfulness in her eyes."Thank you." I just smiled at her, knowing it was hard, and humiliating, for her to have to thank me for anything."Get on your knees whore!" She fell on her knees, she crawled to me and circled my hips with her arms, then she started to undo my fly."No slut, not now." I grabbed a clump of hair and twisted her face up, she looked a little confused as she stared in my eyes."What are you?" She looked down at the floor, paused, and softly spoke."I'm a useless cunt." I was glad she wasn't looking at me, I didn't want her to see my grin of pleasure at her response, I didn't want her to know she'd finally done something right. I let go of her hair."Crawl to the bathroom!" Tara's legs and arms were still stiff, and she moved awkwardly toward the toilet, I was right behind her, smacking her ass as she slowly ambled in, she stopped inside right in front of the porcelain bowl. Her body tensed."Can I pee?" I smacked her across the cheek, she at me looked shocked."What whore, you're forgetting something aren't you, you useless slave!" I slapped her again just for the hell of it."Can I pee Master." Tara spit out the words quickly, and with venom, I could see her body trembling with fear at my response."Yes slut." She knew she wasn't going to get privacy today, I just stood there. Tara got to her feet and started putting the seat down."No, leave it up, squat and relieve yourself like that, slaves have to earn the right to pee sitting down." I'm not much into watching girls piss, but that wasn't the point today, I wanted to see her tremble, I loved the utter humiliation in Tara's eyes as she tried to pee with me standing there, ready to pounce at any moment. Her brow crunched together, her eyes squinted, and I could see the tears forming."That's it whore, you're lucky I don't take you out in the back yard to piss." Tara's eyes were downcast, I could tell by her movements that she was filled with shame. When she was done, she just stayed squatting, her legs spread wide."Get back on your knees bitch!" Tara cleaned herself off and fell to her knees."Heel slut." I started walking towards the bedroom again, Tara crawled behind me, and when I stopped by the side of the bed she knelt there, her breasts dangling, the red marks from the ropes still visible on her skin."Look up at me!" Tara looked up at me with pleading eyes, her hair was disheveled and hung in tufts over her face."I'm going to leave you alone, but I want you to get on the bed and masturbate, I want you to rub that useless cunt of yours till you're about to cum, then I want you to stop before you actually do. If I find out you have an orgasm I'll beat the shit out of you, understand?" Tara nodded, her eyes were wide and fixed on me."Then, when you've stopped for 15 minutes, I want you to start again, I want you to rub that pussy of yours till you're aching. I want you to be panting like a dog in heat when Jim comes back, and if he decides to let you cum, that'll be up to him, but from now on you'll never orgasm without permission, do you understand you two bit whore?" Tara nodded morosely."And don't even think about trying to get away." I opened the door."Spike, Shadow!" The two dogs started rumbling toward me from down the hall, they burst into the room, barking and hopping around. Tara started screaming and climbed up on the bed, eyeing the pair of large black labs ominously."Get your ass back on the floor bitch!""Please, please, no!""Don't fucking make me get you down, you wouldn't like it!" Tara gingerly stepped off the bed, the dogs circled her as she got her feet on the floor, she looked up at me as Spike pushed his nose between her legs, tears were streaming down her cheeks."On the floor slut!" Tara started crying harder as she got to her hands and knees, Spike moved in behind her and flicked his tongue over her pussy making her scream. Shadow nipped at her dangling breasts."Please, please." Spike put his paws on her back and started bucking against her thigh."No, No, stop them, please!" Tara's scream was high pitched and frenzied."Get away Spike." I grabbed the dog by the collar and pulled him off from Tara, she'd pressed her body against the bed, trying to get close for protection."Out, get out of here dogs..." I pointed toward the door, Spike hesitated, taking his attention from Tara he looked up at me, those big brown eyes were fixed on mine for an instant, then he bolted, tongue wagging and barking. Shadow lapped his tongue over Tara's mouth, then followed his buddy. I could hear them head out into the backyard through the doggy