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F.A.Q. ? My MOTHER is my obsession

Post #1

F.A.Q. ? My MOTHER is my obsessionHello, my dear perverted buddies!As is widely known, I have an obsession with my mother, so through this post I am going to answer those questions asked me more frequently via chat about the relation between her and me.I would be really glad you to leave a comment for any other question/remark/opinion or to share with me your fantasies and experiences with your mother!NB. Cerchi la traduzione italiana di questa storia? Ecco a te il link:'S START!1) Do you like your mother, aesthetically and sexually?Exactly! Among my erotic dreams, she is probably the first one.2) When did you realised you were attracted to your mother?I was about 13, it was a night and I dreamt about having sex with my mother.You know well in dreams feelings seem awfully realistic, so it seemed I was fucking her for real! At my awakening, my cock was extremely hard, so THAT was the moment starting from which I started looking at my mother in a different way, I start being sexually attracted to her.3) To be more precise, what would you be disposed to do with you mother?I would like to be her squeeze, to have a long-lasting sexual relationship, simultaneously with that she has with my father and that I have with my girlfriend, without our partners suspecting anything. I strongly would like to be able to taste her breast again and suck it just like I did when I was a ch*ld.I would like to be able to taste her vagina, the place where I came from (homesickness, we could call it, eheh). I would like her to enjoy my young body in order to vent her erotic perversions and needs and to be able to do the same with her mature body, with no shame, no mental limits, taking advantage of our blood relationship to make sex more intriguing and to make our arousal reach the maximum level.4) Have you ever seen your mother entirely naked?Up to when I was 12, my mother and I were never ashamed to see each other naked. We always used to have a wash together, in our two-person big bathtub. Those times I wasn?t attracted to her yet, so my willy didn?t get any erection by seeing her, but I was grown to be able to still remember today what an amazing body she had!After I grew up, I have seen her entirely naked many times, but just peeking at her secretly through the bathroom and her bedroom keyhole.5) What?s your mother?s body part do you prefer?I like her whole body! I love especially her pale skin, her breast big like two balloons and with gently rosy areolas, her wide tempting behind, her fleshy build with a light touch of cellulite which makes her perfect to my eyes.6) Would you share with me some pics of your mother?I really would like to, but Web is not a safe place.Either way, it can be said the mature lady in the following videos and my mother looks incredibly like they are the same person! Their bodies are substantially identical, starting from their colours to their build. The only significant difference is that my mother has a hairy vagina, just like I prefer it!My mother is so magnificent that even her son desires her sexually, eheh. Who knows you are sexually attracted to your mother?I can say for certain that is known by two friends of mine, who are at the same time my former high-school mates.Then, my sister probably grasped that I am attracted to my mother after she found out some pics on my PC where my mom is naked. Nevertheless, I cannot be certain about it because my sister and I have never addressed that issue explicitly.In addition, it is likely that even my mother herself know I am attracted to her (on this point, see answer n. #13).8) What do you friends think about the fact you are attracted to your own mother?Inc*st intrigues them, too. So even they likes their own mothers, just like I like mine.I very often ask them to record a tribute video while they jerk off over the pics of my mother, just like they ask me to record one while I do the same over their mothers. That?s a game we use to do with maximum respect and in strict confidence.9) Aren?t you afraid they could spread the pics of your mother on Web?I am not afraid about it because, in those pics my friends have, my mother is not naked/half-naked, but the only thing that is shown is her face. The same goes for the pics of their mothers I have.In addition, we trust each others, also because ours is a long-lasting friendship. usunieto10) Have you ever jerked off over your mother? If so, how?Surely! I jerk off over her 2 of 3 times.How?A) sometimes I look for vids or pics where there?s a lady who looks really like her aesthetically (just like the mature woman in those videos I mentioned in answer n. #6);B) sometimes I peek at her through the keyhole (i.e., when she is naked and ready to have a shower or when she gets undressed in her bedroom);C) sometimes I watch to pics/vids where she is naked/half-naked/in a sexy position. These are pics/vids I sh*ted/recorded peeking at her secretly.11) Does your mother know you have some pics/vids where she is naked?I don't think so. Probably not, unless my sister told it to her.12) Do you use to masturbate only over you mother or also over other members of your family?Over these years I jerked off over every female of my family: mother, sister, aunts, cousins and even grandmothers. Still today I would be disposed to have sex with each of them, except my grandmothers (they are rather aged).Nevertheless, I want to specify my obsession concerns only my mother and two aunts of mine, R. and S.13) Does your mother know you are sexually attracted to her?I don?t know for certain. In several occasions I confessed her I jerk off over her, but I spoke in a tone midway between serious and humorous. Her reaction? She split her sides laughing and called me silly. Either way, she