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A Weekend with kpop_fan: Saturday Morning

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A Weekend with kpop_fan: Saturday Morning"Oh, god. This is so humiliating... I can't believe I let you cum in me... I didn't even put up a fight." You put your head down on the bed. "And it's still only Friday.""Where did I cum, slut?""In my ass," your voice was muffled by the bedclothes."Where?" I pressed. You lifted your head."In my ass. You put your dick in my ass and fucked me there. In my yellow ass. And you came in me. I can feel it still oozing out of me." I slapped your ass again."Does it turn you on, bitch?""Yes," you sighed."Does it?""Yessss, white master..." you hissed, grinding against the mattress. "Follow me, slut." I walked into the bathroom. You slowly pulled yourself up off the bed. "What now, master?""Get into the tub.""But it's got the towels in it..." you protested."I know," I said, nodding. "Get in and kneel on your piss-soaked towels." You got in the tub and kneeled down."You've had my cum all over you all afternoon. Now it's time for a shower." You moved to touch the faucet. "Uh-uh?that's not what I mean." I moved closer to the tub and began pissing on you."Oh my god, what are you doing?!" you shouted. You flinched away, closed your eyes, and brought your hands up to cover your face as I directed my stream into your hair and at your mouth. "This is too much?oh my god! This is so degrading...""You're my slave, Christine" I said as I continued pissing on you, "My pet. My toy. I do what I want to you." As I finished, I shook my cock to splash you with the last few drops. "You're less than nothing, slut. You only exist for my entertainment... my pleasure..."***We spent the night fucking and licking and drinking. But the next morning, I had a special plan for you. I ordered room service. I let you come up onto the bed from your spot on the floor. I had you lay on your stomach with your head and most of your upper body covered with pillows and sheets. But, your bottom half was totally exposed... I bent your left leg up, positioning you to give a clear view of your ass and your pussy lips?still swollen from being used all night?sticking wetly out. Perfect."What are you doing?" you asked, "Posing me? Are you going to take pictures for my profile? But the room service will be here..." Your voice trailed off as you realized I was putting you in position for the hotel employee to "accidently" see you."When he comes, pretend you are asleep," I ordered. You were quiet. I put on a t-shirt and jeans. After a few minutes, there was a sharp knock at the door. I smiled and walked over to open it. "Hello, sir," said the delivery guy, standing behind a cart, "I have your breakfast right here." He was exactly what I had hoped for: white guy in his thirties... the kind of guy with little to lose. He was also wearing a wedding band. Even better..."Oh," I said, "please put it by the bed. Let me get you a tip." I turned and opened the closet door, pretending to go through my bag. The employee wheeled the cart over to the bed and stopped. He immediately noticed you... and couldn't take his eyes off your pussy. He stood there, waiting for me, instead of coming back towards the door. As I made him wait, he began blushing and shuffling his feet. Still, he stayed by you... looking..."Well," I said, closing the closet door and turning to block his exit, "I don't seem to have any cash." At the sound of my voice, he snapped his attention to me like a c***d caught misbehaving. I nodded towards the bed. "Yeah, Christine partied a little too much last night. I think she's out cold." I walked closer and pretended to suddenly notice you were exposed. I looked at your pussy, then back to the employee."Sir, I?I?" he stammered."Hey, hey," I reassured him, "don't worry. It's not like she's my wife or girlfriend or anything. We're just friends who both needed to come to Chicago. We decided to stay together to save some money. But this room only had the one bed..." Once he got my permission, the employee's gaze returned to your pussy. I don't know if he was even hearing what I was saying to him. "I crashed early, but Christine went out drinking with some friends... she used to live here. Looks like she sleeps nude, huh?" I walked around to where the employee was standing to get a better look at you. I could see your pussy lips getting darker as you felt this stranger's gaze on your most private parts. "You know, I've always had a bit of a crush on her. If I had seen her like this before you got here, I would have jerked off on her." The employee licked his dry lips."Yeah," he said hoarsely, "I would do the same." We stood there a few more seconds. I could swear I saw some wetness well-up and trickle out of your cunt."Hey," I said, putting my hand on his shoulder, "why don't we?""Why don't we what?" he said, finally tearing his eyes away from you."Jerk off on her." I smiled. "Go ahead?consider it your tip." The employee shook his head as if to clear it. "I don't know. I might get fired, man.""Come on, it's not like we're going to fuck her... I know Christine, and she'd be cool with it. It might even turn her on.""Really?""Sure. Look at her! She came in and on the first night gets totally wasted, then sleeps buck-naked in a room with her 'friend.'" The employee tilted his head and looked back at you."Are we doing it together?" he asked, "that's kind of gay..." I almost kicked him out then for being intolerant. But I had too much invested in this now."Hey, I'll go in the bathroom and play a game on my phone or something. You jerk off, then leave. I'll wait until you go and then do it, too.""Fuck," he said smiling, "why not?"I grabbed my phone and went into the bathroom. Of course I left the door open enough that I could record the whole thing. But from where I was, the employee couldn't easily see what I was doing (the bathroom was dark, but the curtains were wide-open and the room was very bright). The employee didn't waste any time. He unzipped his pants and pulled out his dick. At first I was disappointed... he wasn't just small-minded, but small-cocked, too... but then I realized he was just going to cum on you?not fuck you. Size really didn't matter for this. He immediately went to work jerking himself with his right hand as he leaned in. He braced himself on the bed with his left hand as he grunted. I was wondering what you were thinking...After about a minute, he must have been getting close, because he was really flailing and turning red. He actually reached out and started moving his left hand up your leg. At his first touch, you flinched ever so slightly, but he didn't seem to notice. Then he got really bold: he grabbed your ass and started kneading it. When you didn't seem to wake up, he pressed further and edged his hand close to your pussy. He looked like he was just about to put his thumb in you when he gave a bigger grunt and started breathing heavily.Although his dick was small, it packed some power! He started spurting all over your legs and ass?cum even flew up and got in your hair poking from between the pillows! As soon as he shot his load all over you, he quickly zipped up and headed out the door.Jeez, I thought, he didn't even say he'd send the maid up...At the sound of the door closing, you sat up?hair disheveled, breasts exposed... too beautiful. I was going to have to watch that I kept this strictly about the fucking."So, whore, I just used your body as a tip for that hotel guy. You're a commodity to be traded or given to whoever I want... just a toy...""You just used me to trade for a two-dollar tip. Is that what I'm worth? Two dollars?" I walked over and grabbed a fistful of your hair and pulled you towards me. I wasn't sure how you were going to react to that..."You do what I tell you to do, you cheap-ass slut." There was a pause as I waited for your response. But then you accepted it."Yes, master.""Good girl," I praised you, "let's eat."
04-07-2021, at 10:49 AM

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