door, yelping and whining in joy."The dogs are in the house, and if you try to leave this room I'm not going to stop them. If they want to fuck you, I'm sure they will, and you'll be their bitch." I didn't know if the dogs would actually mount her, but she didn't need to know that."Do you understand?" Tara nodded, dejected, she was still breathing hard from fear."Get up on the bed. Don't think about taking it easy masturbating, I want you panting, ready to cum and then you'd better stop." Tara climbed up on the bed, she got on her back and spread her legs. She looked tenuously at me, her breasts still heaving, wondering what tortures I'd inflict on her next."Go on slut, I'm sure you've got lots of practice." Tara started fingering her pussy, She was too terrorized to put much effort in, at least for now."When Jim comes for you tonight, I want you to get to your knees on the floor, put your hands up under your chin and beg him to treat you like the dog you are." Tara started rubbing her clit harder, she started squeezing her breast with her free hand."You're just a cock whore, you'd better get used to it." I smiled at her and slammed the door behind me, leaving her fingering herself on the bed, utterly degraded.I was starving when I got into the kitchen. I started dinner and sat in front of the TV for a bit, when everything was done I ate ravenously, and then delivered meals to the girls upstairs.When I walked back in my room I saw Emily and Monique locked in the cage. I loved the way they had to squeeze and hold each other, stuffed in the cage together, forced into an embrace neither could have envisioned only days before. I let them out, and then sat on the bed and watched them eat in silence. Emily was crying, whimpering softly as she ate, feeling the total shame of her violation.When my pretty sluts were through eating, I stuffed the pair back into the cage and then started downstairs with more food for Jim, Lisa and Jayme."Hey buddy, what's up." Jim was bent over Lisa, she was on her back on the bed, her head perched over the edge with him straddling her face, his dick buried in her mouth. I could hear Lisa gagging as Jim eased his cock deep to the back of her throat, he then slowly pulled out till the head of his dick was at her lips. Saliva coated her chin and face as she gasped for breath.Jayme was laying face down on the mattress, her nose was buried between Lisa's spread legs, her tongue driving into her friend's pussy. When I moved behind her I could see the baseball bat jutting from her sex. Jim had rammed the small, handle end, of an old wooden bat deep in her cunt. Her back was crisscrossed with red welts.Jayme took her mouth from Lisa's sex for a second as I took hold of the thick end of the bat and thrust it deep in her body. When I couldn't push it in any more, I slowly pulled the wood out till her labia started to spread and the knob almost slid free.Jayme groaned as I started fucking her pussy with the bat, pushing it back deep into her body. Lisa's legs were trembling as Jayme licked away, using her tongue on Lisa's clit and the folds of her sex masterfully. I could hear Jim start to pant as he drove his hips down, making Lisa gag as he cock hit the back of her throat again."That's it cunt, I'm about to cum!" Lisa's legs jerked in the air as Jim buried his prick deep, cutting off her air for an instant.Jim bellowed out and held the back of Lisa's head, shooting his load into her mouth. I could hear Lisa choking, and I could see her stomach convulse as Jayme continued to lick her pussy. I kept pumping the knob end of the bat in Jayme's snatch, pulling the thick base just to the point where it was about to pop out of her spread lips, and then slamming it back in till I drove into her cervix."Get her over onto her back!" Jim pointed to Jayme. I grabbed her knee, leaving the bat deep in her pussy and rolled her over onto her back. Jim pulled his cock free from Lisa's mouth and dick slapped her across the face, leaving a trail of sperm over her cheeks and forehead, then he grabbed her by the hair and made her kneel on the bed. He pushed her toward Jayme."Go share my cum with your friend!" Lisa gave me a quick look of despair, seeing I wasn't going to do anything to help her, she knelt over Jayme's face, opened her mouth and let a trail of sperm roll from her lips into her friend's. Jim had obviously told them what to do before hand.Jayme swallowed the large load of sperm, and then extended her tongue, Lisa moved in and the pair started kissing, their mouth's locked on one another. Lisa