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Naked legal - chapter 3: Jake?s team

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NAKED LEGAL - CHAPTER 3: JAKE?S TEAMdeletedCHAPTER 3: JAKE?S TEAMThe times that followed proved to be both surprising and not surprising. I found it surprising how I could become engrossed in the details of a case or client information at my desk or even sometimes while in consultation with one of the other members of the team. But, it was also not surprising how a simple touch by one of them or catching one of them with a lingering gaze upon my exposed body would cause me to instantly become aroused. And, though I could frequently focus around that arousal, the evidence of it would be shown on my body through a flushed response in my skin, erect nipples, or a moist spot left on a chair when I got up to leave. The other indicators of my arousal were like a tease, but the damp marks left on chairs were like a neon flashing advertisement.As the time passed, my workload was increased very quickly from reviewing files and cases (current and past) to active involvement. As my workload increased, I found the sexual interruptions decreased ? somewhat. The first couple days it was like I was being ravaged by everyone. Mr. Franklin confided in me while I was again under his desk sucking his cock while he worked that my heavy use initially was to get everyone past the timid, awkward stage of the new arrangement. And, it had worked. Even if I wasn?t constantly being ravaged all day, anymore, I was frequently touched intimately and open discussions were held about what necklaces set off my breasts best or if my pussy should be completely cleaned or a thin patch of trimmed hair might be left above it. They always liked for me to open my legs for that consideration, but they always ended up agreeing I should remain completely clean.Recent discussions began revolving around possible piercings of my body, which resulted in the close handling of my nipples, clit hood, and pussy lips. Mr. Franklin assured me any body modifications like that would be entirely up to me. Of course, those assurances generally came while I was sucking his cock, too.There would be several days in a row when I spent my sexual time sucking them while they worked and that included Marjorie, too. That allowed the office to be more effective while still receiving satisfaction. It took away from my effectiveness in the office, but that was dependent on the measurement used. My effectiveness at the office might be high in terms of pleasure provided or low in terms of work completed. The time I spent in the office slowly increased to compensate for the diversion of pleasing the office.The days when I was relegated to providing oral pleasure left me unsatisfied, though. The combination of taking my office-mates to noisy orgasms, being naked, and being frequently touched and teased left me wanting for my own pleasure release. Several times, Mr. Franklin exerted his control onto me further by prohibiting me from pleasuring myself. The sexual tension within me would build up to a fever point until they would use me in a mini-gangbang at the end of the day, leaving me exhausted and limp, but finally content.* * * * *Jake invited me out for some clubbing. I had been with the firm for a couple months and everyone in the firm was very close, especially with me. I had been quietly away from the office with Marjorie, Mark, and Jake before, though, those times were generally for a dinner followed by some quiet one-to-one time together. Sex was a big part of my relationship with all of them but I didn?t regret that or blame them for sex eventually being a part of any time anyone got together with me. I had discovered just how big a part of my very being sex really was. Before, I had the feeling that sex was a perverted outlet for release from all the pretending I was doing in my life. I came to realized through the office that sex was not just a release, sex was a part of me that once revealed in all its glory openly was a big part of me, maybe even an equal part of me. Which wasn?t to say I didn?t take my legal duties seriously or work at the social connections to understand the others. I did all that with great relish and very possibly because I was being so fulfilled in this current life I was able to give back to them fully in every way.In quiet alone times, I frequently tried to make sense out of what happened to me and how it all worked out to allow me to feel so worthwhile and fulfilled. Rationally, it didn?t make a lot of sense that being giving a choice of practicing law without a license if I embarrassed and humiliated myself in the office with nudity and sexual availability should give me that feeling of contentment. Rationally, being able to practice law again by demeaning myself might give me some satisfaction but be accompanied by resentment that would continue to build with me. Or, if the resentment didn?t build, it might take away my feeling worth and personal value.Those rational considerations, though, could only consider what ?someone? might feel, but certainly not me. My office life was not embarrassing, humiliating, or demeaning. Why wasn?t it? Who could know. I might try to understand why it wasn?t, but why bother when it was what made me content and happy and fulfilled. I would sit in my nice apartment across the street from the office and smile at the reflection of myself