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Cycle fun

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Cycle funSo, I was out cycling along the towpath a few days ago when I felt the need to stop and have a pee. Having past several small footpaths that led off into the surrounding countryside I decided on one that led to a small copse.It was nothing more than a narrow footpath which meandered from the canal to a small wooded area nearby. Private enough for my needs.It was a beautiful sunny day and apart from the occasional walker and other cyclists, the towpath was deserted.I cycled along the footpath through overgrown grass and followed its occasional incline to a spot a few hundred yards from the towpath. Parked my bike and began to remove my gloves and helmet. Looking around the path was clear as far as I could see and so I set about tackling my skin-tight cycling shorts. I rolled down the waist band and was preparing to pee when a twig snapped on the path. I looked to my right to see another cyclist riding towards me using the same route. He pulled up a few feet away and with a cheery but inquisitive look said ?someone else with the same idea??Now what are the chances of another like-minded passer-by choosing the same spot in the middle of nowhere? With my shorts rolled down there was no point in pulling them up again so I laughed and said ?these tight shorts don?t help at times like this.??Do you mind if I join you?? He said?I guess not? I replied?Cheers? he responded. Hopping off his bike and letting it fall to the grass.He walked up to me and standing beside me he too rolled down the top of his cycling shorts.Feeling rather strange standing there with my genitals exposed like this and a stranger stood beside me with his exposed too was not what I had expected when I set out that day.It seemed rather bizarre to strike up a conversation as I peed and as his head was turned away from me and he was looking down the path, I couldn?t help but sneak a peek. If you know what I mean?His cock was hanging free and he was not holding it so it hung down as a continuous jet of pale-yellow pee arced towards the grass. His tanned cock was smooth and uncut, semi-flaccid and about 5? in length. He had both hands down to his side as if not to hide the display of his member. He began to turn his head back to the front so I snapped my gaze to my own penis before he could catch me looking at his tackle.I was beginning to find it difficult to pee as my own cock was stiffening under the stimulation of the situation. I peered down at it as he asked ?having trouble peeing?? I looked up to see him looking down at my ripening erection. ?looks like it? I laughed weakly back.?I can?t pee with a semi on he responded? with a wry smile and a wink as he began shaking the droplets of pee off his cock. He was shaking an almost fully erect penis by this time. ?That?s why I always have a pee first? he continued.?First?? I repeated. ?First before what?? I askedWell this is where I come for a pee and ahem?some fun.??Fun?? I sked?Y?know, wank. A wank in the open air? he responded and started to pull rhythmically on his hard cock. A cock which had grown to about six and a half inches of solid hard manhood. His nob peeping out from inside its collar at the end of a noticeably stiff shaft.My cock had reached full size too and I began to seize the moment as I too rhythmically rolled my foreskin up and down over my swollen nob. I watch unabashed as he rolled his back in a steady rhythm and noticed he was now watching my action too.Then he let go of his and reached for mine. This was too horny for words. I released my cock to his grasp and reached across and took his cock to return the favour. His cock was hard yet soft to touch, never having held someone else?s cock before, it was quite exciting. His hand was working my cock and I began to work on his. Feeling his shaft slip through my hand as it travelled over the rim of its swollen purple head.His fingers were massaging the rim and head of my cock like as if playing the string of my instrument. We were getting wetter as our rhythm increased and I knew it wouldn?t be long before I reached my peak.?Keep going, harder, harder.? He hissed through clenched teeth. His hand gripping my cock harder as his pace increased.Suddenly I felt a powerful wave sweep up through my balls and into my stomach, the wave surged through my belly and up the shaft like a fuse burning toward its head and a powerful spurt of white juice shot out of my cock like a white plume. My body shook uncontrollably as his hand gripped my throbbing shaft and pulled in tune with the ripples of pleasure pulsing through my prick. My turn he quipped as I began to increase the movement of my hand around his cock. I felt harder now and as I pulled on it, I could feel its throb in my hand. What an amazing feeling to have this hard, pulsating cock in my hand and controlling it every spasm of pleasure. He began to grunt as his cock stiffened and pumped in extasy. Suddenly I felt a rush of cum up the underside of his shaft and its purple head bulged with the first plume of cum, a hugely impressive spurt of some force sent it spiralling through the air in front of him. A regular pulse of spunk at short intervals followed as his cock beat a rhythm in my hand. His teeth clenched and his body heaved with his climax.Minutes later we were dressed again and I couldn?t help but wonder if he had seen me deviate up the path and followed expectantly as he had with others before?Both spent and now relieved of the burden that brought us to this spot on the path, we smiled, winked and waved our departure in opposite directions along the towpath once more.As I cycled homewards I couldn?t help but wonder how I had performed like that with a total stranger and pondered whether it might occur again in the future.
04-07-2021, at 10:48 AM

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