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The Art Teacher By Cactus Juggler

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The Art Teacher By Cactus JugglerA good story made by Cactus JugglerAs the teacher's voice droned on, Josh Lewis amused himself by imagining how she would look naked. He was pretty sure that her fine ass would look finer still bent over one of the drawing benches.Her name was Alana Summerville, and she'd told them all to just call her Alana. It was ironic that she disliked him as much as she did--she was the reason he'd chosen to take the class in the first place.After a friend had described her as the hottest art instructor at the college, he'd made sure to schedule himself for one of her classes when he made out his schedule for the next semester.Josh had to agree with Ted's opinion, she was gorgeous. Even though she must be in her early thirties, she had an amazing body. After his first look at her luscious, heart-shaped ass, he'd decided that he was going to enjoy this class.After a few weeks of the class he swore that he'd never choose a class based on instructor hotness again. The teacher was beautiful, but she was always on his case. She complained about his distinctive style of line drawing, which was quite different from her own. He had long since decided that he was a better artist than her anyway, so he thought it pointless to follow her direction.It didn't help that her figure drawing session was only offered in the evening. He had classes spread throughout the day, including an early morning class, on both days it met. He tended to be a night-owl, so those two days, Tuesday and Thursday, were the worst in his schedule because he couldn't sleep in on those mornings. That meant that he was tired and easily annoyed by the time he got to her class. That made it even harder to listen to her bitching at him.He had decided long before that her attitude was probably the result of her not getting enough sex, or at least not the right kind. Josh imagined how he'd straighten out her bitchiness, by bending her over one of the drawing horses and pounding her ass until she was begging him not to stop.The sound of a woman clearing her throat shook Josh from his daydream. When he looked up he realized that the beautiful teacher had stopped lecturing to direct her attention to him alone. Everyone in the open, warehouse-like space of the studio room stared."Am I boring you, Josh? Or do you just think you're so good that you can't learn anything here?" Her eyes flashed with anger.He decided it probably wouldn't help to reply that she was right on both counts, so he just smirked and shook his head.Her eyes flashed with anger and she moved to stand in front of his drawing bench. She glared down and he thought to himself that maybe he should have told her the truth after all. It looked like he was in trouble any way."Gather your things and come with me. Excuse us class, I'll be right back," she said.As many times as he had pushed her buttons, Josh was still a bit surprised by the apparent level of her anger. He consoled himself with the thought that at least he was going to get out of class early. He gathered his art supplies and rose to his feet. He followed her out of the room.She didn't stop in the hall, but instead strode angrily to the next door down. While she unlocked the door with a key, he wondered if she realized what a magnificent display of her rear she was providing him. Her tan pants couldn't have displayed her ass any more perfectly. The cotton cloth was stretched tight by her bountiful rear--so much so that he could see the outline of her panties.When she turned to look back at him, he jerked his eyes up. The teacher looked so angry that it was hard to tell if she'd even noticed he'd been staring at her.Alana flicked a switch and one set of the overhead lights flickered to life, creating a small area of brightness in the cavernous silent gloom. The dark room was a duplicate of the room next door, down to the small stage at the center and surrounding concentric semi-circles of drawing horses, staggered so that each had an unobstructed view of the center."Isn't this romantic?" he said as she turned to face him."Don't get smart with me. You're going to sit in here until class is over and then we're going to talk."Until class was over? They were only a half hour into the three hour time slot! They hadn't even started drawing yet!"What the hell am I supposed to do in here for two hours? You can't just leave me in here--I'm going home.""Don't make this worse, I'm in no mood. You have everything you need here. From the look on your face in class you must have been imagining something--you can spend your time drawing that.""Great. That will occupy the first ten minutes. It is quieter in here though . . . that *will* make it easier to nap," he said.She glared at him. Her face flushed and she trembled. He couldn't control the smirk that came to his face when he saw his barb had left her so angry that she was actually shaking. She turned and left him, stopping at the door to look back at him."Do you think this is funny? I hope so, because it's too late for you to drop, you know. Will you still be laughing when you get your 'F' for this class?"With that, she left him there. As much as it would suck to flunk the class, it wouldn't really matter in the grand scheme of things. She was so angry, he kept smiling at the thought as he set up his things on one of the better-lit drawing horses, a cheaply constructed combination of bench and easel.Straddling