in the expansive windows in the darkness of night. I was often in nothing but an elegant, sheer negligee with a glass of wine lounging in a chair in the living room facing the windows. The apartment I didn?t have to vacate, after all. Wearing a negligee I was told to expense because it might come in handy at some point, though it hadn?t ? not yet.A smile would always grow on my face at some point in the musing, too. Every time. Because, inevitably, those musings would find the fingers of my free hand caressing a breast through the opening the lovely gown. And, those same fingers would always find there way meandering down my body with my legs naturally uncrossing to explore my always wet pussy.Jake?s invitation was different. Jake didn?t suggest a quiet one-on-one evening. He suggested something more noisy and active. He wanted to take me to his favorite club, a live-music, dancing, nightclub atmosphere. I admitted it sounded like fun and he guaranteed it. He said there was one problem with it, though, and that was he needed to meet with his associates, but if I was willing to take a cab to the club, he would take care of my every wish and need after I arrived. That was too enticing to pass up.* * * * *?Did you do it?? The meeting of associates was with the two men he had served with in the service and at the security company. They were now freelancing on their own and also on retainer to Jake and the firm.?Yeah, man, like we said we would. It wasn?t even that hard.??Yeah, we thought we might be able to intimidate someone along the way, but no such luck.?They both laughed, ?Who knew these gangbang parties would be so cooperative.? Jake just gazed at them trying to remain patient to get the information. ?Okay, so this organizer has a pretty cool system setup. He gets signatures of all participants to document age and consent while marking off identification in case of any kind of suit later on. He?s especially careful of the women participants but does it for everyone.?Jake thought about it, ?Was it his video that went to the disbarment hearing???No, that was the deal. The organizer was kind of pissed because the woman didn?t accept being filmed with her face showing. Someone screwed up on his end. When that happens, they normally give the participant something to cover the eyes to hide their face but allow for oral access. In this case, she rejected it, but nobody caught it at the time. So, his film hasn?t been released, yet. He?s forced to go frame by frame to blur her face wherever it appears.??Yeah, he said he almost trashed the video but decided it was too good. You?ve seen it, right? She?s really something.?Jake ignored that, ?So, where did the video come from???Well, that was the deal. We thought the leaked video came from the guy somehow, but it didn?t. So, we pushed him. Who else was videoing, then???He knew immediately and when he started talking we knew we had the guys. He remembered these three guys who didn?t really fit with the crowd that usually signs up for these things. He described them as arrogant, self-important, yuppy types.??Lawyers, right???Yeah, who better to take video to get another lawyer in trouble than other lawyers.??So, we pushed on those guys. Though this organizer was busy filming himself, he remembered those three have a great time between themselves, laughing and commenting on the woman. He said he saw them using a phone capturing the action several times, though it was not supposed to be allowed.?Jake asked, ?Why didn?t he take it away, then.??Jake, the guy makes money organizing gangbangs and filming it for the internet. This isn?t a place where high ethics is practiced.??Bottom line ???We tracked them down by contacting some of the other participants. There were several who had good recollection and weren?t happy about the vibe they gave off. You know ? everyone was there to fuck a woman?s brains out and these three were on some kind of a trip of their own. As you said, bottom line, we got their names and contact information from the organizer, tracked them down, located their offices, and photographed them. We?ll have the final report in your email box tomorrow morning. Anything else you need??Jake was all smiles, ?No. Thanks. This means a lot to me.??We figured as much. How did this become personal, man??Jake didn?t get the chance to answer that question directly.* * * * *I walked into the club and felt more than a little intimidated. It had been forever since I had ventured into any place like this. And, I was already attracting attention because of the way I was dressed.I had asked Jake how I should dress for the evening. He put it off that this was after-hours, I could do what I wanted. I told him I wanted to make him happy at which he said I always did and we both laughed. But then he relented and suggested, only suggested, the shortest, full skirt I owned with a semi-sheer, form-fitting blouse. He got his wish exactly after I rushed out to buy just the outfit he described. With it, I added lace-trimmed thigh-highs combined with matching lace thong and bra. The skirt barely covered the lace of the stockings when I stood.I spotted Jake in a booth on the opposite side of the entrance near the empty dance floor. Either the band was on break or had not started for the evening. He hadn?t noticed me so I walked toward him, noticing the two men sitting opposite him in the booth. Apparently, the meeting went long.?Am I too early?? They must have been in deep discussion because I was standing next to the table and took them all by surprise.Jake recovered quickly, though. He slid out from the booth and took me around the shoulders with a feeling he was suddenly wanting to protect me. He introduced me to his two associates and explained how they knew each other. Tim and Blake. Just first names. They slid out of the booth, too. I shook hands with each of them and I could see by the looks between them that they were dying to say something, but were resisting.?Okay, listen ? you guys take a few minutes and finish up. I?ll go in search of a wine.? They thanked me and I wound my way through the milling crowd to the bar, half expecting to be felt up with each step.