had her hands on Jayme's breasts and kneaded her friend's large tits between her fingers.I continued to fuck Jayme with the bat as she and Lisa were locked in their lesbian display. I could see Jim smiling at me as he stroked his softening dick. The pair of girls struggled away at their new roles.Jim grabbed Lisa by the hair and ripped her mouth away from Jayme's."I guess Pat's been nice enough to bring you slut's dinner." Jayme groaned in relief as I tugged the bat from her pussy, the handle popped from her fuck hole with an audible slurping sound. She put her hands between her legs and started to rub her aching snatch."Come on, eat up." Jim smacked Lisa hard across the breast making her yelp.We left the two girls squatting on the mattress eating their meal."Hell of a day Buddy, God these girls are incredible.""Staying down here tonight with them are you?""Awe, hell no, man I've got to get up to Tara, I'll be ready to fuck her again soon.""Yeah, I think I'm going to head up and watch the game, then head off to bed. Doc's supposed to come in tomorrow, and I've got to get working on setting up the basement the way I want.""That'll be nice, I can just imagine what you've got in mind, a real live dungeon, who would believe it?" I really did need to get working on something on the setup, I couldn't keep it like it was, just an empty dog kennel."This is amazing, I still can't believe you did this." There was a look of wonder on Jim's face still, it was totally sincere."I'm going to head up." I ran my hand over Lisa's smooth back, she jumped, startled a bit by my touch. "Are you coming Jim?" His eyes were fixated on the girls as they ate in terrified silence."I'll be up in a few, I want to make sure these two are set for the night." Jim sat on the bed between the two as I headed up the stairs, I saw him cup Jayme's breast and start playing with her nipples, I wondered how long it would take him to get bored.I laid down on the couch and flipped on the TV. I was feeling completely at ease, and almost a little sentimental. My dick was getting hard thinking about Emily and I knew I'd have to fuck her before I fell asleep. I thought about making her cum, but I wasn't sure? I distracted myself with watching a game on the tube, I knew I'd come up with something.I was curious what Doc would think when he got here. He was a brilliant guy, if a bit off the deep end. He wasn't exactly renowned for his dedication to the Hippocratic Oath, but I liked his style. He liked girls, and he liked playing with them. If Jim was physically rough, Doc had a habit of being somewhat sadistic in using his medical skills on the girls he was with.I was horny as hell when I finally started heading for the bedroom. I was a little surprised Jim hadn't come upstairs yet, I was almost tempted to see what he was doing, but Emily beckoned.I knocked at Jim's bedroom door and I heard Tara moving inside, when I opened the door she was just putting her hands to her neck as she knelt on the floor."Hello slut." I ran my hand through her hair. Her nipples were rock hard, and I could see her labia were engorged and swollen."Please let me cum Master, please." Her eyes were locked on mine as I rubbed her scalp softly."Get on the bed, let me see that pussy of yours." Tara staggered up on the mattress and laid on her back, she spread her legs wide for me.As soon as I touched her pussy Tara started moaning, she was sopping wet as I slid my fingers between the folds of her sex."You haven't cum, have you slut?" There was a pained expression on her face."No Master I haven't. Please, please let me cum now, I need it so bad." I eased two fingers in her pussy, being careful to move slowly. I saw Tara take two large handfuls of linens in her hand's, she closed her eyes and arched her head back."What are you?""I'm?I'm a whore, a useless cunt to be used." Tara opened her eyes and stared, her eyes were glazed over with need. She pulled hard on the covers as I worked my fingers around in her pussy. I could feel her muscles throbbing, squeezing me tight."Please, make me cum Master, please." I pulled my fingers from her snatch and climbed up on the bed, I thrust them in her mouth."Lick me clean slut!" Tara lapped away at my hand, sucking her own juices off my fingers. I cupped her breast and pinched her nipple hard."Keep masturbating, but don't cum, I want you ready when Jim comes back." I heard Tara groan in displeasure as I climbed off the bed."He should be up soon?" There was an incredible despair in her eyes as I slammed the door shut behind me.Seeing Tara in desperate