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Rent the room
Rent the roomIt was a Sunday night as I watched my pretty wife Lisa groan and shutter for a least the dozenth time as Garland's huge black cock began to pump his third load of the evening into her. Watching the scene got my cock hard again and ready to feel her wet warmth around my cock, however Garland was still inside her and still fucking. I must have already cum 10 times over the course of the weekend, what started on Friday night just carried on through until Sunday night and Lisa's pussy just couldn't get enough of our hard cocks.This was the fourth weekend in a row we had spent like this.Once again I thought about how on earth we got here, and how it was this tall, muscular black man spent so much of the weekend filling my wife with his cum. During the week it was much the same. Garland had already been staying with us for five weeks, and he planned on staying well into summer. By that time he will have deposited more cum in my wife that I have during our ten years of marriage. I have never seen Lisa so horny.It had all started innocently enough, 2 months ago when we thought we could make some extra money renting out our guest room. We had agreed to rent it as an extended stay to business men traveling to Minneapolis. We were trying to be very selective since this would mean a stranger staying with us for what could be a couple of months. We had an agreement drawn up that we could end the stay for any reason if things got creepy or awkward.The funny thing was, I really fantasized about Lisa getting fucked by a large black man, which I occasionally shared with her, however she never really expressed any interest.Lisa was reluctant about renting out the room, but realized we could use the money. She hoped for an older executive type who kept to himself. I promised we would be careful on who we allowed to stay.We placed an ad and waited. After a couple of weeks, not a single person had responded, so we reduced the price and the time commitment for the stay down to two weeks. The very next day we had 4 responses. I pushed for the black professional from Chicago. His name was Garland, the same man who still had his cock buried in my wife's pussy. In fact my wife's pussy has been filled with his cum for the last few weeks.It was another Sunday night, five weeks ago, that we picked Garland up at the airport. I dropped Lisa off so she could hang out by the security gate to retrieve him. I drove around until she had collected him and swung by the terminal to pick them up. Garland was tall, in excellent shape and very handsome, Lisa was actually flushed when she got into the car. During the ride home, Garland let on that he was married and actually had family in the cities that he planned on spending some time with. We got home, covered the ground rules again (no guests, no excessive drinking, no smoking, no staying out late since we weren't giving him a key).The first week was uneventful, Garland made a very polite guest. He made regular use of our workout room and our media room. The only hiccup was he left a porn dvd in the media room which Lisa found. Oddly enough, it was interracial porn, Lisa was none too happy about it, as she thought he might be beating off on our couch. She asked me to speak to Garland, so I trotted up to Garland's room and knocked on the door. Garland appeared in a bathrobe, I handed him the DVD and asked him to keep it in his bedroom. Garland asked to speak with me, he apologized but voiced his frustration over not being with his wife and having no one to take care of his needs. He smiled and asked if we could change the rental agreement to allow for guests and jokingly mentioned that maybe even an extra charge for services to help with his frustrations.Knowing the possibility was unlikely, I told him he is welcome to try to get Lisa to help him out, but should it happen, I am doubling his rent. He actually agreed, but offered that if she comes to actually want it from him then he doesn't pay rent for any day she wants it from him. I agreed, figuring Lisa wasn't really into black guys and was happy with sex once each week, so even if it did happen, it wouldn't be much.Back in my own bedroom, I told Lisa it was taken care of, but that Garland might be a little frustrated for a time and to take any comments or innuendo from him with a grain of salt. Lisa wondered how he could be frustrated since he was leaving cum towels for her to find. The first towel she found, she thought he must have been using for awhile since it was so wet and had so many spurt marks on it, but after today realized it was a one-time use since she found a new one that was just soaked on the whole length of it. I told her it was likely something else, nobody can soak a bath towel.The next day, Lisa went to get the bath towel out of Garland's room while he was at work. She found it spread out on the bed and covered with wet spurts the whole length of the towel. She figured her husband Jason is right, that has to be something else. Grossed out, she reached to collect the towel by the corners and noticed that the headboard was also splashed with what was clearly cum. She grabbed another towel to clean off the headboard. Just the cum on the headboard was more than two of Jason's biggest loads, and how to explain the towel?The next morning was the weekend. Lisa laid in bed while Jason fingered her clit and thought about how it would feel to have so much cum pumped in her. She wondered what Garland thought about while he was cumming, that thought trigged an orgasm and she shuttered. Jason climbed on top of her and entered her, it always took a little time since I was thick and she was so tight. The first minute was uncomfortable but quickly turned pleasurable.I was sliding in and out of Lisa's wet pussy and marveling once again at how tight she was. He never could last very long and it seemed as he got older it got worse. I really wanted to see how much fucking she could really take. The thought made me cum suddenly and as I pumped my load in her, I felt, rather than heard the door open. Standing naked in the doorway was Garland.Garland had a chiseled body and his cock was rock hard. His cock, it was huge, bigger than anything he had seen in a porno. Garland walked over to the bed, his enormous cock bobbing back and forth, Lisa was staring at it totally mesmerized. He stood next to the bed, his cock reaching far above the bed toward Lisa, throbbing with pre-cum glistening in the tip.Garland explained he couldn't