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Sue My Cum Loving Wife Wih Two Cocks

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Sue My Cum Loving Wife Wih Two CocksMike was holding onto Sue's hips slowly fucking her creamy pussy. Carefully pushing more and more of his long, fat cock up my wife's cunt. It was so exciting watching his massive, young cock pumping back and forth between her glistening pink pussy lips.Sue was wiggling her hips around wildly, moaning fuck me, fuck me over and over. She looked at me and asked if I was enjoying watching her getting fucked. I assured her that I loved watching Mike fucking her. I moved my hands all over Sue's smooth tight ass letting my fingers dance over her sticky cock as they fucked. Slapping her snow white cheeks when he started fucking her harder and faster. His big balls slapping against her pussy as he crammed all nine inches up inside her. She moaned and screamed like a wild woman, grinding her pussy back against his invading cock. I knew she was having a huge orgasm already.I slid under my wife and she eagerly took my hard cock into het wet, warm mouth. Sucking my cock like the great cocksucker she is. My wonderful, innocent wife having two cocks at one and loving it. I had a close up view of Mike's big cock pounding Sue's stretched pussy. His thick heavy veined shaft glistening with her cunt juices and his precum.Sue let my cock slip from her lips "OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH AGGGGGGGGGGGG I love your fingers up my ass!!!!!" Sue screamed. "I love your big cock pounding my pussy........fuck me harder Mike... fuck me hard!!!!"I raised up and slipped her swollen clit in my mouth. Flicking my tongue over the quivering flesh, greedily sucking it. Mike slick cock sliding back and fourth over my nose. Sue grinded her pussy hard against my face and I knew she would have multiple orgasms soon. All women always did when they had their pussy fucked and their clits sucked at the same time. I loved being so close to my wife's pussy hearing, feeling, and tasting her getting her pussy fucked. I had been in this position many times but never with my lovely wife.Sue was loudly sucking my throbbing cock, taking all of it into her sexy mouth with my balls crushed against her chin. Then raised up just sucking on the head. Her pretty lips like a vise around my cock."I just love fucking you Sue!!!!!!!!!!!! Your pussy is so fucking tight and velvet soft." Mike moaned pumping his hips back and fourth I heard him slapping her little ass hard. Sue loved having her ass spanked. Sue started moaning uncontrollably humping my face and I knew she was cumming before her juices started flowing down Mike's thick heavy veined cock. Taking all of my cock in her mouth and growling as wave after wave of pleasure swept her trembling body. Mike crammed all of his massive cock in her pussy and just let her move her hips around and around getting his big cock wherever she wanted it deep inside her. Her orgasms lasting quite awhile, but finally her body went limp." I want you to suck my cock again." Mike moaned Pulling his cock from her wet pussy with a loud plopping sound. He stood up with his rock hard cock dancing around. Sue stood up and I was the last one to get up. At my suggestion we went into the master bedroom. Mike and I both watching Sue's cute little ass jiggle back and fourth.Sue sat on the bed and said she wanted to suck both our cocks. Mike and I moved closer to her standing side by side with our bodies slightly turned. I enjoyed the feel of our two rock hard cocks rubbing together. Sue wrapped both hands around our cocks at the base, squeezing them tightly together. Sliding her long, wet tongue over the heads of our cocks. Both of us leaking precum as she swirled her tongue all over."I've never had my cock pressed against another guy's cock before. Mike said. "I have to admit it feels so damn good!!""It feels and tastes even better licking two big cocks!!" Sue moaned taking the head of my cock in her inviting mouth and sucking it. Looking up at me with her big brown eyes. She sucked for several minutes then did the same thing to Mike, still looking up at me. My wife looked so beautiful and sexy going back and fourth sucking two cocks. Then she pressed the rubbery head together and managed to take both in her mouth. I know she loved sucking two cocks at once and it was quite a experience for us to. Having your cock pressed against another cock while a sexy woman sucks both of you. Especially when the woman is your wife.Sue started taking turns sucking our cocks while stroking the other one. Deep throating our throbbing cocks showing her cock sucking skills. My wife looking so beautiful and sexy gobbling our cocks like she was starving. We both pulled her hair roughly fucking her warm, wet mouth. In between swapping our cocks in her mouth she moaned that she wanted us both to cum in her mouth.
04-15-2021, at 09:37 AM