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The Neighbours Birthday party P8

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The Neighbours Birthday party P8It had finally arrived, my mothers birthday!As we approached the weekend, my father was busily making last minute plans, phone calls and checking everything was going to go as he wanted it, while my mother went off for beauty treatments and Spa days to look her best, and me, well I tried not to get to excited about the big bash and what might happen.Then on Saturday our relatives started to arrive, first grandma Keen, my mothers mother who looked like a slightly older, plumper version of my mother, but with shorter brown hair, and she wore glasses.Then my aunt Jill turned up, my mothers sister, and again she looked similar to my mother just a little younger and slimmer, and then several distant cousins of my mothers, and then finally my mothers friends and our neighbours started to arrive.By mid afternoon the party was in full swing, a big barbeque was on the go, a bar full of drink was available, and a disco, and we were all soon really enjoying ourselves, then as the afternoon became the evening, the younger folk began to head home, or off to other places, and then finally it was just us adults.Sensing what might be about to happen I quickly sat down at a table with a fresh beer, and as I glanced around I realised I was sat with my aunt and grandmother, and immediately felt this was probably not the best place to be sitting, but before I could move, my father suddenly stepped up into the middle of the garden and then cleared his throat loudly."Ladies and Gentlemen!" he called out and immediately everyone began to quiet down."As you know we are here for my beautiful wife's birthday today" and everyone instantly cheered and clapped."And to celebrate it..." my father continued "It is time for her birthday treat!"Again everyone began clapping and cheering as my mother stood up in the middle of the garden beside him, and then some music began and mother began to dance lightly to it, while moving around in front of everyone, and I then began to feel a little awkward sat between my hot aunt and my grandma, while watching my mother jig about, knowing what was about to happen next.Then it happened, my father moved up behind my mother and I watched him begin to pull the zip down on the back of her tight short summer dress, and after a moment it dropped from her shoulders and fell to the ground, and my mother stepped out of it completely naked.Everyone cheered again as she stood in the middle of the garden with her big round tits out, and her recently lightly trimmed pussy, before she began parading around grinning from ear to ear, and even though I wanted to enjoy watching my hot mother doing this, I couldn't because I knew I was sat between her younger sister and her mother, and I was wondering what they were making of this.Well, glancing around at them I saw to my disbelief, my aunt was giggling and cheering her older sister, and my grandmother was chuckling happily as well.I really couldn't believe this was fine with them, but it seemed it was, and then looking back at my mother I watched her fall to her knees in front of my father, who was now stripped off and as naked as she was, and taking hold of his semi hard cock, my mother began stroking his shaft, before she then put in her mouth and began sucking him.The party guests cheered, and I stared happily as I watched my mother sucking eagerly on my fathers cock, and as I watched, I began to grow the usual bulge in my jeans.After a moment I really wanted to take my hard cock out and stroke it, but kind of felt awkward it was my mother and father I was watching, then I felt a hand on my thigh, and looking around I saw my aunt smile back at me, before her hand moved over and gave my bulge a squeeze.I groaned happily as she began massaging my bulge through my jeans, before her hand then began tugging on my jeans zip, and after a second it pulled down and my jeans opened up and my hard cock fell out.My aunt Jill immediately wrapped her soft hand around my shaft and began stroking my cock, and I smiled back at her as she smiled at me, before she then sat back, opened her legs slightly and began massaging her crotch through her dress.For a good minute or so I watched my aunt rubbing her own pussy through her dress, while she stroked my cock, then glanced around just in time to see my mother lying back on the grass, opening her chubby thighs, and letting my father crawl between them.She then let out an excited groan as he slipped his hard meat into her warm wet hole, and then I watched eagerly as he began to fuck her, and the guests cheered and clapped.Then for the next few minutes, my father was happily pumping into my mother giving her the birthday fuck she deserved, while everyone watched and cheered them on, and all the while my hot aunt stroked my hard cock while rubbing her pussy, until finally she clearly couldn't take anymore.I then watched my aunt Jill stand up, and then pull off her pretty summer dress before it hit the ground, and she stood just as naked as my mother was, with similar size round boobs, but a completely shaved bald pussy, before she moved towards me, straddled my legs, and positioned herself over my lap.I stared in stunned disbelief, was this really about to happen, was I really about to fuck my aunt, and then she lowered herself down onto me, and with a soft groan from both us, she engulfed my hard teen cock into her thirty something mature pussy, and now I was deep inside my own aunt.Aunt Jill then sat on me for a moment enjoying the feeling of her nephew deep inside her cunt, before she then began to ride my hard cock, and I groaned happily and held onto her little round soft arse cheeks as she did.I really couldn't believe this was happening, I was