need had only made my dick harder. I took a deep breath as I opened the door to my room, the sight of Monique and Emily wedged in the cage made my prick jump."Hello girls, glad to see me?" They both followed me with their eyes but remained silent as I moved toward the cage, I stood over them for a second, loving the vision they made. I could see Emily's face start to contort as she started to sob softly."Don't cry babe, I'm right here." I undid the clasp on the cage and opened the door."Come on, come to daddy." Monique and Emily had to disentangle their luscious bodies from their forced embrace. Emily crawled out of the cage first, as soon as she was free I pulled her to her feet and clamped my mouth on hers. She tried to struggle away from me like a cat trying to escape an unwanted hold, but I easily overpowered her and held her firm. I wedged my tongue between her teeth and explored her mouth. She squirmed even more as I put my hand up between her legs from behind and ran my fingers over her ass.Monique crawled out of the cage and knelt at my feet, I could feel her there as I held Emily tight. I forced Emily toward the bed, I pushed her down on the mattress, collapsing on top of her, keeping my mouth locked on hers the whole time. I know she could feel my hard dick against her thigh as I crushed her beneath my weight.I stood up and grabbed Emily by the hips, I tugged her so her ass was just over the edge of the mattress."Get up on the bed you slut and let her lick your pussy." I pointed Monique toward the bed, there was that instant of hesitation in her face, then she climbed on the mattress and straddled Emily's head, she faced me and lowered her pussy onto her friend's lips. I smacked Emily hard across her already sore cunt."Make her cum while I fuck you!" I lifted Emily's legs up over my shoulders and rammed home into her pussy without mercy. I could hear her yelp, even with her face buried in her friends snatch.Emily's vaginal muscles spasmed and held me tight, I know she was still aching from when I'd taken her virginity earlier but that didn't slow me down.I had Emily's hips up off the bed and I held her tight around the waist. I drove forward into her with my lower body and used my hold on her to pummel her pussy even harder. Monique had hold of Emily's nipples and was tugging them, but she was alone in her own world, eyes closed, savoring her friends tongue on the folds of her sex.I fucked Emily brutally, her hips smacked against mine and I could feel her calves up over my shoulders kicking as I pounded her. Monique had to slide forward to keep her pussy on Emily's face as I kept pumping into her friend's tight sheath, pulling her toward me with each thrust."That's it bitch, I'm going to cum." I smacked Monique hard across the breasts, she ground her hips down onto Emily's lips even harder while she pinched her friends nipples.I used my hold on Emily's hips to drive her down onto my cock, burying myself to the hilt as my balls started to contract and shoot into her belly. Emily's legs went limp as my sperm filled her."Oh God, that's what your made for slut." I slid my dick in and out of her pussy, slowly draining all my cum into her cunt.I ran my hand over Emily's smooth stomach, I could feel her muscles trembling. Monique had her fingers on her own clit, rubbing hard as she sat on her friend's face."May?may I cum Master, please." Monique was breathless and could barely get out the words.I pulled my dick from Emily's sweet pussy, letting her feet fall to the floor as I grabbed for Monique's tits, squeezed them tight."Tell me what you are?" Monique was panting, her eyes were glazed with lust. She looked at me, she had one hand on her clit, the other was rubbing my chest."I'm a useless cum whore, please, let?!" I locked my mouth on her's, she opened her lips wide to receive me, twisting her tongue around mine."You can cum!" I closed my mouth on Monique's again, I could feel her body convulse as she came, I could feel it on her lips, in her mouth, I could feel it her breasts as I held them tight. Monique grabbed my waning dick and stroked it as her body shuddered with orgasm. Her soft fingers squeezed me tight as electric jolts passed through her body.After Monique calmed a little and let go of my dick, I collapsed on the bed next to Emily. Monique lifted her leg off Emily's face and fell next to me, she was still out of breath, and I could see the glow in her face, I started rubbing her tits, sinking my fingers into her soft flesh as Emily whimpered.It took a good five minutes before I came