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Jerry?s World - Mia

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Jerry?s World - Mia?That was something else, thank you Jerry? Lou said as she recovered her breath, I pulled myself off as my cock softened and helped the old lady to her feet, her dress falling back into place she left the room.I got myself dressed and gave Mia my phone number telling her to call me to arrange the fitness program.Lou returned with an envelope and gave me a hug, ?Thank you very much Jerry? she said softly and I was simply happy to have helped.After a brief conversation it appeared that Mia didn?t live far from me in fact we had to pass my house to get to hers and we use the same bus so I offered to ride with her which went down well with her Gran and excited Mia.We got off the bus having had a nice chat about her training program and I found Mia to be both enthusiastic and sweet, she was a cute girl who had ambitions and the perfect frame to fulfil them, she was a few years younger than me so had time on her side. As we walked down my street Mia asked if she could come in and do some more exercises and as it was still early I said it would be ok, ?Do I have to pay you Jerry?? she asked and I told her that I would do this one free of charge, how generous am I??Aww thank you Jerry? she sighed softly as we walked up the path, I had no idea where Bev was but that shouldn?t make a difference.I showed her into the lounge and have to admit it isn?t as plush or as spacious as her Gran?s house however I am sure we can work it out, ?Do you have any squash Jerry? Mia asked sweetly and is was no problem to knock up a jug and throw a few of Sophie?s magic pills in, I took one of mine too and handed Mia a large glass to quench her thirst, ?Get that down you, it will help relax the muscles? I said and watched her drink the whole glass down, WOW!!?Oooh Jerry, I feel all tingly? she said softly, ?What are we going to do sir?? she asked and I asked her to sit on the sofa while I took my shirt off, it does get warm in my flat. I decided to keep my shorts on for now and I knelt down in front of Mia, ?Can you take your socks of please Mia, I want to have a look at your feet? I said softly and she quickly slipped off her shoes and then pulled off her little white ankle socks.She had small dinky feet and being one who never thought of feet to be arousing I was quickly changing my opinion, I picked up her right foot and gently massaged the soles which did make her giggle, ?I?m ticklish? she said so I eased off and held her foot higher.I glanced down between her legs at her little white triangle and although I have seen Mia naked the sight up her skirt is still just as erotic, I put her big toe in my mouth and sucked on it like a little cock, OMG I never knew this could be so arousing and I could feel my cock bulging inside my shorts, even Mia could see the effect it was having. ?OMG Mmm sir, that feels so good? she sighed and I put the right foot down to my left side and picked up her left foot, her legs were wider now and the view of her damp gusset was outstanding, she even had a little panty gap, Mmm.I sucked on her big toe in a very seductive way and heard Mia moan softly as she closed her eyes, the pressure inside my shorts was immense and I had to pull the head out the top of the waistband to ease the pressure, Mia saw this.. ?Sir, why don?t you take your shorts off, I don?t mind if you do sir? she suggested and to be honest it was a good idea. I stood up and pulled my shorts down and my cock stood out loud and proud. ?Wow sir!, does that feel better? she said with a giggle, it sure did.I stood there in front of her, ?OK Mia, we are now going to test your breathing capacity through your nose? I said softly, ?OK sir? she replied, ?I need something to put in your mouth? I continued looking around the flat for a suitable object, ?Sir? Mia said tapping me on the hip, ?We could use this sir? she continued looking directly at my stiff erection, ?I don?t mind sir, if it fits sir? she suggested and you know, that wasn?t a bad idea. ?OK Mia? I said taking her hand and placing it on the shaft and wrapping her little fingers around it forcing the skin down so that my swollen head was fully exposed, ?Do you think it will fit sir? She asked and I gently stroked her head, ?Lets try it shall we? I said pulling her head towards me. She held the swollen head up to her mouth and I felt her tongue flick around the head before her lips enveloped my swollen helmet, I gasped as her teeth got dangerously close but she soon had things under control. I could feel her tongue wiggling around the shaft as my cock went further into her little mouth and her hand now cupping