fucking my own aunt, in front of my mother and father who were fucking in front of everyone else, and then I remembered my grandmother was next us, and glancing around to see what she made of all of this, I saw to my surprise again, my grandmother was squeezing her big saggy boobs through her dress, while rubbing her crotch through it as well.I stared at my grandmother as she felt herself up while watching my mother and father fuck, and then returned my attention to my aunt, as she happily bounced up and down in my lap, and her big round tits jiggled about just inches from my face.After another minute I could hear loud groaning, and looking around my hot naked aunt, I saw my father really pounding into my mother, before with a deep hard thrust, he came hard inside of her."OH FUCK YEAH!" I heard him cry out as he unloaded inside his wife, while everyone watched intensely.Then everyone cheered again, until he finally stopped cumming, and then climbed off my mother before standing up and saying "So, whose next?"And instantly three or four naked guys with big hard cocks got up and moved towards my mother, and eagerly she reached up and took hold of those cocks and began stroking and sucking them.I then watched my mother surrounded by eager cocks, and she seem happy to jerk and suck on each one, before I noticed Barry moving towards her, and he then lifted her naked feet up, wrapped them around his cock and began using them to jerk himself off.Meanwhile my aunt was still bouncing happily in my lap, and for a few minutes I concentrated on her, and began thrusting up into her as she dropped down on me, and soon we were fucking hard and eagerly."Oh yes! yes!" yes!" she moaned.I then glanced over at my grandmother who now had her big saggy tits out and was fondling them happily with one hand, while her other hand was now rubbing back and forth eagerly up her dress.And I suddenly felt the need to help her out, and so I reached over and placed a hand on one of her tits, and she moaned softly before glancing at me and smiling.For a good few minutes I played with my grandmothers boob, while my hot aunt bounced on my cock, and then I heard more loud groaning, and looking over I saw a guy cumming hard inside my mother, while she continued to suck and jerk other cocks around her.Then as he lifted out of her and moved away, I saw Barry pull her naked feet from his hard cock, step forward and with a loud groan he began jerking his cock excitedly until he exploded, and began showering my naked cock sucking mother in his sticky white goo.After that, another guy slipped in between her legs, and I watched as he began fucking her, before my aunt dropped into my lap with a sigh, and then sat on me for a moment breathing hard.She then climbed off me, moved back onto the seat beside me, and kneeling on it, she opened her legs for me, and eagerly I got up, moved behind her, and slipped my hard teen cock back into my aunts mature pussy.Gripping her trim waist, I began thrusting into her hard and deep and my aunt groaned loudly as I fucked her, then I heard more loud groaning coming from behind me, and glancing around I saw the guy between my mothers legs cumming deep inside of her, before he finally stopped and then after a moment, he rolled off her, and another eager guy took his place.As I tried to watch my mother being fucked over and over by hard eager cocks on her birthday, and also tried to fuck my hot aunt who looked very similar to my mother, while my grandmother who also looked very similar to my mother fingered her pussy and played with her big saggy tits beside us, I began to feel my excitement growing, and eagerly I ploughed on, pumping hard and fast into my aunt.As I did, I felt my excitement grow rapidly, and I knew I wasn't going to be able to stop it, and so through gritted teeth I groaned "I'm going to cum aunt Jill, I'm going to cum!""Do it!" she groaned back "Do it! Just don't stop! I want to feel you cum inside of me!"And hearing my ant say those words I knew there was no going back, and as I thrust away deep inside her wet warm pussy, I felt my balls tighten up and with a loud groan I thrust deep into my aunt, and exploded inside of her."OH FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!" I cried out as I began to pump my load into my hot aunt's pussy.I gripped my aunts slim waist and held my cock deep inside of her wet cunt as I unloaded wad after wad of my wet man goo, and my aunt groaned over and over as I did, loving the feeling of her nephew cumming inside of her.After several amazing hot seconds, I finally stopped cumming, and then stood behind her, and still inside of her while I caught my breath, and then my aunt knelt up, reached back, and pulled me towards her for a big passionate kiss.Finally I then pulled my spent softening cock from her wet leaking pussy, and moved back to my seat, but before I could sit down, my grandmother reached out for my cock, and wrapping her skinny old hand around it, she pulled me towards her, before she slipped it in her mouth, and I stood in total amazement as my half naked grandmother, began sucking on my cummy cock.She eagerly sucked up the last dribbles of my cum, and her daughters pussy juices off her grandsons cock, until after a good few minutes of this, I was fully hard again, and then she leant back in her seat, opened her bare naked legs, and showed me her bald wet old pussy waiting for my cock.I glanced at my aunt, who just smiled back at me, and then looking back at my grandmother, I crouched down, placed my hard teen cock at her slightly wrinkly old moist entrance, and then with a thrust I slipped into my grandmothers pussy.She groaned loudly and so did I as I entered her wet old hole, before gripping her slightly thick thighs I began thrusting into her over and over, and in seconds I was now fucking my grandmother.I then glanced over at my