down off my high and was thinking like normal again."Why don't you girls go use the bathroom, clean up a little before bed." I pinched Monique's nipple hard and she just groaned."Go on." I pushed Monique on the shoulder, she got up, then helped Emily to her feet. They moved toward the bathroom, holding each other tight.I got reluctantly up and headed to the front room, I started digging through the boxes of newly delivered toys. It took me only a couple minutes to find what I was looking for, it was a double ended dildo, only about 10" long, but it was exactly what I wanted.I could hear the shower running when I got back into my bedroom. I didn't bother to knock, and just walked in, I don't think they heard me at all and I watched as the two clean each other in the shower. I was tempted to go in with them, but I eased out of the room and lay back on the bed.Monique and Emily sulked out of the bathroom about 15 minutes later, their hair was still slightly wet, and I loved the way their bodies glistened in the light. Monique pushed Emily ahead."You both look beautiful." I tapped the bed next to me, Monique and Emily hopped up on the mattress and knelt stiffly, I ran my hand under Emily's chin."Don't think of trying to do anything." I pushed her down onto her back next to me. I lubed up the dildo and slipped it gently into her pussy. I could hear her groan as the shaft sunk into her body. When I could go no deeper, about 4" still jutted from Emily's snatch, I looked over at Monique and smiled."Go ahead." Monique got down on her belly and took the free end of the dildo in her mouth, she swallowed the length of the shaft and had her nose pressed in Emily's sex."Good girl." I ran my hand through Monique's hair, her eyes peered up at me with the fake dick in her mouth."I want you to keep that dildo in your mouth all night long." I grinned, I loved the sight of my two girls locked together. I flipped off the light next to the bed and took Emily in my arms. I could feel her body stiffen as I took hold of her, she was softly sobbing as I faded off to sleep.I couldn't believe how good I felt when I woke up the next morning. I could feel Emily's gentle breathing next to me as my arm circled her chest. It was so cute to look down and see Monique with her eyes closed, her lips wrapped around the dildo, her face buried between Emily's thighs, and the sun streaming into the room.Emily woke startled as I locked my mouth on hers. I know she didn't know where she was, or what was happening initially, then her eyes went wide with recognition."Hello slut. I hope you slept well?" Emily tried to twist away as I pinched her nipple. I could hear Monique stir, she groaned as she came to with the dildo in her mouth. Her eyes fluttered as she looked up over Emily's body at me and took a deep breath through her nostrils."Get up on your knees, start sucking my cock." Monique slipped her lips off the double ended dildo and pulled the covers off my body. Her mouth was dry as she started running her tongue over the length of my dick."You too." I let go of Emily's nipple and pushed her toward my waist. She moved her hands to her pussy and started to pull the shaft from her sex."No, leave it in, I like seeing it buried in your snatch, it makes you look like the slut you are." I thought she'd start crying then and there, but she moved awkwardly to her knees next to Monique, being careful not to jolt the dildo in her pussy.Emily just kind of knelt there as Monique took my cock in her mouth."Suck my balls slut, help your friend make me cum." Emily slumped forward and took my testicle into her mouth. I couldn't help but moan when I felt her soft lips take me in.Monique moved her head down over my prick, driving me quickly to the edge. I kept my hands on the girls' head's, running my fingers through their hair as they worked my cock in their mouths."That's it sluts." I closed my eyes and savored the warm, moist lips and tongues on my cock."Ahhh." I felt my body tighten."I'm going to cum!"I started pumping my prick with my hand and started jacking off, a long string of sperm exploded onto Monique's face. My dick kept spurting and it splattered Emily's sweet features as I pushed her head over my cock."That's it babe!" I stroked my penis, easing the remaining cum from my body. I could see the lines, and specks, of cum splashed over Monique and Emily. I groaned in unbelievable pleasure.Disgusted the pair just stared at my cock as the sperm plastered their faces."Go on, lick me clean!" I felt Monique's tongue on my cock, Emily started lapping