my balls giving a little squeeze, Mmm she was doing good.?Breath through your nose Mia? I said softly as I felt my knees wobble as the shivers went through my body, Mia was controlling her breath very well until she gagged forcing her to withdraw but wanted to get straight back at it which was commendable.She took things a bit slower and at one point she forgot the nature of the exercise and was licking around my shaft and sucking on my balls which again made my knees week.She looked up at me as if looking for encouragement, her eyes wide.. ?Good job Mia, you are doing great? I said softly as my cock disappeared back into her mouth and she began breathing through her nose again.?Soon Mia you will feel a warm creamy liquid in your mouth, this is all protein and you need to swallow it? I said and she acknowledged by nodding her head with my cock firmly lodged in her mouth and she seemed to be eager in getting her protein as she started to squeeze my balls tighter while bobbing her head, she really was doing a great job.I was pretty close now and could feel my loins tightening, ?Get ready Mia, your protein shake is ready? I said with a slight giggle and young Mia seemed ready, I grunted under my breath as one final squeeze of my nuts brought me off, ?Oh YESS!? I cried as my cock started to pulsate and my hands held Mia?s head, ?Mmm? she sighed as my hot creamy protein shake filled her mouth, I could feel her swallowing all the goodness as two or three good spurts slid down her throat.I felt my cock softening in her mouth but Mia was intent in getting every last drop as she sucked on the softening helmet, ?Good girl Mia, how does it feel?? I asked as she looked up at me licking her lips, ?OMG sir, that was awesome? she sighed still feeling the aftertaste in her mouth.?You did a great job Mia; your nasal breathing was perfect but you must train on that? I said softly as she sat back on the sofa looking at my now hanging soft cock.?Good girl Mia, next we are going to test your chest muscles so could you take your shirt off please? I instructed and she cheerfully unbuttoned her white shirt and discarded it on the sofa, her little bee stings looked cute and I could see her nipples starting to stiffen.?Now sit back Mia and open your legs as I need to kneel as close as I can? I said softly, ?OK sir? she replied and did as I asked, I could see her panties were now quite loose as I looked down at her crotch seeing quite a large panty gap appearing, Mmm I will address that later.I inched forward and was right up against the sofa feeling the fabric against my hanging cock, I reached forward and run my hands across her chest gently feeling her little bee stings, she moaned softly as my fingers brushed her soft pink nipples. I lent forward and gently ran my tongue across her chest lingering a little as I felt her nipple on my tongue, ?Oooh sir, it tickles? she sighed but didn?t want me to stop as I slowly sucked on each one feeling them stiffen in my mouth, her breathing increased as the pleasure grew.?Mmm sir, I feel all um? tingly sir? she sighed as she put her arms around my shoulders and I could feel my cock coming back to life and was pushing against the cushion of the sofa. Her nipples were like little bullets now and I had to inch backwards as my erection grew and once it popped up clear of the sofa I moved forward pushing my stiff cock into the gusset of her loose panties, ?Good girl Mia? I said as I looked up at her smiling face. I don?t know why but there was a silence and we both looked into each other eyes and quite naturally our lips met.We both lingered for a second neither of us quite knowing how we ended up like this or exactly what to do and then I felt her tongue pushing between my lips and then we just embarked on the most wonderful passionate kiss, our tongues were exploring each other?s mouths and then her legs came up around my waist which forced my throbbing cock right into her waiting young pussy, I could feel her tense slightly making a murmured moan as I forced my cock further in while maintain the passion of the kiss.We had to abort the kiss due to breathing issues as I got into a bit of a frenzied rhythm and with her legs wrapped around me I was firmly in position, ?OMG sir, oh fuck YESSS!? she cried as I felt her body spasm underneath me, she bit into my shoulder as I pushed harder and harder and the squelching echoed around the room and I knew I wasn?t going to last much longer.The whole sofa was rocking as I pounded Mia?s small frame and her cries could be heard the other side of town but I was at the point of no return and so was she as her legs tightened and her body spasmed.?OH YES, YESS, YESSS!? I cried as I emptied my hot creamy load deep inside