aunt, who just smiled back at me again, as she stroked her cum filled pussy, before placing her sticky fingers into her mouth, and then looking back at my grandmother again, I continued to fuck her enjoying the feeling of this really mature pussy around my young teen cock.After a few minutes of fucking my grandmother I glanced around at my mother, who was still surrounded by big hard cocks, and then I saw Tyler, with his huge python of a cock moving between her open sticky thighs, before lay down and entered her used cunt.My mother groaned loudly, as he filled her mature pussy with his big hard pole, and then more so as he began thrusting into her repeatedly, and everyone cheered as they watched my mother taking that big monster cock.I then turned my attention back to my grandmother, and eagerly began fucking her harder, and she reached up and squeezed my chest and groaned happily."Yes! yes! Fuck your grandmother! fuck her hard! I need a good hard fucking!" she groanedSo I did happily, pounding into her mature wet pussy, and then I reached down and lifted her thick white thighs up a little and found I could get in deeper and harder, and soon my young teen balls were slapping hard against her chubby mature arse."Oh fuck! oh fuck! yeah! yeah!" she groaned over and over.I was now fucking my hot grandmother hard and fast, and she was loving it, and with my hot naked aunt watching while rubbing her pussy, and hearing my mother behind me getting pounded hard by Tyler's big hard cock, I began to feel excited again, and eagerly I continued on desperate to fuck my grandmother as long as I could.But after another minute or so I could feel my excitement building quickly, and with my hard cock sliding back forth in my grandmothers wet bald pussy, and the noise of sex around me, I knew the inevitable was coming quickly."Oh god! I'm going to cum again!" I groaned"Yes! Do it! Cum in your grandmothers cunt! I want it! fill my old pussy with your sweet teen cum!" groaned my grandmother back.Hearing her urging me to fill her pussy with my load, just like her daughter had, really got me excited, and push me to the brink, and as I pounded into my grandmothers wet hot cunt, I felt my balls tighten, and with a loud excited groan I thrust deep into her, and then for the second time that evening I exploded."OH FUCK YES!" I cried out as began shooting my load inside my grandmother "FUCK YES! FUCK YES! FUCK YES!"I unloaded what felt like another big wet sticky load into another close relative of mine, and for a few amazing seconds I filled my grandmothers wet pussy with cum.Then finally with a big sigh I stopped cumming, and stood over her half naked body, as I caught my breath."Good boy!" she grinned up at me as she caught hers "Good boy!"After a moment I pulled my softening wet cock from my grandmothers used cummy pussy, and this time quickly sat down on my seat again, before my aunt moved down between my legs, took hold of my semi spent cock and began sucking it, just like her mother had the first time around.I stared at my aunt as she sucked me clean and then on until unbelievably, I was fully hard for a third time, but this time she continued to suck and jerk my cock, and after a minute I glanced over at my mother who was now being fucked hard by another guy, but it seemed like the last guy as well.For a good few minutes my mother was fucked hard, how many guys had fucked her and cum in her I don't know, but I suspect most of the guys here at the party had, but I really didn't care because I had fucked my hot aunt and my hot grandmother, and was now getting a good blow job from one of them as well.Then finally I saw the last guy getting faster and louder, until with a loud groan he came hard in mother, and she happily held onto him as he did.There was more clapping and cheering, before the guy finally lifted off my mother and moved away and now my mother lay on the ground naked, exhausted and covered in cum, but it wasn't quite over yet."Okay then, that's almost it!" said my father standing up "But there is one last treat for my hot sexy wife!" he then added before he gestured to me.Everyone turned and looked at me, before my aunt eagerly stroked my cock hard, and I could feel my third lot of excitement suddenly building, before she said "Go on Mark! Blow it all over your mother!"And then let go of my cock, and like I was in a trance I suddenly found myself moving towards my naked cum covered mother, before I stood over and stroked my hard teen cock, and she looked up at me and smiled.With everyone watching and staring down at my mothers naked sticky body waiting for my third load, I felt my excitement build even quicker, and as I looked at her big soft hanging tits, that slightly plump belly and that trimmed mature pussy leaking a river of white goo beneath me, I stroked my cock as hard as I could, until finally it happened.With a mighty groan I felt my balls tighten up for the third time, and pumping my cock wildly, I began to feel my cum rise rapidly until with a cry I began shooting my load all over my mothers naked body.Everyone instantly cheered and clapped as I pumped out my sticky teen seed, and covered her like I was a horny teen fountain, and I continued to cum all over my mother for several totally mind blowing seconds until finally I stopped and then stood over my mother catching my breath again.After that, the night came to an end, everyone began to get dress and leave, my mother, my aunt and my grandmother disappeared inside to get cleaned up, and I stood in the back garden with my father, both us still naked, and drinking one last beer."So, what do you think of these birthday parties now?" he asked"They're awesome! really fucking awesome!" I replied with a grin."Yes they are!" he replied happily "Yes they fucking are!"
04-06-2021, at 10:05 PM

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