help himself, and that he had been beating off to the thought of Lisa all week and that if she wanted he would leave. Lisa and I froze in shock, I couldn't do anything but stare at how large and hard his black cock was. Lisa was staring at me, looking at me like I should do something. I kind of snapped too and thought maybe I should test this. I told her she better take care of it, at least take it in her hand and stroke him off. She hesitated a minute, sighed then grabbed Garland's cock. Her fingers barely touched handling his girth while she started to stroke his cock, she held his balls with her other hand, his balls completely filled her hand, it was like she was holding two large eggs in here hand. She stroked and stroked and Garland's cock started to leak precum in a steady stream leaking all over her forearm.Garland thrust his cock forward and told her to suck it. Lisa didn't hesitate and put the head in her mouth. She could barely fit more than just the head, she sucked out the precum and tasted it's saltiness. She started to suck with more fervor and used both hands on his cock. Garland got on the bed for Lisa to have better access. I moved off to the side to get out of the way since I could see where this was headed.Garland took my place between my wife's leg and rested his cock on her stomach. It reached all the way to her diaphragm. He said he always wanted to fuck a white woman, and that she was going to take all of his cock by the time he was done. Garland rubbed her wet, cum soaked pussy with the head of his cock, slowly opening her up to take him. He tried to get his cock head in, but Lisa winced and pushed on him. He held firm with is cock head in her slowly moving it in and out. After what must have been five minutes, he had his whole cock head in and the start of his shaft. Lisa was adjusting to him, although it still looked painful for her, she started to meet his thrusts. After another 10 minutes of fucking, Lisa was moaning loudly with pleasure. Garland started to fuck her more forcefully and soon had a full 2/3 of his cock in her. He pressed her knees to her chest and placed her feet on him and started to pile drive her pussy and sinking his entire length in her. Lisa started crying out in pleasure and grabbed his ass pulling him in deeper. Garland fucked her on and on for another 20 minutes until her chest and shoulders where flushed and her nipples hard from the orgasms she was having. Finally, with a grunt and one sustained thrust, Garland began pumping my wife full of his thick cum. He pumped and pumped, held himself in deep and cum started to squirt out of Lisa's pussy, every pump produced another spurt out of her. After a dozen or so spurts he was spent. There was now a puddle on the bed the size of a dinner plate.Garland said she had the tightest pussy he had ever felt, and that fucking my long haired, brunette wife was the best fuck he had ever had. He said he never wants to pull his cock out of her, just leave it in her forever. Lisa said "Please keep it in me." Garland responded that she was making him hard again and would she like more of his cock? Lisa said she would, in fact she would like as much of his cock as he was willing to give her. Garland smiled and said that she should be careful with what she wishes for. With that he started to fuck her again, Garland commenting the whole time how incredibly tight her pussy was and how hard she makes him. He said now that he had the first time out of the way, he was really prepared to fuck her.After an hour of fucking Lisa in every position I have ever seen he once again had her on her back, pulled out and starts cumming all over her. The first 5 spurts go clear past her head and hits the headboard, the next 5 or 6 covers her chest and face, those were followed by another 1/2 dozen covering her stomach until finally cum was just draining out in a final puddle on her. Lisa pulls Garland in and holds him and then says she needs to take a nap. Garland says to her to rest up, she has a big weekend ahead of her. He wants to pump at least a few more loads into her this day. My cock was rock hard from all this, so I quickly stroked out another load and shot it all over Lisa before she settled in. I grabbed two towels and used one to clean her up and the other to cover the enormous puddle left from Garland's first fucking.Garland did fuck Lisa three more times that day and then another 3 the next day. He could have gone more, but Lisa was too spent. She spent the next few days too sore to fuck, so she sucked us both off each day. By the next weekend, her pussy had toughened and loosened up and she was taking Garland balls deep right off the bat, we spent the following weekend taking turns filling Lisa up with our loads. Lisa's pussy had loosened to the point where I was lasting longer, and she was taking all of Garland everytime his cock got hard.This became our daily ritual: Lisa wakes up and checks to see if I am hard, if I am we fuck and then she heads over to Garland's room to fuck him, she typically orgasms almost as soon as they start fucking. If I am not hard, I am certainly hard by the time Garland is done and listening to Lisa cum over and over, then I get to fuck her cum drenched pussy from Garland, depositing my load which is only a fraction of Garland's. After work, I usually find Lisa riding Garland's cock on the couch when I come home cumming the whole time. I figure I have at least an hour to get changed and start dinner. After dinner, both Garland and I fuck Lisa and cum in her, then usually Garland finishes with one more. Occasionally Lisa will get up from bed in the middle of the night to visit Garland in his bed, after more fucking she comes back to bed and then we start the next day all over again.After our second week, Garland announces that his project at work got expanded and he will be staying well into the summer. At this point he is staying for free as per our agreement, it is clear Lisa wants him every day and more.Now that we are five weeks in, Garland has also mentioned that he has spent no time with his relatives and has decided to get the best of both worlds, continue fucking Lisa and bringing his cousins over to assist. Garland has invited two cousins over each of the next four weekends. We have agreed that Lisa will stay naked, and that the sight of cum dripping out of her pussy is a very exciting visual for his cousins, so as long as she is filled with cum, there will be big black hard cocks to fuck her.

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