* * * * *After I had turned from the booth and stepped away, Jake?s friends blurted it out, ?She?s the one! Jake, she?s the one in the video. Damn, I think she?s hotter in person.??True, but she is also a new member of our office team and a brilliant legal mind. You might want to watch your lawyer jokes when she returns.?They looked at each other, then gave Jake knowing smiles. ?That?s why this is personal. You?ve gotten to know her and you like her. She might have done the things that got her into ethics or moral trouble, but it was those three who took advantage of it and reported it.??Yes. Another little note is that where they all work is the same law office where she used to work and was the rising star in the firm.??Wow ? so office politics and jealousy rear their ugly heads.? Shaking his head, Blake added, ?How many times do we see people doing stupid things because of career greed and manipulation.? They all nodded. ?Lucky we have such simple aspirations, huh?? This time they laughed.* * * * *?Well, it looks like you got through the heavy stuff.? Jim and Blake started to get up but I stopped them and suggested they join us for a bit longer. ?Jake and I thought it would be nice to get to know each other a little better.? I gave Jake a wicked smile and winked at the other two, ?And, nobody can shine a light on someone like their friends.? Jake appeared nervous and the other two laughed at that while promising to behave and not let out too many secrets.Joining us for another drink turned into much more. The band started up and the dancers came out in force. Not that I was ever much of a dancer, but Jake had me out there with him in short order to a mix of fast, sexy, and slow numbers. The band was excellent at mixing the tempo and the energy. After a few tunes, Blake came out and cut-in, followed by Tim. After several rotations, I had to call a timeout to rest. Unlike them, I had been dancing non-stop.We talked and shared. I learned, mostly through the teasing they gave each other, that this was a small group with more in common than being three large and strong black men. The band started the next set with a slow number to get a few dancers out to the floor. Jake led me out with him. He was a pretty good dancer because I knew I wasn?t but he had me looking adequate out there. I looked up at him, ?They?re more than friends and associates to you, aren?t they??He pulled me in close to avoid my eyes. ?What do you mean???Big macho guys can?t stand someone seeing that, huh??He sighed. I felt his chest deflate with the release of air from his lungs and his hands tense just before they relaxed and slid over my body. ?Pretty smart, aren?t you?? I nodded. He turned us and I caught sight of the booth and the other two watching us and sharing something between them. ?Yeah ? it can happen if you are lucky enough, I guess. We served two combat tours together. We saved each other?s butts just enough times to make it back home. We went into private security work together initially, then I moved on, but if any of us needed ANYTHING, the others would be there without question.?I looked back up at him, ?Was that what this job was? Did you need something? You needed something you couldn?t go out and get for some reason??He looked deeply into my penetrating eyes, then pulled me back into his chest. ?Yes. I needed something. Very personal.? I nodded. That was all there was going to be, so I nodded, not to my understanding but to my acceptance.I spoke quietly into his chest, ?Do you want to share me with them??He stopped us on the floor and held me a foot away, ?I didn?t invite you here to do that.??I didn?t and don?t think that. But, I did think we would enjoy more of the evening after the club. I think you did, too. I was just thinking that we?ve been drinking, getting to know each other, and having fun. I understand how close you guys are now so I just thought ??He studied me. ?Would you??I smiled coyly, ?Only if you ask.? I reached up and kissed him. ?When you guys came back from a Special Operation, did you ever find a woman to share?? He shook his head, no. ?Ever get drunk and talk about it?? He got a nervous, guilty look and gazed over my shoulder to the booth.He nodded as the music shifted faster and louder and he nearly had to yell, ?More than a few times.?I stopped us and pulled his head to mine, ?Show them what?s going to happen. Make my short skirt fly up. Show them and the club my bare butt and thong.?He did, too. He twirled me and swung me from side to side and my skirt was up as much as not. I was reveling in the feeling of exposure and pleasing him. The following dances with Tim and Blake were preceded by very brief comments between them and Jake. The dances themselves