up the cum from my thighs, I loved the way their heads bobbed as they licked me clean.After their tongues had moved over every inch of my groin, I pulled my pair of lovely pets up to me and took them in a tight embrace, they turned their heads away from me, but it didn't matter, I held them firm. I loved the feel of them close to me.I'd never been so happy, I had two hot little slaves at me beck and call and I laid with them for a good twenty minutes, till finally I knew I had to get ready for the day ahead.I dragged the girls into the shower with me and had them bathe me, I loved the feel of the soft hands over my body, rubbing me down like a prince bathed by his servants.My dick was already jumping again after I'd dried up and had the girls kneeling in the bedroom. I thought I'd cum again when I had Monique pull the double ended dildo from Emily's pussy, she slid it gently from her friends snatch, but still Emily squirmed and cried out in discomfort.Monique held the glistening shaft in her hands and peered up at me with her beautiful eyes.I knelt down and thrust a finger in Monique's pussy and started pumping into her slowly."Are you going to be a good girl and teach Emily how to behave today?" Monique cast her gaze to the floor and nodded her head."Yes Master." I took my finger from her pussy and forced it in Emily's mouth, making her lick me clean."Good." I grabbed a pair of leather collars, they were attached to a chain of about 3' long. I locked one cuff to each ankle of Emily and Monique, snapping the small padlock in place. I took a clump of Monique's hair in my hand and twisted her face so she was looking me in the eyes."I'm going to take you in the other room, you can watch TV, you can talk, but only about how best to serve me, and I want you two to make each other cum. You have my permission today to orgasm as much as you'd like to." I tugged on Monique's hair, making her yelp softly. "And I expect you to cum a lot!" I let go of her hair. Monique stared up at me with a blank look on her face, Emily looked more disturbed, and seemed near tears.I got to my feet and helped the girls up, with a hand at Monique's elbow I pulled them across the hall. There was enough chain between their legs to move, but they had to move in step and it was somewhat awkward for them.I got them inside Monique's room and slammed the door shut, I didn't bother hooking the chain to Monique's collar, I knew they weren't going anyplace.When I walked into the kitchen Jim was already sitting at the table eating breakfast."Hey Buddy, get a good nights sleep?" Tara was on the floor, on her hands and knees to be precise. She cast a quick glance toward me, then buried her tongue back in the bowl of water she'd been drinking from, she lapped up the liquid like a good dog. There was also a plate next to her, but it had already been licked clean."Whatever you did to this bitch last night, when I stuck my dick in her she damn near came on the spot. She told me she needed my permission to cum." Jim ran his hand through Tara's hair. "That almost made me blow, but I managed to fuck her for awhile, and when I told her she could cum, she squirted like a hose. I've never had that happen when I've been with a girl, it made me shot my load in her pussy till my balls ached, it was so fucking hot!"I grabbed a bottle of water from the fridge and sat down across from Jim, I saw the plug in Tara's ass, and the little electric wire trailing from her pussy."I hope you don't mind, I broke into some of your toys this morning." Jim picked up the little control mechanism that was sitting in the small of Tara's back, the cord ran from it into her pussy."Watch this." I heard the buzzing start, Tara tried to continue lap the water, but her hips started to move."Let's see if this whore can keep from cumming." Jim turned up the speed control to high, I could hear Tara start to moan, but it wasn't so much of pleasure, more agony, I knew Jim had figured out what I'd told her, and that she couldn't cum without his permission. Now he was going to use it against her.Tara's arms collapsed and she fell with her shoulders to the ground, she started rubbing her hard nipples against the floor.After a couple minutes, her hips were swinging from side to side and she started to cry out louder. Her toes were pointed and flexing as she started to beg. She continued to grind her breasts into the floor for stimulation."Master, may I cum, please!" Tara's pussy was dripping, I could see the lines of juices running down her inner thighs as her hips bucked, almost as if