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School Administrative worker 4

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School Administrative worker 4School Administrative worker 4I awoke Saturday morning and made by way to the kitchen for my morning coffee which is all I have for breakfast. Sitting down at the table I sipped it and began to think of yesterday with a smile on my face because what had been done to me and how he treated me. I had eagerly embraced becoming Sara?s whore, yes a willing participant for men to use which Sara selected for me. My mistress whom I did as I was told by her. She had something in store for me very special for Monday because of the package which she had shipped and also her instructions for me to shave my pussy.I was excited about the whole thing and it was hard to wait until the start of next week. My mind was on it most of the time. One thing I had planned to do was to get my hair cut and nails done because I wanted everything to be just right for what was to happen. After my coffee and getting myself together I drove over that morning making sure to get those things done at the salon that day in case they were busy, which I did have to wait. But I did enjoy reading a magazine until they called me. Feeling so very good and happy after they finished with me. My thoughts were on Monday so much after I left that salon and myself doing things during the rest of the day I did not even remember doing. Going to the grocery store I could not even remember picking the items off the shelf very much , getting my dry cleaning or gas for my car. As I returned home and pulling into my driveway I could see a package had been delivered to my front door. With my shopping now put away I brought the package in and opened it. It contained very nice undergarments, lacy garter belt with a beautiful thong with its very narrow strip of material, lace top sheer stockings and beautiful bra in white, all of them so sheer you could see right through them. I began wondering who it was that likes these kinds of things and how good they would look on me.Now sitting down with them on the couch and looking at each garment she had sent me I discovered they were not cheap by looking at their quality. Sara had laid out good money for these I said to myself before placing them back in the box and it on the coffee table. I turned on the T.V. but watched on and off because my eyes were drawn back to the contents of package. An hour pass and my cell phone began to ring. Quickly I jumped and grabbed my purse, pulling my phone out and saw it was Sara before I excitedly answered . ?yes ma ?am? . ?Did you get the package I sent you?, she asked. ?yes ma ?am it?s here?. ?Ma ?am can I ask who it is?, ?No, you will find that out in your own good time? she said in a stern tone. ?I want you to wear each of those pieces and that yellow dress of yours, and I know you have some heels to go with it?. ?Yes ma am, I do?. ?Good I want everything to go right on Monday, I want you to keep him coming back?. Sara then asked me ?Did you shave?, ?yes ma am, I did. ?Alright, but do it again just before you come to work?, she said., ?yes ma am, I will. Then the tone in her voice eased and she told in a more caring manner, ? ?if you do anything as I tell you there should be no problem and I will reward you bitch?. ?Yes ma am, I will do as you say?. ?Alright bitch?, get some rest you are going to need it, I will see you Monday morning, then she hung up.God! I was so excited talking with her about Monday that I was now hot and wet between my legs that I ended up playing with myself there on the couch and much of that evening while watching some dirty movies before going to bed and playing again thinking of things being done too me from the fantasizes I dreamed of as they played again and again in my mind. Sunday came and was crawling by and I just could not stand it much more while wishing it was Monday already. Wishing so much that it frustrated me that I had to get out of the house, so I decided to do some shopping. I ended up in one of the national chain stores, Macys where I spent my time and I had plenty of it looking at so many things. However I did have a strange situation while browsing around the store. I was looking at some makeup I thought I might wear for Monday when I noticed a woman looking at me and she didn?t stop, so much so I felt a little uncomfortable. So I left to go and look at some clothing. Because Sara had sent me undergarments so nice, I decided I would look at some and after selecting a few things I began to walk back to the dressing rooms to try them on when I noticed that woman again looking at me. The woman definitely had followed me. Back there in the dressing room she would no longer be able to see me and maybe go away. It was small room having one chair and a full length mirror. I removed my dress, panties, bra and tried on a pair of new ones which were very nice and I liked very much, along with a bra I had chosen and I knew I would buy something today. Then slipping then off and also removing the bra to try on another pair which I had bought back there with me. I stopped for a moment as I was standing there naked in front of that mirror looking at my body and I began to think again. Feeling myself getting warm inside because of my thoughts while turning around and bending over in front of that mirror showing my ass. Now holding another very nice pair I looked at the price and they were expensive also, but trying them on too they were white and very comfortable, a lot like the ones Sara had gotten for me and this got me thinking again. I was getting them wet and would soil them from my juices. Taking a long breath to relax and sitting down while looking at myself I wanted my tits squeezed, bit and sucked on, my ass I wanted it slapped, used hard and pounded with no mercy. These thoughts had made those expensive panties very wet and no stopping it because of the nasty sexual desires in my mind. My pussy