the bench he opened his pad and propped it up on the angled easel. He thought about what she'd said about drawing what he'd been daydreaming about. What if he did? The sight of her face when she saw it would be priceless. Besides, if she was going to flunk him anyway, what difference would it make?The thought of her reaction inspired him as he quickly worked. It was his style, free and unabashed, and it felt great. When he was done, he had to smirk at his own genius.It was her, bent over a drawing horse with her panties down around her thighs. He'd exaggerated the curve of her hips and drawn her face vaguely enough that she couldn't take him to the deans over it. On the paper she looked back at him with her tongue curling up between her lips and her eyes lidded low with an expression of slutty arousal. He decided it was the hottest erotic drawing he'd ever done.She was going to be furious when she saw it, and he looked forward to it. He stared at his own work, amazed. It was so hot that he could feel her begging for his cock just from looking at it. After she threw him out, he'd have to clean it up and ink it--it was gorgeous.Leaving the drawing in plain sight on the board, Josh lay back and relaxed. Gradually boredom and lack of sleep took over and he drifted off to sleep.**********Alana's anger built as she finished her discussion with the class and set them working. She didn't let it show to the rest of them, but was still furious at Josh. She loved teaching, but she was tired of dealing with smart-assed twenty year-old boys like him.Class after class it was the same. There was always some snot-nosed punk that thought it was okay to mouth off to her. She knew that because she was young and female they thought they could get away with it.She moved through the room, discussing each students work with them, but her mind still seethed at the thought of him. It was bad enough that he'd made her disturb the class, but then he'd had the balls to ogle her ass in the hall afterwards! What was wrong with men? Did they really think it was okay to just leer at every attractive woman that walked by? Did they think she liked having strangers stare at her rear?When the last stragglers of the class had departed, Alana returned to the room she'd left him in. The room was silent. At first she thought he'd just left, but then she saw him lying there.With mounting outrage she crept closer. She couldn't believe what she saw. He was actually asleep! As if she wasn't made enough already, here he was, flaunting his disrespect for her again.Her eyes opened wide when she saw the picture. It wasn't just obscene. The needy woman on the page was obviously meant to be *her*! She stared down at him peacefully sleeping and it made her fists clench.The thought of him thinking this dirty thoughts about her made her furious. She remembered the way he'd been amused by her anger before, and something inside her just snapped. He'd gone too far.He had to pay.******Josh awoke suddenly to find something soft and heavy covering his face. He struggled blindly against the suffocating force, which continued to deprive him of air. His nose and mouth were smashed flat under some sort of pillowy weight that crushed his head down against the wooden bench. Someone grabbed his wrists and held them down so that he felt even more helpless."How do you like my ass now, young man?" The familiar female voice rang in his ears.It was only then that he became alert enough to understand what was happening. In the dim light of the empty studio his eyes adjusted to the sight above him. The soaring curves that bulged over him, the warm, soft, smothering weight atop him--it was Alana's ass! The teacher was sitting on his face!"What's wrong Josh? You obviously are quite interested in my behind, from the looks of this crude drawing. Well I'm sick and tired of your behavior. You're about to learn a lesson you won't *ever* forget."She paused for a second and then he felt her weight come off his face. Her hands still kept his wrists pinned to her thighs as she looked angrily back down at him. He found himself staring up at the same curves he'd admired so often before while he gasped in a deep breath.When she noticed his gawking her eyes narrowed above him. She slammed her ass down onto his face again, hitting him so hard that he saw stars!"You will *respect* . . . *my* . . . *authority*!" She lifted her rear and rammed it back down on his face to emphasize each word.Underneath his teacher's rump, Josh lay battered and helpless. His face felt smashed, and he thought his nose might even be broken. It felt like Alana's ass, the former object of his lust, was *destroying* him.The beautiful teacher had settled her full weight on his head and even the tiniest breath was beyond him. Her ass engulfed his face, smothering him completely."Mmmm. I should have punished you like this a long time ago. It feels so good."Josh was beyond struggling now. All he could do was lay there at her mercy, helpless. As his lungs burned Josh couldn't believe what was happening to him. He was going to pass out soon--pass out under his teacher's ass!"How are you doing, Josh?" she said.She lifted herself off of his face for a moment, and he could only wheeze and cough as he fought to fill his tortured lungs with air."Not nearly such a smart-ass now, are you? Are you ready for some more? *I* am."Alana laughed before slapping her ass back down in his face. She settled in again. Her round buttocks formed a near-perfect seal over Josh's face. He was terrified."I could just sit here