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A very nice trip of commission 4 :-P

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A very nice trip of commission 4 :-PIt was end-winter/begin-spring about, April, i remember it :-P, when i and my sister have an another trip of commission, this time the trip, that of going, it was in bus, at difference of the previous trips of commission (recounted in my previously stories :-P) that they did always in train and she had always a nice clothing namely skirt and pantyhose and low shoes and also in the last trip (recounted toward the end of the previous to this story :-P) a nice leggings tight and I took advantage of it a bit making a nice pics while she slept a bit :-P, in this trip instead she had, from under an anorak, a jeans, and therefore I felt less lucky :-P compared to those previous trips by train :-P, but anyway I was always very happy of to be near to her :-P, sitting next to her (because we were on the bus :-P), and I was always excited enough, also at sniff an her good perfume that she had puts :-P, and my cock it was nice pretty hardened :-P, we arrive at the hotel in the late afternoon and we reach ours room of hotel, so, when we were there in ours hotelroom, we closed the door with keys of course :-P, she is sitting on her bed, more or less in front of my bed, and with her cell phone in hands, and i sitting on my bed with laptop, and we started to talk on that we must do during the soiree after the dinner and then the day after, because we have one night in the hotel :-P, then at a certain point, always while we talk a bit, she open herself her anorak that she had still on her and gets up from her bed and laying her anorak on the coat-hangers behind to her bed (i, i had already layied off the my anorak :-P) and she sits down again on her bed and, always sitted on her bed, she takes off the shoes and and then the yellow socks of woolen :-P and, given that on the floor there was the moquette, she evidently not did feel so much the need to wear the slippers for the night :-P, therefore she was remained with the feet bare :-P, and then she takes off the sweater at fleece who she had above a Shirt to squares that exited out of the jeans-belt and that ends more or less on the hips, i was always sitted with the laptop on my bed :-P front to her, then she get up from bed and, front me, she begins to unbottons the jeans :-P, and then she pulls down her jeans until at half thighs :-P, making to see so at me her nice panties grey and enough tight between her nice fleshy thighs nude and she says to me that she must to change herself for to be more confortable, and we say to ourselves that not there are problems :-P, and so she pulls down the jeans removing from her, then she takes off also her Shirt to squares, and then from under that Shirt to squares she had a t-shirt, white and adherent that ended about to the hips :-P (and that it remembered me a previous happy episode recounted in a my previously story :-P wich i had crossed her and then peeked her in the hallway of home :-P) and she grabs that t-shirt pulling it from under toward up removing it from her, and so she remained, being also, as i have said before, with feet bare, with bra (brown enough clear :-P) and panties (grey and enough clear and spongy :-P) only :-P, and in this way she wanders for a bit of time thinking at the replacement :-P, at a certain point she goes also near at the window, that anyway was closed and with the shutters lows, because she had felt strange noises from under :-P, so i can to see her from behind for well :-P, and i see her nice ass fleshy, with the buttocks enough discovered because her panties not was a lot big :-P, and frontally was enough tight and swoll thank at her good bush :-P, for the tits, well, i have already had way of to see them at the better previously :-P as i recounted in a my previous story :-P, and then she, thinking always about the stuff that she want to wear for the evening and also for the next day, she puts a little bit at place the ones that she had taked off from herself (namely all except the bra and the panties :-P), then she sits also on bed with one leg folded, meanwhile, my cock was become gigantic, because was happened to me of see her, like was already happened in other happy occasions in which i had could see her at all her parts, and she had always a bit noticed it :-P, and for this, i had thought after :-P, when she, after have put a nice pair of leggings black (with above a white Shirt that ended always on the hips therefore with the visual of the ass complete :-P), while she puts the shoes, she moving a bit toward me, and, for to adjust under at ankles, she makes at me, exactly front, a nice doggy-style, i'd wanted stretch the hand, i had did only the move of the hand :-P, well :-P i do not know what it could had happen in that moment :-P if I had touched her nice ass :-P, and instead, when she had ended the show :-P, i go at the bathroom, that it was situated at the external :-P, for one masturbation, but i not come right away :-P maybe because it was already enough wetted :-P, anyway thanks at my nice sister i had a very nice situation and a very nice view front to her exactacly like in this video namely