was now on fire and needed to be touched so bad, as my hand slide into the panties and I began to play with myself there in the dressing room rubbing my clit and fingering my hole. Oh!, I said over and over as it felt good to touch myself and I knew my moans could be heard, but since I didn?t notice anyone back there except me when entering, I wouldn?t hold back anything from my pleasure. But while playing with myself and thinking I was alone and heard nothing it seemed as if where was a presence nearby. It was satisfying for the moment in that little room to cum from playing with myself but it was not the end because I knew my horniess would return.I had soaked and cummed in those expense new panties, that I now slipped off and wiped my wet sticking pussy and ass with them. I would just leave them in the chair for someone to find and maybe enjoy, who knows? Getting my clothes back on it was time to go. Having chosen a bra and another expensive pair of panties in my hands as I now exited the dressing rooms and made my way towards the register. It was then I now was confronted by the woman who had been watching me. ?Hello Jean how are you?, she said. ?Do I know you? I relied, ?well no, not really but I know you pretty well?, ?you do?, I said to her. ?Yes!, you are a cock loving slut?. I was taken by surprise, ?what do you mean calling me that?. ?Its not the first time you heard it Jean, your ex-husband said it to you many times, i know i was there?. My ex, where do you know him from. ?Well to refresh your memory, you and I were at a house party and you were entertaining my husband and several others in a back bedroom?. Then I knew what she meant because my ex and I had a fight that night. I am Sherry and my husband is Raymond whom you have known much better. ?I better be going?, I told her. ?Hey its ok, ?I am not here to give you any shit, I just wanted to say Hi, and maybe eat your pussy again?. My eyes grew wide, Oh shit! came from my mouth in a low tone she could still hear. This woman was getting me wet right there in the store, ? eat my pussy!? my breathing became short and she said, ?did it feel good playing with yourself back there Jean ?? I knew, I just knew someone was listening? I said to her. ?Did you enjoy listening to me?, I said in a little defiant tone to her. Then she looked at me and whispered ? yes because I want to eat your pussy again so bad right now?. She had me burning between my legs and in a little daze as she now being a forceful woman took me by my hand and lead me back there. ?Which room were you in?, she asked. I pointed to the end one and she and I went inside. Once in there she wasted no time and put her hand up my dress and rubbed my pussy though my soaked panties. Ive been wanting to eat you pussy again since I laid eyes on you. again? what do you mean again? I asked her as she had my panties to the side and her finger pushing up inside of me. You bitch, you didn?t know I was in the room also when you were being fucked again and again. ?Raymond fucked you twice, while several other guys fucked you and I ate your cunt out after they filled you with their cum?. ?But you would have not know it because you were so drunk and wanting to fuck by everyone?, she said as she worked her finger in and out of me, making me moan and grind myself on her hand. Sherry took control and pulled my panties off and told me to turn around and bend over. There she began to lick my pussy and asshole, oh shit!, I felt the hot breath from her and her soft tongue lick at my lips, clit of my pussy and up to my asshole circling it before sticking her tongue hard at its center. It felt amazing and I lended myself against the door, holding the door knob with my hand as i bent down far to give her a full access to me it while I was breathing heavily, knowing I couldn?t take this much excitement from a strange woman very long because of the building of pleasure inside of me.Sherry then place her mouth on my clit, sucking and flicking it caused me to exploded in a hard orgasm making me cry out and her hearing that making her press her face into me more as she stretched my ass cheeks apart wider licking my cum and juices from me as I moaned with the nose of her face buried in my ass. When I had come down from my sexual high, she got up as I turned around and she placed her hand up and on my pussy again rubbing me and kissed me. You taste really good you slut. I know it turns you on hearing that. You pissed off several wives that night and caused a divorce. But Raymond and I had a good time. Then she turned and looked down at the chair where I had left the panties. Picking them up saying ?I see you let someone a present? the smelled them and then sat down holding them in her hand as I looked at her. Now bitch you take care of me. Get on your knees!, she said, and I quickly obeyed, as she spread her legs and raised her skirt. She was a very attractive women around thirty I would guess with red hair and fair skin. When she raised her skirt she had no panties on and I spied the large very thick wet mound of that red hair covering her slit against the whiteness of her skin. I wasted no time getting down and instantly pressed my face into her and slide my tongue through the red hair and touched the lips of her as she moaned and my eyes looked up at her as her now closed hers and she placed her hand on my head. Her forceful manner, her words and the beauty of her body made me so zealous to eat her out. Then I closed my eyes pushing my tongue deep licking at her hard and tasted the juices of her and smelled the musky scent of her wet red haired cunt. Licking her she moaned and really enjoyed what i was doing to her as she slide farther down in the chair opening her legs wider, as my tongue also went down and I licked at her asshole and she cried out as I touched it and made her breathing quicken rapidly, as I now looked up at her. She now had her tits out and squeezing one on them, and her other hand began to draw me in tighter to