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A Beautiful Lie Or A Harsh Truth? Chapter 3

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A Beautiful Lie Or A Harsh Truth? Chapter 3Saturday, 21:00pm.The elevator's doors open to reveal the talented yet cocky and arrogant new General Manager of Kaiser Logistics, along with his wife, the face of the company (who wears a unique long dress which might not be oversexualized or revealing enough but gives her an elegant and aristocratic aura ) arrive at the large rooftop of Indigo Hotel, where the Gala takes place.Lina: Just in time, as always. Hilda, how are you doing, girlfriend? Long time no see!Hilda: Marrital obligations, my dear. We should catch up one of these days. We have a lot to talk about.Aris: I would recognize this tall and imposing figure with the short, dark blonde hair and the ice cold blue eyes, everywhere but who is the other guy with him?Hilda: He looks handsome.Aris: Aha, you think?Hilda: Oh, my! He is EVEN taller than Maximilian and he has...muscles!Lina: He DOES looks like a pro wrestler! Like those American ones you're a fan of ,Aris!Aris: Not a good time, Lina.Hilda: His chest is so wide but his facial features contradict with his menacing physique. These hazel eyes of dreamy and magnetic. Like two black holes which suck every female heart in!Lina: I like his facial hair. They make him look even more masculine!Hilda: Yes, i remember that you've always liked hairy guys like Aris.Aris: ....Lina: Don't be crazy! Aris may be a nice guy to work with but he's definetely NOT my type!Hilda: I was referring to your previous boyfriends, silly! Like Aris would ever waste his time with a lowly secretary.Lina: Excuse me? Hilda: You may be good looking with a rare hair and skin complexion but you certainly aren't in my league.Aris: ( Crap, Lina looks like a volcano ready to errupt! What has gotten into Hilda and acts this way? Could it be that she has ACTUALLY find out about my affair )?Max: Here they are! Our new GM Aristeidis Petrakis, his secretary Lina Weber and last but NEVER least....???: One of the prettiest women Germany has ever produced, a supermodel who has won the admiration and respect of fans and critics from all over the world. The exquisite Hilda Roth herself!Hilda: Allow me to introduce you Italy's fastest rising star in logistics! His father had always been one of our company's greatest rivals on international level, if NOT the greatest but he, like the open minded young man that he is, decided to sign a 10 year contract of partnership with Kaiser Logistics and invest large sums of Euros for the acquisition of state of the art vehicles and equipment! Ladies and gentleman, i present to you...LUCA ARCARI!!!Aris: Arcari logistics has always done a somewhat decent job but i hope you realize that now you're about to play in the big leagues.Max: Ha,ha! Greeks and their brute ways! Don't get him wrong my friend, he still hasn't adjusted to the life here.Luca: On the contrary, as an Italian and " neighbour " of Mr.Petrakis's i DO like his style and look foward to work with him and elevate the status and power of our respective companies even further beyond!Aris: The feeling is mutual, Luca. ( Strong handshake but with an arm like this, it had to be expected ).Luca: My fair lady, your presence is enchanting! This lovely dress looks like it came out of the Cinderella fairy tale.Hilda: You are...too kind!Aris: I agree with Mr.Arcari. Hilda does look like a Disney princess and I am her prince charming!Maxi: Nobody questioned your marrital status, my boy. Why don't you go to the bar and have a drink? I'll call you when we have to talk about work, so don't get drunk!Luca: Take it easy, Max! Who wouldn't get a bit jealous with a wife like Ms.Petrakis?Hilda: Actually, i've retained my father's last name for professional reasons.Aris: I' at the bar if you need me. Aris had never felt more overlooked, ignored and betrayed in his life before. All he could think of were multiple ways to beat the crap out of his boss and that smug Casanova wannabe. Having no other choice, he headed to the bar in order to " drown his pain" in beer.Aris: Bartender, i would like a Heineken, please!???: Aris? Aris Petrakis???Aris: That voice. I haven't heard it since...ALKIVIADIS KASTRINAKIS?Alkiviadis: How are you doing old buddy? So good to see you? I've learnt that you have become high and mighty and that you are married to a top model!Aris: I am, for now! You see that big ass dude over there? He is hitting on her and i can't give him a black eye because he is a loaded future investor!Alkiviadis: Whoa! This guy has two mini mountains where his arms should be and the rest of his body is bulky as well! I would not recommend you to attack him.Aris: You're probably right, Alkis. Enough of it, what are you doing here?Alkis: I'm doing many jobs in order to make a living like most of our peers. Bartender is one of them. Here's your beer. Hey, take it easy!!!Aris: Aaahhh! It might not be Tsikoudia but it will do.Alkis: At least, let me bring you a glass so you can...Aris: You have no idea how glad i am to see you here tonight! My best friend from school is here now that i need him the most!Alkis: I missed you too, dude-bro but you can't spend the night here with me! You have to