from 0.00 until about 0.44-0.45 :-P because then after 0.44-0.45 of this video no :-P and also like in this video with the sequence to the contrary namely before with t-shirt on, and after with bra and panties only :-P, while i not was extended on the bed but sitting :-P. after the failed attempt at masturbation in the external bathroom :-P i have did a tour down at the bar, and then i am returned from her and she opens the door little because, with something in the hand, she's again undressed :-P (as it was before, namely with feet bare and with bra and panties only :-P) but this time the underwear is different (black both :-P), so i enter, with the excuse of take something, obviously for to see she again while she cover herself a bit above at her bust :-P, then I exit and i tell that i go to do another tour of under for to wait her for the dinner :-P. I must say that, unlike previous trips of commission in which I had the "faculty" to peek her in the middle of the legs during the train journeys, in this latter seemed, at the beginning, that the luck has me, for so to say, turned the shoulders to me because in the trip, that of going, she had, as i have recounted at the beginning of this story, from under an anorak, a jeans, so I could not peek her in way intense :-P, also if I was always very happy of to be very close to she :-P, but then the luck had rewarded me I would say even doubly when we then were arrived in the hotel-room :-P, I say it without too much euphemisms or for to do the buffoon :-P, when you have the sister hottie and you happen of to be close to her for a substantial time and then you they happen these beautiful distractions certainly you can stay a lot satisfied :-P. after the dinner and a little of exit of course, there is the return to the room, she sit on her bed and she takes off the leggings and she puts the pajama's pants, then she turns a little behind for take off her shirt and put the pajama's jacket, meanwhile I also change myself and, obviously, i myself turned a little toward she, i had a boxer wide (for any eventuality :-P) then we sleep in peace, namely I sleep in peace :-P. the next morning, she goes to the bathroom (always external :-P) for first and when she returns in the room she is always with the pajama and she tells me that i can go to the bathroom because she must dress and also says that she must put the stockings :-P, and so i was very glad :-P because i love watching girls in stockings or in pantyhose (in the specific case of my sis then... :-P), so I'm gone in the bathroom external :-P and, under the shower, i succeed right away at shoot myself a mega-handjob (i had enough of load :-P) thinking at her striptease of the evening before and at the stockings that she is putting :-P (we say also with the addition, namely when after her striptease that she had putted the nice black leggings with that beautiful doggy-style right front me :-P and then when i'm returned at room and she was again with bra and panties only and had a different underwear of that of before, but i think right that i not could to see her while she changed her underwear :-P, i should have gone away ... "you go away just a moment" she would told at me :-P, but anyway i not angry to myself for the hurry of to go at the external bathroom with the failed attempt of masturbation and that perhaps i'm haved myself losed an her second striptease while she takes off the leggings and the Shirt but, as i said before, i not could certainly to see her change of her bra and panties :-P, but anyway i could feel myself very satisfied for her initial striptease front to me :-P and then, as i recounted before, she was remained with only bra and panties for a bit of time :-P, and then at end of soiree always in the room while she puts the pajama :-P i always peeked her a bit :-P), and indeed then when i returned from her after my shower and consequent (thank to the thoughts on her :-P) masturbation under the shower, for my great pleasure :-P, she had a beautiful pantyhose black-transparent, with skirt obviously :-P, and for customary for she, when she has the pantyhose :-P, pleasant flat shoes :-P, and so i spended a nice day in to see her so :-P. after doing our commission we did the return trip always by bus, i not was sit front of she, but sideways, but i was the same very glad and, obviously, i had my cock still nice hard :-P. I think that maybe it will have been that bathroom external :-P the cause of her accidental and sudden striptease? :-P, and subsequently her changement of underwear, not in my presence as i told before :-P, and also a bit while she puts the pajama before that us sleep :-P, because maybe she did not trust too much of go to the bathroom external :-P, and then we said ourselves that there were no problems between bro and sis :-P, and therefore for this i think that she, without to do herself problems for my eventuals voyeurisms, she has started at undressed, and she was arrived at to remain, being also with feet bare, with bra and panties only :-P, she needed it at that moment of to change herself :-P, and I could not but be happy in that moment, but I could not thanks her at that moment :-P.
04-07-2021, at 10:48 AM

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