became much more intimate. Their hands found their way to my bare ass cheeks and a couple of blouse buttons were opened to expose more of my bra underneath.Within an hour, my eyes and body were blazing with lust. In desperation, I told Jake we were leaving or I was going to grab the first three guys I could and take them back to my apartment. He laughed, then wondered given what he knew about me if I was really k**ding. To his credit, though, he didn?t wait to figure out the answer. He paid the bar tab and we were gone in separate vehicles but meeting at his place.The others were right behind us all the way. At one point I took off my seatbelt and dipped my head into his lap.?What are doing??I giggled, ?Teasing them.? He laughed.We all pulled into the driveway at the same time. I was headed to the front door of his house when he stopped me on the front lawn. He pulled me into him and kissed me deeply, his hands cupping my ass cheeks and pulling me tightly into him. We kissed a long time, then he handed me to the closest man. I went from one to the other. Somewhere along the way, I felt fingers working the clasp and zipper of the skirt. When it dropped to the grass, I started to protest but my mouth was smothered by another set of lips.Hands wound between our bodies and the buttons of my blouse were being undone. I moaned into the mouth I was kissing. They were stripping me on the front lawn. My bra followed and my thong quickly after that. They all stepped away from me and I was facing the quiet street. I looked in both directions and found nothing moving, only dark homes.Jake came up behind me, his hands cupping my breasts, ?I live in a quiet, peaceful neighborhood and it is way past their bedtimes. Exciting, though, isn?t it.?I turned and face them. ?Someone grab my clothes, I need to be fucked.?Jake moved fast to open the door before I got their and I trusted I wouldn?t be searching the front yard for my clothes in the morning. Once inside, I kicked off my shoes and peeled the stocking down my legs. I was completely naked with three men scrambling to catch up to my state of dress.Jake led us further into the house to his bedroom. The whole house had the feel of a man. A house that hadn?t been subject to the tastes of a woman since perhaps the previous owner. The bedroom was almost spartan with few decorations but the bed was huge, certainly a king-size.With three impressive naked men awkwardly standing around me, I couldn?t help but make the same evaluation of them that at least Tim and Blake were making of me. I was already very familiar with Jake?s strongly toned body and I found the other two were similarly shaped. Tim was slightly smaller, but only slightly. Both shared with Jake the kind of body composition of lower body fat and developed muscles that gave the impression of large-sized, imposing men. My inflamed body and lusting eyes were greedily captivated by the sight that Jake wasn?t the only one with impressive manhood.I had them sit on at the foot of the bed in a line. They instinctively opened their legs and the three cocks began rising in anticipation of what the rest of the night was going to have in store for them. I leaned into Jake and kissed him deeply and whispered into his ear.?Thank you, Jake.? He whispered back what happened to ?sir?. ?We?re not in the office.? He said they should be thanking me and I assured him they would be. He chuckled, then I asked if he had any lubrication handy. He smiled and his smile grew wider.I dropped to my knees to stroke and lick his cock. I took it into my mouth and pressed my mouth against it, raised up, pressed down and up, over and over until I had nearly all of it inside. I lifted my mouth nearly off and took a better breath and swallowed the saliva already forming in my mouth. I pressed down slowly and firmly until his cock head entered my throat, then pressed down with control of my gag reflex until my nose was buried in his pelvis.I heard the gasps from the men next to us mixing with the groans of Jake. I pulled back satisfied with the hardness of his cock. I moved to Tim and repeated everything but the whispering beforehand.There was little discussion after that. Jake moved to the center of the bed on his back and indicated for the others to align themselves with him. I stood at the foot of the bed and watched as they lined up across the bed. Jake simply held his cock up in the air. I looked him in the eyes and found his twinkling with playfulness. I looked at the other two whose eyes reflected curious anticipation. I crawled onto the bed and over Jake?s legs to his hips. I took his cock from his hand and moved my pussy over the head, smearing my plentiful juices over the head as I blindly located the opening. My eyes scanned from one guy to the next as I held my pussy opening on the head of the cock, a smile growing on my face. As I slowly sank down the rigid pole, my eyes closed and a deep sigh escaped my lips. I smoothly sank down the entire length until my butt was on his thighs. I raised up slowly and sank back down, relishing the feel of his cock spreading my pussy as his cock pressed deeper inside and how the walls of my pussy seemed to cling to it as I pulled back up. I moaned an a****listic sound purr-growl mix at the image of what the three hard cocks might do to me. I almost came from the thought.I reached out and grasped a hard cock on either side, stroking my hands up and down. In turn, they reached up