until you were dead. Wouldn't that be poetic justice. The snotty boy who loves to stare at women's asses getting smothered to death by one. That's too easy though--when I'm done you'll wish I had killed you."For many long minutes she smothered him, only letting him catch a small breath here and there. When she let him breathe his arms and legs hung limply. He was so weak that he could barely move at all."Worthless little shit. I should have done this to you before. This feels *so* good."Alana climbed off of him and worked off her pants. His head lolled back against the bench as he stared at her with a mixture of relief and shock. The fresh air rushing into his lungs felt wonderful, but why was she undressing herself? As frightened as he was of her, he still couldn't help entertaining the notion that there was some chance that the strange situation was going to turn into something more enjoyable."I know how much you love my ass Josh, so now I have a real treat for you. No more pants in the way of what you want." Alana said.She moved over his head again and his fear returned. He wasn't going to get lucky at all--she was going to smother him again! He was too weak to try to resist her, though. Without thinking he found himself begging as she moved over him once more, "Please . . . I-I'm sorry.""No talking! Haven't you learned to keep your mouth shut yet? Bad little boys, who speak when they shouldn't, get their faces sat on."Her ass descended towards him and he stared up with horror at the beautiful, but terrifying sight. Alana sank onto him, causing his nose to jam her panties up into her crack. Her warm ass-cheeks sealed down around his face, stealing his breath away again."There, that should shut you up. Just lay there and take it, you little shit. Lay there and smell my butt."To Josh's humiliation he found the sensation and scent of having her ass on his face was turning him on. It felt so much softer and warmer without her pants between them. He still couldn't breathe, but his cock stiffened in his pants anyway."Are you enjoying this? Did I say you could enjoy this?"He felt her hand slide over his straining erection. Her hand reached lower until he felt her take rough hold of his balls through his pants."If you mess yourself I swear I'll crush your little berries. Do you understand me?"When she touched him down there the combination of sensations was too much for him to take. Smelling her ass and feeling it on his face, being dominated by a woman--it all combined to push him over the edge. He groaned into her imprisoning buttocks as his cock erupted into his pants."You little shit! I told you," she said, and then pain exploded from his crotch as she squeezed his testicles with vicious force.His back arched in a useless attempt to escape the pain that just made Alana squeeze harder. He howled at the pain but her ass swallowed the sound as well as it swallowed his breath."Does that hurt? Too bad. That's what you get for letting your little thing get hard. I'm going to let you breathe, but if you scream I swear I'll crush them completely," she said, giving him a little squeeze for emphasis that made his stomach flip flop again.When she finally let go of his crotch and lifted up, tears poured from his eyes. He whimpered as he gasped for breath, unable to believe the nightmare he experienced could be real .After that, everything became a painful, breathless fog for Josh. He sobbed and sniffled for every miserable breath she allowed as she smothered him for what seemed like an eternity.She smothered him with her ass until he was too weak to move. He was overcome by the sensation of her soft warm ass-flesh on his face. The smell of her pungent ass odor filled his lungs. His terror grew with every breathless moment.Worse still were the humiliating words of this beautiful woman as she laughed at his pain. Everything about his perilous situation combined to make her total superiority to him clear. With each tiny breath he was allowed, Josh's horror began anew as he was plunged again into the prison of her ass-crack.She rode him like that, grinding her ass in his face, until he was felt like a thoughtless mass of jelly. Alana used her body to take him to the brink of suffocation again and again, until his pain and fear melded into outright terror. Helpless and broken, he was beyond rejoicing when she finally climbed off of him and turned around."I think I may have a use for you after all," she told him as she faced towards him.Alana sat on his face again. This time she rubbed her crotch in his face. Her panties were damp and hot on his nose and mouth. He only barely comprehended that the aroma he now smelled was the scent of her arousal. After a few minutes of this new form of oxygen deprivation, Josh was only half aware that his teacher was getting off on his face as she moaned and humped above him.She lifted off of him again and he lay still. Air, precious air, that was all he cared about. He gasped it in with helpless need."I can't take it anymore. I'm taking off these panties and then I'm going to let you try to please me. And you'd better, because if I don't cum I might just smother you to death."Josh's head lolled to the side and he saw what should have been a beautiful sight--Alana taking off her panties."Catch your breath little boy. I expect you to do more than just lay there," she said.She straddled him once more, sitting high up on his chest. He gasped and coughed and slowly recovered his breath. He watched as she rubbed herself with deliberate care."You've probably never seen a pussy