against an invisible man fucking her."No bitch, you can't cum, hold it!" Jim was taking to the role of Master easily."Please!!!""No!" Tara's body was in an frenzy, her ass moved side to side as she drove her hips forward. All of a sudden she started to scream and collapsed flat on the floor, she ground her pussy into the hard wood, rubbing her hips against the floor."Oh God!" Tara couldn't contain herself, her legs were spread wide as she pushed her clit against the wood, she had her hands at her breasts, squeezing."Oh God!"Jim moved with incredible quickness, Tara was still crying out in pleasure as he took hold of her hair and jerked her to her feet violently. Her cries went from joyous orgasm to incredible pain in an instant as Jim pushed Tara against the table edge, slamming her hips into the wood."What the fuck do you think you're doing cunt? I told you not to cum!" Jim drove his knee against Tara's ass and forced her hips to dig into the tables edge. He held the back of her neck, forcing her face to the surface of the wood."Please, please, I couldn't help it." Jim forced his knee up against Tara's pussy and lifted her slightly off the ground, driving the plug deep in her ass."Please, I'm sorry, I couldn't help it, you've got to believe me!" Tara yelped out as Jim again drove his knee up between her legs."Well you're going to have to learn to obey better than that." Jim tugged Tara upright, she was bawling. He tugged the vibrating egg from her pussy, then made her scream as he pulled the plug from her ass."Please, I'll be good, please!" Jim took Tara's arms in the small of her back. There was a roll of duct tape on the counter and he wrapped her wrists together."Get on the floor slut!" Jim pushed Tara away from him, she stumbled, and fell on her knees on the floor. Her tear filled eyes moved from Jim to me, the fear was palpable."Please, I'm sorry, I'll do whatever you want, I'll try harder, please." Jim slapped Tara hard across the face."Shut the fuck up slut, you've screwed up, and now you need to be punished." Tara's body started to visibly tremble as Jim looked around the room."Help me out Pat." I got to my feet, I didn't know what Jim was thinking, but I could see the rage in his eyes."Take her hands, hold her still." I moved to Tara, I stepped over her so her head was trapped between my legs. I grabbed her hands and held them tight, holding her up under the elbows. There was little she could do to move, her upper body was off the ground, her head was pinned between my thighs, she couldn't even look behind her to see what Jim was up to. I could hear her whimpering like a c***d."Please, please, I'm sorry!" Tara started screaming as Jim laid the first blow on her ass, he'd grabbed a long, hard, wooden paddle I used to take pizzas out of the oven. The sound was intense, and landed on Tara's skin with a loud thwack. It took only a couple blows to send her into a blubbering, babbling heap. Her body jerked with each blow, I could feel her shoulders drive forward into my legs as the heavy wood smacked her ass.Jim hit Tara's body with a fury, 10, 15, I don't know how many times he struck her ass with the paddle. She was sobbing uncontrollably as her ass grew red under the onslaught.Jim breathing was labored when he finally set down the peeler. I let Tara's arms go and she collapsed on the floor, drawing her knees up to her chest she writhed on the ground.Still panting Jim stood over Tara, pushing her with his foot he got her over onto her back and placed his feet astride her so he loomed over her."This isn't a joke, if you behave I'll treat you right, if not, then I'll punish you till you learn!" He bent down and grabbed hold of her nipples, Tara started screaming as he tugged on her breasts till she was almost lifted off the ground."Do you understand slut?""Yes, yes Master, please, please, I'll be good!" Tara collapsed on the floor bawling in pain as Jim let go of her breasts."Good." He sat down at the table and finished the little bit of food on his plate as if nothing had happened. I stared down at the girl for a few minutes, my dick aching in my pants."I hate to ask, but do you think that you'd be able to check in at the shop today. Doc's coming in a little later, I'm sure you'd want to be back when he gets here, but I want to make everything is running right there.""Yeah, no problem, after all, that is my job, isn't it?" Jim chuckled as he drank down his juice. He prodded Tara with his foot, she looked up, pain filling her eyes."She is one hot little bitch, isn't she?" Jim pushed his foot toward