and firmly grasped a breast each, not a gentle fondle but a needy and desperate hold.After a couple minutes of fucking Jake, I internally did an eeny-meeny-miny-moe and moved to Tim on the left next. I went from one to the next while fucking each for a couple minutes. Then, Jake took the matter into his hands and rolled me over while inside me, which moved Blake over further. He began fucking me strongly and commandingly, my legs wrapping around his hips, my hips rising to meet his thrusts. I groaned and he grunted as his long, thick cock pounded into me as if he were punishing me but there could never be any punishment from a cock like his inside my pussy.We came explosively together with the other two man-handling my breasts and nipples. My legs fell off his body as the last of his cum leaked into my saturated pussy. I was still gasping for control of my breath when Tim took Jake?s place between my legs. My body was still a bit numb from the previous orgasm so when Tim climaxed inside me, I was just rising to my next orgasm but he pulled out before quite attaining it. Blake took care of that problem, though. The third fuck in a row was just as powerful and commanding as the each of the previous two and I orgasmed first. My orgasm, though, my pussy clenching and spasming around the cock driving like a battering ram inside me stimulated his climax and the third large load of cum joined the other two.I was spent. Completely spent. My legs fell to the bed as Blake pulled his softening cock from my gaping, leaking pussy. I didn?t bother modestly closing my legs to cover the mess they had made of my pussy. I couldn?t. I opened my eyes or focused them, whichever it was. I found the two sitting near my feet and Jake standing at the foot of the bed, a wide smile on his face.I weakly smiled back, ?God, you guys ? that was amazing!? Tim and Blake both reached out and softly stroked the shin of a leg. I sighed deeply and flopped my arms to the side.Jake disappeared and returned with four beers. I wasn?t surprised he didn?t have wine in the house, but I wondered how mixing beer with the wine I had previously would work.After the beers were finished, I caught them glancing at each other and at my puffy and messy pussy. ?What are you guys thinking? Why are you looking at me and those bottles??The other two looked at Jake as if there had been an actual discussion I hadn?t heard. His smile was indeed devilish. ?Trust me for something crazy?? ?Normally, yes, I would trust you completely. But something makes me wonder if I should right now.?He laughed. The other two quietly sat back and let it play out between us. ?Have you ever seen any of those porn videos about extreme and weird insertions??Now I knew what they were up to. In fact, I had and, if I was honest, it was always a turn on. So, here we were after drinking, dancing, and fucking up a storm and the air still filled with a highly charged sexual energy.I shook my head and their faces deflated, but my words changed that, ?I can?t believe I am doing this, but ? okay. Just add this to the craziness of my life now.?We took the party, four more beers were joining us, back to the bedroom with the previous empties. I stood next to the bed and wasn?t sure what they would want me to do for this. Jake took charge and directed me to the center of the bed. He went between my legs and the Tim and Blake were at my sides. By Jake?s instructions, they lifted my hips high into the air and all the pillows were stacked under my back, which Jake pressured into place with his knees and my butt against his chest. He lowered his face the few inches necessary and kissed my pussy, sliding his tongue along my slit. This surprised and impressed me immensely. For a big, macho guy he didn?t seem to have a problem with touching cum with his lips and tongue, especially since much of it wasn?t his own.He picked up one of the empty bottles and slid the length of the bottle along my slit. He glanced down at me with a look that was everything like a boy given the chance to play doctor with a friend who had never, until that moment, been a girl. It was very erotic, another in a growing list, and I glanced up at the other two.We all turned out eyes to Jake, the bottle in his hand, and my pussy as he turned it so the neck was now sliding along my pussy and between the lips. The end dipped into the hole and he glanced down at me, which wasn?t really at me more than focusing past my pussy to my face. I was perversely excited as they were now so I nodded my encouragement. He refocused and slipped the neck into my hole. He held it in place, started twisting it to uniformly coat the surface with the goo inside me and pressed down more. He pulled it out a little like a dildo, then pressed in further, back and forth. The difference with this dido, though, was the sudden increase in diameter once the neck was fully inserted.We all watched as the neck disappeared into my pussy. My quieter sighs and moans gave way to louder ones when the body of the bottle began to open me wider and stretch me. I looked to the side and found a semi-hard cock pointed at my face. I pulled it toward me and engulfed it with my mouth as the bottle was pressed more firmly and twisted back and forth.?Oooooggghhhh ? ffffuuuuggggggkkkkkkk ??, saying ?oh fuck? with a cock in my mouth.Jake chuckled, ?How lady-like ??Once having the largest diameter of the bottle stretching my pussy, he pressed more of the bottle