outside of the dirty magazines you keep under your bed. This is what a real woman's pussy looks like. Get a good look, because if you don't do what I want it's going to be the last thing you ever see."Alana slid a finger into her wet folds and then touched it to his lips."Suck it."He took the wet finger into his mouth and sucked at it's feminine flavor. Alana looked pleased at his acquiescence. She slid forward until her pubic hair touched his chin. Her hands moved down to take rough hold of his head. She pulled his face up towards her so that his mouth was jammed into her crotch. Her wet slit smeared against his lips and nose."Now lick it. Lick my pussy, you worthless little shit."Josh didn't think of resisting her. He lapped at her sopping cunt with fearful eagerness, any possibility of being aroused by the act now beaten from his tortured body. He was just happy that she wasn't smothering him. He would have done anything to avoid angering her then.She moaned as he worked his tongue on her. His strength returned as he worked, and he began to eat her pussy in earnest. He licked and slurped with all his growing energy while she gloated above him."That's it you little bitch. Eat my pussy. Show me who's in charge. Get your worthless little tongue up in there and work it. Come on, eat me right or I'll smother you in pussy."His head ached and his balled throbbed with pain, but having a beautiful woman degrade him while he licked her still turned him on. He was humiliated by her words, by the shameful ease with which she controlled him, but still his body responded to her. He licked faster and harder as he tried desperately to please her."Oh yes. Oh yes. Suck it! Oh my god yes! Eat-my cunt. Eat it. Oh fuck. Oh fuck fuck fuck, fuck, fuck--there, oh . . . oh!"He felt her weight shudder atop him and then she cried out. Her hands kept his face pulled painfully forward, her hips grinding her drooling heat against him as he slurped up her juices.After a moment, she climbed stiffly off of him. Alana looked down at him with obvious contempt before she turned and moved to straddle him again. She took her place on his upper chest again and he stared at her rear, which now loomed directly in front of him."This is what you wanted, isn't it. My *ass*. It's obvious from this picture that you like it. Tell me how much you love my ass little boy," she said, twisting around to watch his face."I love your ass," he said, his voice soft and meek before her."Is it beautiful?""Yes.""Do you love everything about it?""Yes.""I could smother you again with it right now-do you fear it?""Yes.""It controls you now, doesn't it?""Yes.""It owns you now, you are its slave. Isn't that right?""Y-Yes."She smiled at his admission."You want to worship it, don't you?""Yes." He said more firmly."Show me. Worship it. Worship my ass," she said.She reached back to spread her cheeks with her hands before lowering herself onto his face. He pushed his tongue up against her asshole and she laughed. She hovered over him, letting him lick her for a few moments before he felt her sit all the way down again. He was smothering again, buried in her bare ass."Remember little boy: as much as you love my ass, it will destroy you if you displease me. You are my toy and I can do with as I please. I *own* you," she said, her voice sounding impossibly calm to him as he struggled to breathe.She sat there longer and longer until it felt like his lungs would explode. His heart pounded in his chest and he felt panic seize him. He tried to wiggle free enough to get a breath, but it was hopeless."Stop fighting it and give in. Give yourself to my ass. You can't resist it, just let it take control of you. Surrender to my ass."He just lay still under her, his lungs burning and his brain on fire. In his oxygen-starved brain her ass was taking control of him. He couldn't resist it. It did own him. As he blacked out the last thing he heard was her mocking laughter.*******Alana watched Josh's chest slowly rise and fall. It had felt so good to feel him snuffing out beneath her that she'd had to fight the urge to just stay there until the little shit was done.The feeling of power it had given her was amazing. Everything she'd done from the time she'd locked the door to the studio and attacked him had just felt so liberating, so *right*.When she looked down at him sleeping there, probably dreaming about her ass, she'd been furious. She stared at him and thought to herself that he was only an inch taller than her, and probably didn't weigh much more. She thought about how good it would feel to *make* him show her the respect she'd deserved, and the she couldn't stop herself.Once she'd gotten started, she couldn't stop herself. She didn't want to--it felt too good to be in control to give it up. Alana knew she'd gone too far, but even still she wanted more.Alana dressed herself and waited next to him. When Josh awoke five minutes later, he brought his hands up to his face and groaned."It's about time you woke up. Get up," she said.He noticed her standing over him for the first time and she delighted at the immediate look of fear that came to him. Alana turned in place where she stood as he sat upright. She looked back over her shoulder at him, and was pleased to see him staring down at her rear. She knew he wasn't looking at it with the lust he had before. Now he looked mesmerized by it, as if it really did control his mind."Go on little boy. Get down on your knees and kiss it."She watched as he stiffly moved behind her. He pressed his lips into her crack and she laughed at the sight."Good boy. Get your face in there nice and deep," she said him, pushing her ass back into his face.Alana reached back and held his face deep in her ass for a moment, savoring the profane scene. What she had done was wrong, but how could she resist the sight of him like that, broken and fearful of her? How could she resist something that felt so good? Wrong or not, she couldn't let it end. She pushed him away with a flick of her hips."Get your things. I'm assigning you some homework tonight. At *my* home."She smiled as he meekly gathered his things and followed her to the door.