didn?t seem disturbed, maybe because she never took me seriously or maybe because (as I like to think) she was pleased deep inside.14) Have you ever had sex with your mother?No, I have never had the pleasure to have sex with her, but I really would.15) Have you ever thought about asking her to have sex with you?I strongly would do it, but you surely would agree with me that this is a very awkward conversation to open with a mother.I?m working on it. First I have to realise how open-minded she is.Confessing I use to jerk off over her, although in a semi-humoristic tone, is the fist step I did.Her reactions (laughts) look promising, but they don?t guarantee that she would be disposed to have an inc*stuous relationship with her son. 16) Have you ever seen your mother having sex?Yes and no.I saw something through her bedroom keyhole. Unfortunately, her door is located in a position where the view is not facilitated, since only 1/3 of the bed can be seen.In spite of that, a day I saw very well my mother giving a blowjob to my father. He came in her mouth and it seemed she swallowed and also licked her fingers. What a whore she is, ahah!17) Is sex a taboo topic for your mother?Not exactly. When I was 16 I had my first girlfriend, so my mom opened with me the classical conversation about safe sex for the first time, so sex is not a taboo anymore between us. Since then, we talk about ?quite? openly about sex, our sex experiences and we do allusions to sex serenely.Either way, I noticed that she isn't at ease to talk about her sex with my dad, but she prefers to focus on those sex experiences and other anecdotes she had with her former boyfriends when she was younger.Some facts she admitted to me: she has sex with dad frequently, so she doesn't masturbate very often; one of her erotic fantasies is being part of a threesome; she use to have anal sex, but only when there aren?t condoms at home.18) Would you tell me some dirty things you did which involve your mother?A) Sometimes I jerk off using her panties and then I put them back in the drawer without cleaning them well. I love the idea that my cum gets in contact with her vagina and her butt!B) We still kiss on lips since I was a ch*ld. Every time an erection!C) Sometimes I touch her butt, grabbing her buttcheeks decisively, but just for few seconds and acting as I am joking. I love to do that especially when she wears leggings, because I can feel with my hands the shape and substance of her big glutes.D) In many occasions, I showed her my erection, but only making her notice the bulge of my pants, never pulling my cock out, obviously! Just one of these times, when I was 15, she fondled intentionally the bulge of my pants for just very few seconds and, laughting, she told me something like ?Ops, your willy is calling you. Go in your room e let it vent!?. I often think back on that episode and I like to fantasize about an alternative ending, where she decides to give me a hand.E) Since my parents? bedroom and mine are adjacent, I hear clearly the moans my mother does everytime she has sex with my father. I often take advantage of that to jerk off while I hear her moaning, fantasizing about it is me the one who she fucks with.One day, I made her notice that from my room I could hear all the noise she did during her intimate relations. So, she died laughting. In an humoristic tone, I congratulated her for the way she uses to moaned and for the fact she was able to make horny even me, which I am her son.Either way, in spite of that conversation, she carries on fucking without lowering her voice. I like to think she still does it because the idea I could hear her makes her horny.19) Your mother is disposed to fulfil just one of your desires. What would you ask her?I would propose an one-week holiday in Florida, her and me alone, where nobody knows us.It would be nice to frequent a beach where we are allowed to stay naked and to act as we were not a mother and her son, but just a common couple where the woman is more than 20 years older than her partner.We would have sex anywhere and at any time, both at the hotel and on the beach, also in front of mature men who masturbate watching us.During our stay, I would like she asked me to penetrate her every morning, to come in my condom, to slip it off and I would like her to swallow my sperm drinking it from the condom itself.20) What do you think about inc*st?I?m fully convinced most people have inc*stuous fantasies. Almost every mother would fuck her son and vice versa, almost every daughter would fuck her father and vice versa, almost every sister would fuck her brother and vice versa. These fantasies don?t realise because inc*st is still imposed as a taboo by our society, as a prohibition by our laws.Nevertheless, inc*st is a natural practice, because it is a desire felt by most human beings! It was a common practice among some ancient populations and it is still a common among anim*ls.For scientific reasons, I agree that relatives are not allowed to procreate, but sexual intercourses in fam*ly should be legal.A male has a dick and a biological need to ejaculate, a woman has a vagina and a biological need to be penetrated. People should start opening their minds and avoiding to put themselves limits.For instance, when she feels the need to have sex, a mother shouldn?t be ashamed or afraid to ask her son to go to bed with her.When there?s a mutual attraction and when there?s consent, love has no limits. Love is love apart from a legal classification of relationship between two people.So, these are the most frequent asked questions! I say again: I would be really glad you to leave a comment for any other question/remark/opinion or to share with me your fantasies and experiences with your mother!
04-06-2021, at 10:05 PM

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