into me, pulled it out so the neck was inside and pressed the bottle back in. His other hand found my exposed and swollen clit and pinched it between thumb and index finger as nearly all of the bottle sank inside me. His voice came to me through my own moaning with his fingers still working my clit.?Look at what your greedy pussy can do.?I turned my head, letting the cock in my mouth slip out and slide along my cheek.?Oh, God, Jake ? it?s all the way in.?With fingers on the very end, he twisted the bottle, ?Just enough to still hold onto.? He looked down at me. ?I?m going to push it all the way inside and see if your pussy can close around it.? I gasped at the obscenity of the statement. Before I could say anything one way or the other, though, he did and I felt the bottle jam against me deep inside. I cried out, gasping for control. The guys were pinching and twisting my nipples while Jake was doing the same to my clit. He released my clit and the blood rushed to the abused nub and I cried out, again.He glanced at Tim, ?Get me a phone.? Oh, God, now what? He held his phone to my pussy and I heard it click as it recorded the scene. ?Not quite closed. I can see the dark glass just inside. The office will like this shot ??They already have a video of me being gangbanged and I walk around the office naked ? what?s a little more humiliation?Then, he held up another empty bottle. He directed Blake to get the tube of lube in his bedside drawer and I closed my eyes and groaned. With a beer bottle deep in my pussy, he was going to open my ass now.He spread the lubrication over the neck of the bottle and I took a bit of consolation at seeing that he only was doing it to the neck. He hefted my hips a bit more vertical and pressed the end of the neck at my asshole. He twisted it and pressed until I cried out with it passing my sphincter. He pressed a little more in but stopped.He made eye contact with me over my abused holes, ?Are you ready to be ravaged by cock???Oh, Godddddd, yyyeeeeeessssssss! Pllleeeeeeesssssss ? I neeeeeeed to cccccuuuuummmm!?He pulled the bottle from my ass and told me to expel the bottle from my pussy. I focused my eyes and muscles and watched as the bottle obscenely appeared from my pussy. With enough to hold onto, again, Jake pulled it the remainder of the way out.I was gasping for air with ragged breaths and in desperate need of an orgasm, my pussy experiencing an emptiness like never before.He pulled the pillows away from behind me and held a bottle of beer toward me. I took it as I sat up and looked down at my gaping hole. I guzzled half the beer and looked at them with lusty need.Jake encouraged me to stand on the bed and moved me to the edge. His cock was hard and ready and I was way past the ready stage. He brought me to his body and I knew instantly what he wanted. I crouched and spread my knees wide. He came in between my legs and leaned me against him as we worked together for the initial penetration. Once he was inside me, I felt his hands under my butt pulling me to him more and I gave a little jump into his arms and my legs around his waist. The jump drove his cock deep into me and bottomed out as he hefted me up to secure his hold of me. I groaned and gasped at the series of abrupt shifts in his grip of me, which had the effect of bouncing me up his cock and dropping back down to bottom out each time.I didn?t notice it as I had my arms tightly wound around his neck and my body pressed hard into his as he raised me up and down on his cock, but he indicated for both men to lubricate their cocks and get ready.My pussy was loose and still very creamy but his cock inside still felt marvelous to me. Part of that might have been the power and strength he exhibited by handling me as if I was weightless, but another part, and I knew it, was that it was Jake.I was unaware of anything else about to happen, I was just enjoying the feeling of being manhandled and fucked so strongly. When Jake lifted me only halfway up his cock and held me there, I wondered why the hesitation until I felt something probing at my other hole. The cock back there pressed hard and pierce my loosened sphincter to enter me. With cocks in neighboring chambers, I was slowly lowered. I gasped and moaned as the feeling of being full washed over me. Now there were two pairs of hands on my body and they moved me up and down with smoother ease.I cried out as an orgasm washed over me and entire body convulsed as I hung onto Jake and my pussy and ass tightened around both cocks. Predictably, if I could have used my brain just then, the cock in my ass exploded. I was still being raised and lowered but the cock in my ass was shooting spurt after spurt of warm cum into my bowels as Jake?s cock continued to pound my pussy.The next cock took its place in my gaping and drooling ass and the fucking continued. When I felt Jake swell inside me and the cock in my ass jerk, I tilted my pelvis on the downward stroke to grind my clit into Jake?s pelvic bone. A couple impacts and I was rising to another orgasm as both pussy and ass were again washed in cum.When Jake lay me on his bed, I was limp and purring. At least, that was what he told me later. Much later, in fact. I woke in his bed to the aromatic smell of strong coffee fighting to overpower the still persistent hint of sex in the air of the bedroom.* * CHAPTER 4: TRAP SET AND SPRUNG will follow * *
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