*******Josh's followed her in a daze. Just keeping up with her on the way to her car was difficult--he couldn't seem to catch his breath. His cheekbones and nose felt hot and sensitive. His balls throbbed with agonizing pain when he lowered himself into the passenger seat of her car. His whole body ached--even his tongue felt thick and sore in his mouth.Sitting there he sniffed and realized that he could still smell and taste her on his face. The memory of being trapped under her beautiful body brought a fresh wave of terror. That wasn't the only feeling that thinking of her caused, though.It was humiliating, but he couldn't deny the arousal he felt. How could he be turned on by someone who had treated him so badly? Why couldn't he bring himself to flee?He closed his eyes, trying to ease the headache that made it so hard for him to think. What thoughts he did have were of how beautiful her ass really was, about how wonderful her pussy tasted.What was wrong with him? When he thought about how scared and helpless he'd felt beneath her, he couldn't help imaging her doing it to him again! It was shameful, but on some level he had to admit that he loved the way it felt when she dominated him.When the car stopped he opened his eyes to find they were parked in the driveway of a house."Come on. Bring your things," she said.Josh avoided her gaze. Looking straight at her just intensified the humiliating feelings of fear and desire. He followed her inside and set down his things where she indicated. Once she locked the door behind them, Alana seemed to change. She looked more confident, and somehow even sexier."Get in there," she said, pushing him into what looked like her living room. "Lay down on the floor."He lowered himself to her carpeted floor and Alana moved to stand over him. She faced his feet and he stared up at her gorgeous rear with helpless need. Her ass did control him. No matter how much the loss of control was scary, he couldn't deny it then--he wanted her to do it again."Don't just stare at my ass, look at me," she demanded.Josh lifted his eyes to meet her gaze. She really was beautiful. When would he ever get a chance to touch her body like this? It was worth going along with whatever perverted little games she wanted to play--he could always stop her if he wanted, right? After all, she was just a woman. She'd surprised him in the studio, and then pushed him until he was too dazed to fight."Say something smart now, mister."He just lay there, confused by her request. Her eyes narrowed, and then she lifted one foot and pressed it to his crotch."Do you need encouragement? I want to hear your little smart mouth run now," she said, and he felt her foot start to mash down against his sore crotch."No, wait!""Come on, we're all alone now. When we were alone earlier you had something to say about it. What did you say?"He searched his memory for a moment. Pain exploded through him as she put more weight on the foot crushing his balls, and the pain jogged his memory."Isn't this romantic?" he said in a rush.She relented her trampling attack and smiled."That's better. Go on, smart-ass. Say something else. You think you're too good an artist to learn anything from me, don't you? Say it," she demanded.He was too frightened by the threat of her foot on his crotch to try to resist her."I-I'm a better artist than you are.""Yes, yes. Tell me what you really think. You think I'm just a weak woman who can't tell you what to do, right?""Yes.""You think women are inferior to men, don't you?"Her voice sounded more urgent with each demand. Why did she want him to say things like this? She looked angrier with every passing minute."Yes.""Tell me the truth, did you think about fucking me?"Was there really a chance that she was going to have sex with him?"Yes!"She made a sort of snarling noise and lowered herself towards him then. The tight material of her pants, stretched tight across her round bottom, filled his view as she sat down onto his face."Why you little impertinent shit. We'll just see how big you feel when I'm done with you," she said.His head felt like it would burst when she mashed her full weight down on him. This wasn't the soft, warm embrace of her buttocks that he'd felt earlier--this was the same sort of punishing treatment he'd woken up to the first time. In pain and unable to breathe, his fear returned with full forceThe seconds ticked by and still she didn't let him breathe. His heart pounded and his fear grew to a panicked terror. Was she trying to kill him? Why had he played along with her, helped her work up her anger?He tried to struggle, but she didn't seem to have any trouble keeping him pinned and soon he felt himself grow even weaker. She grunted and jammed her ass down even harder and he shuddered as a helpless twitch ran through him. He was going to die, die right there on her living room floor in this humiliating position.The darkness, when it came, was almost a relief.