go and fight for this fine wife of yours! Mark your territory and show this pretender to the throne who the REAL king is!!!Aris: Ever the optimist, Alkis! I see you've filled a glass of beer for me. So be it!Alkis: Hey, Johann! Play something catchy, the guest have almost fallen asleep.Johann: I've got just the thing!Alkis: Yeah, now THAT'S what i'm talking about!Aris: Thanks man, i'm ready to face them!Alkis: No problem! Why don't we exchange phone numbers and go out to have some fun like the good old days? Aris: There's a lot of catching up to do. Here you go!Alkis: This song is called " I Want You Dangerously ". You should ask wifey for a dance.Aris: Good idea but what if my mistress gets jealous? They almost fought earlier.Alkis: You have a mistress TOO? You certainly aren't the shy, nerdy boy who was getting rejected by the girls all the time! Who is she? Is she here?Aris: Yes, the busty and curvy redhead over there.Alkis: HO,HO! MY MAN!!! She looks like a pornstar! Are her " bazookas " natural?Aris: No, does it matter?Alkis: Of course not! After all, synthetic beauty lasts forever!!!Aris: I'm feeling all fired up! How much do i owe you?Alkis: This one is on me. Now go and have fun with your harem! WOO-HOO!!!!Aris: Ever the party a****l. I'm going!Aris: YEAH! Show them how we do it in Crete!!! The reinvigorated husband made his way back to the swimming pool area but soon realized that Hilda was missing.Aris: Where's Hilda?Lina: See for yourself.All eyes were on Luca and Hilda who were dancing with each other in a suggestive, naughty and erotic way along with the song's lyrics: " If we entangle together the two of us, our journey will have no return and if you dare to touch me, there will be no ending to the night which starts now!I want you dangerously, i want you! You flow inside of me!!!I want you dangerously, i want you and take me wherever you want!!!!"Aris: ( Her body is attached to his and she is moving her ass around his dick)!Lina: Lovely couple, don't you think? Why don't we join the fun and show them how it's done?Aris: Don't worry, we WILL have our fun but in a different way!Lina: I'm open to everything.Aris: Follow me and don't say a word!Lina: I always like it when you lead. They went unnoticed by the crowd and took the elevator to get downstairs and more specifically the toilets. Aris chose the male ones in order to avoid any unexpected surprises from Hilda.Aris: Turn around!Lina: Okay!Without wasting any time, the hurt and determined for some payback General Manager, unzipped and pulled his assistant's short black dress down and off her feet.Then he slowly knelt behind her. A gasp escaped his lips as he stared at her thong-covered ass. The silky material barely covered her cheeks. There was a beautiful contrast of her black thong and white cheeks. He pulled the underwear until it was tucked between the cheeks. He grasped the material at the top and bottom and sawed it back and forth.Lina: Mmmmm....She groaned as the silky material separated her cheeks and rubbed against her now tender holes.Her long time stud teased himself and the second great love of his life as he took his time, continually moving the material up and down, staring at her now squirming cheeks. Slowly he began to pull it down, revealing the divide between her soft white buttocks inch by inch. He left the provocative clothing at her thighs and leaned forward and kissed first one soft cheek and then the other.Lina groaned as his lips left a trail of wetness, moving slowly across her soft cheeks.Lina: Oh, sweetie...pleaaassseee.....He circled his tongue around the hole in a teasing fashion. When Lina pushed back, he pulled away and chuckled teasingly. Then he moved his tongue to the top of her buttocks before sliding it down one cheek and then the other, leaving a trail of his saliva.Lina: Jusssttt put it innn alllrrreeeaaaddyyyy!!!!!!The excitement in the room grew rapidly as Aris's tongue moved between the cheeks. Finally his tongue touched the tiny hole.Lina:Ohhhhh....She moaned and pushed her ass back toward his tongue again.He stiffened his tongue and pressed forward.Lina: Oh...FFFUUUCCCKKK!!!!!! She screamed and her body began to shake. Aris had done this to her countless times but every time seemed like the first. She felt his wide tongue separating her sphincter and slipping into her body. This was a prelude to something much bigger and much longer. Lina:Yes, yes, yesss!!!She moaned as she felt his tongue begin to move in and out of her slowly stretching hole.Saliva began to drip down Aris's chin as his tongue plunged in and out of the tight hole. Suddenly his face was buried between her cheeks, the soft silky flesh caressing his rougher skin. He could lick his wonderful best woman's ass for hours, but not today because he was in danger of getting caught in the act. When he pulled his tongue from the grasping hole, it made a little pop and snapped shut.Suddenly, his faithful girlfriend felt empty. Her hole pulsed, as if it had a mind of its own, like it needed something to stretch it to the limit. He stood up and looked down at her gorgeous squirming ass. His hands were still trembling as he separated the cheeks again. He brought his now throbbing erection to the divide between her cheeks and rested at the top of her