her belly to cries of ?OMG YESSSSS!?. She looked up at me with a big smile and glazed eyes as her legs dropped back down, ?Oh thank you sir? she said softly as I felt my softening cock slipping out of her drenched young pussy, Mmm.All of this exercising was thirsty work and while I got a beer out the fridge I filled up Mia?s glass with squash totally forgetting that it had Sophie?s magic pills in, OMG she drank it straight down bless her.?Yummy sir, this squash is so nice and refreshing? she sighed softly as I thought of what exercise to do next, I took a mouthful of my drink and suggested she takes off her skirt and panties, ?You are doing great Mia, to finish off with I want you to do a handstand to test the strength in your arms, don?t worry I will hold on to you? I told her and she excitedly stood up and unzipped her skirt.Her panties were all over the place and she giggled as she took them off, her little tuft of fine pubic hair glistened in the sunlight, OMG such a lovely sight.We tried a few practice hand stands and it too a few attempts to get it right, I had to get on my knees to be in the right position to support her with my arms around her arse.Mia started to giggle as she realised her face was brushing my hanging cock and with what was staring me in the face I knew my cock wouldn?t be soft for long, I could feel it coming to life and brushing against Mia?s face which only enhanced her giggles.I suggested that if she opens her legs it would aid her balance which was a view she shared, ?Ok sir? she said still giggling, must be the blood rushing to her head She carefully and slowly widened her legs while I held on to her arse cheeks and I must say my finger was dangerously close to her hole but what was a bigger delight was that I was at the perfect height to look down directly at her young muff, OMG I may just have to apply some pressure to aid her balance.My cock was back on the game and it was pressing hard against her face, ?If you want to practice the nasal breathing exercise then you can Mia? I suggested, ?Really sir? she replied excitedly, ?Can I have another one of those protein shakes please sir? she continued with a giggle, ?I really don?t mind another one sir? she said as I felt her putting the tip in her mouth, OMG she went right down on me and I had to grip her arse tighter to keep her balance, my head lowered and her musky smell sent a rush through my head, a mixture of our juices covered her protruding lips, it looked so tasty.. MmmI went straight at it while Mia was struggling a bit as she couldn?t move her head too much so I aided her by gently thrusting in and out, ?Mmm? she mumbled while I got busy licking off our juices poking my tongue into her hole scooping out any residue, my chin rubbing her swelling button, damn she tasted good.She was getting better at the deepthroat too as I felt the tightness of her throat but I didn?t push it as I didn?t want her to gag.I concentrated on her little puckered arsehole after cleaning up her little pussy and she seems to enjoy my tongue darting in and out of her little shaded starfish, the taste and musk was sending my head spinning and she was getting very wet, it was hard keeping her steady as her body spasmed and shook and with my thrusting into her mouth it was inevitable that we would lose our balance and went tumbling onto the ground luckily falling in the same position, the only advantage now was that Mia had full use of her hands and took quick advantage by grabbing my arse pulling me tighter on top of her, now I could definitely feel the tightness of her throat.Somehow during the fall my finger wedged inside Mia?s little starfish such was the lubrication applied, she didn?t flinch and gave me an opportunity to get my tongue back between those tasty labia lips and OMG my head was spinning as I tongue fucked her shaking body.I knew I was at that point of no return and let out a loud ?OMG MIA, GET READY!!? as my cock started to shoot another hot protein shake directly down her throat, OMG she didn?t hang around and swallowed the lot continuing to suck on my softening helmet, I think she was feeling sad that there was no more left.?OMG sir, that shake is so yummy? she sighed softly and I had a feeling that wont be the last protein shake she enjoys. It took us a few minutes to get ourselves back together and climbing off Mia?s tiny frame I looked down at he laying there with a contented look on her face.?Well done Mia, you did brilliantly but we will need to practice certain exercises and as we don?t live far apart it may be an idea to exercise here? I told her, ?Really sir?, so cool? she said smiling.To Be Continued?.
04-15-2021, at 09:38 AM

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