********Alana tied Josh's hands and feet while he lay u*********s. She stripped down to just her underwear, and when he woke up she used her ass to smother him out again.When he woke up the next time, he begged her to stop when she moved over him again. It was exhilarating. Alana delighted to hear Josh's pitiful little cries cut off when she sat back down on his face. She held complete power over him, and she loved the feeling.After that she took him right to the edge, again and again. She spent an hour like that, grinding her ass in his face until his trembling body signaled its surrender. Then, while he gasped for breath she'd make him kiss her ass or admit to her superiority.Every time she did it to him she grew hotter, until finally she couldn't resist the urge to let him pleasure her. She stripped off the panties and rode his tongue until she came.She rewarded his good work with a suffocating pussy smother that made him see stars. After that she alternated between smothering him and getting herself off until she couldn't take it any more.By that point, Josh had not just ceased to resist her but ceased to do anything. He just lay there and took whatever she gave him. When she demanded he do something, he obeyed immediately.She made him spend the night tied up on her bedroom floor. On and off throughout the night she awoke to the sound of him moaning in pain, and sometimes she heard him softly sobbing, which made her smile.The next day she didn't have any classes to teach so she continued on her mission to break her captive boy. When she wasn't smothering him or beating him, she took to making him draw for her.He drew picture after picture, each depicting her dominating him. She made him draw himself smothering under her ass. In others he depicted himself licking her rear and kissing her feet.Alana kept him weak and confused with her constant smothering torture as the days passed. He was probably missing classes, work, and appointments with his friends, but she didn't care. She couldn't get enough of dominating himShe formed him into a perfect little slave boy. He did whatever she wanted, whenever she wanted, however she wanted it. He became her smother toy.When Tuesday came around she had to leave him to teach her morning class. She didn't worry about him escaping though. She just gave him his homework assignment and left him there, secure in the knowledge that he was too broken to run.He was so afraid of her then that it was actually sort of cute. When she'd told him to draw a picture of himself fucking her from behind, he'd actually cowered at the thought.When she returned from her class, Alana stripped and made him kneel behind her while she reviewed his work. As she looked over the filthy image, the young man who'd been so rude and arrogant, only days before, eagerly tongued her asshole.Dominating Josh, turning him into this ass-worshiping zombie-toy was the most exciting and erotic moment of her life. She felt so alive, so powerful and in control. She didn't know how he had broken down so completely, and she didn't care. He deserved it anyway, the little shit.She pushed him away and turned to hold the picture in front of him. "Get a good look at this, boy. Because this is the closest you will ever come to fucking me. Get your tongue in my pussy and I'll tell you what you're going to do with this," she said.As Josh began to lick her, Alana explained to him what she had planned.*********That night at class, Josh sat down quietly without speaking to the students around him. When he took out his pad and supplies, he let the drawing flutter out of his portfolio exactly as she'd ordered.It landed by the feet of the girl next to him. When she picked it up, her mouth dropped open and she was frozen."Alana?" the female student said."Yes Melinda?""I think you should look at this."Alana walked over and looked down at the drawing, which clearly showed a boy who looked like Josh fucking a woman who looked like her from behind. The hastily penciled title removed any doubt, though. It read: "Fucking My Art Teacher".She gasped in a breath as she feigned outrage at the sight. It wasn't hard to work up a fake rage at him, even though he had drawn it under her command. All it took was remembering how he'd made her feel when he talked back to her the week before. She took the picture in one hand and grabbed Josh by the shoulder with the other.The class erupted in hushed whispering as she dragged him roughly from the room. She left the door open while she shouted at him in the hall, enjoying the added humiliation she was visiting on him by doing it within earshot of his classmates.After she sent him away she paused in the hall holding the picture. She thought it best to let the class think she needed time to calm down before she returned. In reality, she felt better than ever. Josh was on his way to gather his clothes and take them to her house, and he'd be waiting for her when she got home.When she showed the filthy picture to the dean Josh would be thrown out of the college for certain. Getting tossed would leave him free to spend all his time with her. Besides, she planned to give him all the education he'd need.He wasn't going to need a degree for his purpose in life--studying the fine art of being her slave. She smiled as she thought about how good it was going to feel when she celebrated getting him expelled by making him beg to lick her ass.He still had a lot to learn, but she could handle it. She was, after all, an excellent art teacher.-The End-
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