Tara's mouth."Suck my toes slut!" Tara opened her mouth and started sucking on his big toe, she then ran her tongue over each of the little toes one by one, keeping her eyes fixed on Jim's face."Want to fuck her?" Jim looked over at me, my dick was hard again."Yeah." Jim pulled Tara to her feet, taking her under each elbow we carried her to the front room and laid her belly down over an ottoman. I took position at her head and dropped my pants. I didn't even have to make her open her mouth, Tara swallowed my cock in one gulp. She yelped as Jim bellied up to her ass and buried his dick in her pussy.Jim and I got in a rhythm almost immediately, I took Tara's hair in my hands and started face fucking her hard, I loved the feel her throat on my prick, I knew she was trying to please us, I could feel her tongue on me, weaving it's way over the bottom of my cock. I grabbed her tits and pinched hard. Jim had hold of Tara's hips and was pounding into her, I could see the muscles of her ass ripple as he slammed forward, ramming into her without mercy.We were like a pair of eager lumberjacks at the saw, when one drove into Tara's body, the other was pulling back. She was being pinned from either end, I loved the sound of flesh on flesh, it was a perfect sound.Jim started cumming first. He brutally slammed his dick home in Tara's pussy, I could feel her body recoil from the thrusts, it made her nose drive into my pelvis. Jim started bellowing as he started to blow, he smacked Tara's ass hard with his open hand as he shot his cum sperm deep in her belly.I tried to hold off as long as I could, but seeing Jim pump his cum into Tara's pussy, and the convulsion of her mouth on my cock, it was hopeless. I felt my balls start to tighten, and I shot my load in Tara's warm, inviting mouth. I felt her head jerk ever so slightly as my sperm flooded her mouth, then she started sucking me like a vacuum."That's it baby." I ran my hand through her hair, Jim was slowly easing his cock from Tara's pussy.I closed my eyes and savored the feel of Tara's lips squeezing me tight, her tongue was weaving under my shaft, trying to drain the last drops from my prick.Tara collapsed head down over the ottoman as I pulled my dick from her mouth, she was panting, exhausted from the effort of trying to please Jim and I.Jim fell on the couch."What time is Doc supposed to be here?""I don't know, sometime this afternoon he said." I pulled up my pants, I could see Tara eyeing us, wondering what we would do next."I guess I'd better get to the shop, I wouldn't want to miss anything." Jim got to his feet, he was still breathing hard from fucking Tara."Yeah, I'm looking forward to seeing him again." Jim started running his hands over Tara's back, she groaned, more out of fear than anything I think."I don't know what to do with her today?""We could put her in with Emily and Monique, we could have them suck the cum from her pussy, and make them lick each other all day." Jim smiled up at me."God I'm so happy you came across these girls!" We helped Tara to her feet, her legs were like jell-o."Me too." I squeezed Tara's breast. "Me too."When we opened the door Monique's face was between Emily's legs, she was lapping away at her friend's pussy, making Emily moan out loud."Hello girls." Monique and Emily's heads spun toward the door. There was a look of horror when they saw Tara their. I'm sure they saw her glowing red ass, and they looked ashamed that they'd been caught in their lesbian embrace."We've brought your friend to play." Jim and I pushed Tara toward the bed, she collapsed in a heap on the mattress with her hands still taped behind her back."There's a nice fresh load of cum in her pussy, why don't you suck it out." Three pairs of humiliated eyes stared up at me. Emily was sobbing, almost to the point of completely losing it."We'll be back later." Jim roared in laughter as he stepped out into the hall. Monique tried to plead with me using her eyes, but I just slammed the door shut indifferent."Go check on the shop, and then get back here, I'm sure Doc will have something interesting in mind." I smacked Jim on the back."Yeah, I can't wait." There was an urgency in Jim's movements as he got dressed and headed out the front door. I went into the kitchen and started making up some food for the girls. There wasn't much else to do in the meantime.After I fed the girls, I sat down and flipped on the TV and stared uninterested in what was on, but it passed the time.To be continued?
04-06-2021, at 07:00 PM

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