crack. Slowly, he let it slip downward and through the saliva he had left behind. That provided the necessary lubricant and it would be all that he would use. His wife's traitorous bestie was going mad with desire now. She had to have it inside her. She pushed her hips up and back in desperation.He centered the large head on her anus and pushed forward, gradually increasing the pressure. The tight sphincter resisted mightily for a second before it began to relax.Lina:Ahhhhhhh!!!Lina moaned as the impossibly large head opened her hole. She concentrated, trying to relax. However, it seemed more difficult then usual in her current state of excitement. She knew that the head was always the toughest part. She held her breath and bit her lip. With a final push from her hips and Aris's, the crown slipped inside and air rushed from her lungs. The stretched muscles of her sphincter gripped the head below the crown, trapping it in a warm vise.Aris: Oh....BABYYY!!!!He moaned as he felt her anal canal opening to welcome him. Slowly he slid in, inch by inch, pausing occasionally to let her adjust until finally, his swollen testicles touched her dripping vagina. He stopped moving, waiting for her to get used to the length and width of his large tool.The W.C went silent but for their heavy breathing. Aris's leg muscles trembled as he waited. It seemed like an eternity for both of them before he started to move.Lina: Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck myyyyy assss!!!Lina screamed.He smiled at her outburst and began to move his hips faster. It always worked like this. Once she adjusted, he knew that he didn't have to be gentle any longer. He pulled his hips back and then pushed forward with a grunt, sliding all the way into her with one thrust.Lina:Ahhhhheeeee!!!!!!She screamed. It wasn't a scream of pain but rather incredible pleasure. She could feel every inch of his hot shaft as it slid past the sensitive nerve endings deep in her canal.Then Aris gradually began to move more rapidly until he was pounding into his chick's tight ass without reservation.Aris:Aaaahhhh....I'm going to... cum! He moaned in warning.Lina: Yes, yes, yes, cum... cum in my asssss!!!She screamed as a strong climax overtook her. She could feel her anal canal pulsing and squeezing his long shaft. Each of her pulses brought a return throb from his hot shaft.Suddenly, Aris bellowed in pleasure and began to pump his thick sperm deep into Lina's waiting hole. It felt like his balls were going to explode from the release of the building pressure.Lina could feel it... she could actually feel the hot cum pouring into her canal. She knew that most women would say that that was not possible. However, she knew what she felt and the feeling always intensified her climax. It was almost as if a soothing balm was being pumped into her clenching hole. She gasped for breath until her climax began to wane.Finally, he fell across his still climaxing mate . Each convulsion made her ass muscles squeeze a little more of his dwindling cum into her hole. He sighed as the last drop was pulled into her already overflowing hole.Hilda: I CAUGHT YOU!!!!!!!!!!!Aris: Hilda, it's not what...Hilda: Don't you DARE say it! Take a good look ladies and gentlemen of Kaiser Logistics!! THAT'S your precious GM and his " trusting " secretary!!!Aris: You have the nerve to talk after what you did upstairs? YOU are responsible for this! EVERYTHING that transpired here is YOUR fault!!!Guest 1: Dude, check it out! Her butthole is dripping cum!!!Lina: What an... utter disgrace...Guest 2: Lucky Greek bastard!Guest 3: Not for long. Hi, hiii!!!Max: MR.PETRAKIS!MS.WEBER! I DEMAND AN EXPLANATION FOR THIS MESS!!!Aris: Enough is enough! You want an explanation " Max "? WE'VE BEEN FUCKING EACH OTHER FOR YEARS AND WE'VE BEEN ENJOYING EVERY SECOND OF IT!Hilda: I've never felt more humiliated in my life. I am the face, the MASKOT, the literal poster girl of your company's advertising campaign for years and i deserve justice! If you don't do something, i have every legal right to break contract and ask millions as a refund.Luca: I agree with Ms.Roth. Look around you Max! The paparazzi are all over the place!!! I can not endanger my firm's image and prestige by assosiating with a cesspool of infidelity.Aris: See you around " pretty boy ". Don't forget to write!Lina: Please, don't make it worse than it already is!!!Max: You are both....FIRRREEEDDD!!!!Aris: I'm not fired. I QUIT as an employee of yours AND queen bitche's over here! If she acted as a proper wife and didn't make me feel inferior in every given chance, i wouldn't have to look elsewhere for what she was lacking!!!Hilda: YOU CREEP! I GAVE YOU EVERYTHING I HAD, ALMOST SACRIFICED MY CAREER FOR YOU AND THAT'S HOW YOU REPAY MEEE!Aris: Sure! Go ahead!!! Cry in front of the press and who knows? Your DEAD career might rise from the least for a year or two.Hilda: YOU HAVE BEEN CHEATING ME FOR YEARS AND I HAVE THE WAY, THE EVIDENCE TO PROVE IT!!!!!!!!Aris: Be my guest! I'll see you in the court!!! Oh, Mr.Kaiser! Here's something i've been " DYING " to do for a long ass time!!!Max: ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!Aris: Right in the " family jewels "!!!
04-15-2021, at 09:38 AM

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