her and she told me to lick harder and faster. Being subservient as I am, quickly I did as told and this brought her too a hard orgasm as she flooded my mouth while her loud moans filled the room before they turned softer and settled down. She sat there eyes closed as I licked her clean and looked up at her with willing eyes. She opened her eyes and looked down at me while as I still licked, ?that was so good you bitch? she said. I have to go and with that I pulled back and got up off the floor, she lowered her skirt and stood. Damn! I wish I had more time. She moved against me and pressed be back against the wall. Again she pushed her hand up my dress and her finger inside of me and work it in and out. Would you like to have my husband Raymond?s cock deep inside you again bitch?, as she fucked me with her finger. Tell me bitch, tell me, yes, ?I want your husband' to fuck me again, I want his cock in me!?, I exclaimed. She pulled her finger out of me and put it in my mouth. "You are such a dirty slut its no wonder my husband always recalls fucking you and has wanted to again many times and so have I, it was so hot before". Raymond will enjoy your panties she said as she picked them up from the floor and tossed the expensive ones back in the chair. I began to calm down and was able to get myself together. Damn she said again, if i didn?t have other things going on I would take you down to the motel just down the street and call Raymond to join us. ?Why cant we,? I said? I am here with my son and he?s over shopping for clothes and we have other things to do today. Here?s my number, call me and we can get together. Then something I did not expect, she embraced me and kissed me deeply, her tongue and mine met. As our kissed parted she smiled and told me she enjoyed our time together, ?I have wanted to eat your pussy for a long time, never thought I would see you again and get the chance. The second I saw you, my pussy got wet and I knew I had to talk to you and say to you what I said. She opened the door and said ?I hope you call, I am looking forward to seeing you and my husband again?. Sherry said bye and left closing the door. I fell back against the wall, ?Oh shit, what just happened?!, it was unbelievable ? the sex and the excitement of it all. I could not even get my mind straight and off of her and what we did together. I had no panties to wear and I just threw the ones I liked and was going to buy in the chair with the dirty ones and got out of there and from out of Macys in a daze. I made it to my car, but now felt weak. It was just a short trip home but I didn?t have any trouble because of how I felt. Coming in I needed to pee so bad and as I did and it was like letting out the remaining strength I had into me, because I felt so tired now. I seemed to be still in a daze as I walked towards my bed kicking off my shoes off and slipping out of my dress and fell onto the bed only with my bra on. I began to touch myself, until I fell asleep as it was still early and slept until the early morning hours.Monday had finally come and I was awake early because I had fallen asleep when I got home. As I woke, what happened in the dressing room filled my head again of what she did and what had said to me. She was right I was drunk at that party, but i do remember things. I did suck a lot of cocks that night and fucked a lot in both my holes, even my pussy and ass at the same time and the thinking about that pounding I took that night at that party as I lay there. Those thoughts of course had me wet and playing again until I decided I needed a shower. A long hot shower, soaping myself up and playing with my pussy again and giving it more strokes with the razor getting it good and smooth before I stepped out and dried off. Using a big soft towel, it caressed my body making me feel so good while standing there in front of the mirror looking at myself, a women of 49.I was still a very attractive woman with a great body and as Mr. Jeffers said, one fine ass which I turned around so I could see it in the mirror and I smiled because I knew he was right, it did look very fine. After drying, next came my hair which i fixed nice with some curl to it after having it trimmed up the day before. I had a lot of time and i drank my coffee looked at myself a lot in the mirror that morning thinking about the day to cum ( pun intended). Then i walked over to my bed there I had everything laid out in an orderly fashion because I wanted the day to be prefect for me. I picked up each piece and caressed them against my skin before putting them on, feeling the smoothness of them and thinking how beautiful the things Sara had chosen for me would look so good and sexy, so very inviting to any man with a woman wearing them .The panties against my fresh shaved pussy felt so smooth ,so slick it felt wonderful to have them on, and I know had soiled them a little because of how I felt at that moment.i reached for a bottle of perfume on my dresser and misted myself with it over my body. I then turned back for my dress which I had laid out also, it being a bright vibrant yellow. I stepped into it and I did not seem to have any trouble because it fit perfect for me this time. Maybe I had lost a little weight to make it fit this nice or maybe it was all in my head because of how I was feeling. Next my jewelry, all gold,, a chain for my neck, a ring, earrings and then a bracelet to go with the yellow.. I stepped in front my mirror and saw myself looking so fine and sexy, as I played with my hair again for last time before giving myself little makeup and lipstick. As I finished and feeling so good and so sexy at this point, I was ready to take on the day, as I thought to myself , ?ok Jean, your are as ready as you have ever been to get fucked? . I smiled and thought of my fantasizes while walking out of my bathroom and picking up coat, purse and made my way out the door to school and the sex I was so much craving.
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