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Shelly's First BBC

Post #1

Shelly's First BBCShelly had been craving the feel of a huge black cock in her pussy for quite some time. In our recent pillowtalk, it came out that we were both turned on by the idea, and for many of the same reasons. I had discovered what a cum-slut she is long before, and it came to no surprise that this was a fantasy of hers. We share a fetish for jizz, and the thought of helping her milk a BBC was an extreme turn on, to the point where I'd like nothing better than to do a tongue dance with her over his spurting head. We placed a few ads on Craigslist and developed some online trust to the point where we decided to meet one of the respondents. Mitch had sent us pictures, and was equally turned on by the idea of being shared by a husband and wife.I should mention that cuckoldry does not really enter in here... my wife and I are equal partners in this - if anything she is more submissive than dominant; a fact that would come to light her shortly.Because of scheduling issues, we had scheduled what my wife refers to as a 'touch and go'. Being our first meeting we were all so hot to get together that we didn't discuss anything like drinks, dinner, any of that shit. It was all about his cock and cum. Period.He pulled in the drive; there was really no nervousness or jitters - we'd all seen pics and flix of each other. He was already getting hard when we let him in; who can blame him - Shelly had a very revealing top on (Mitch had expressed a preference for tit-fucking) and some very sexy shoes (for me; I'm the one with a foot fetish) and as she turned to face us, I suggested she unwrap her present LOL. Mitch stood before her with his hands behind his back and she began the difficult process of extracting a hard cock through his clothes. She pulled his trousers down; we both gasped when we saw how stretched his briefs were. My slutty wife couldn't wait and breathed hot air through the fabric, causing him to stiffen and grow even more. She leaned back, using her feet to pull down his briefs, exposing the first actual hard cock I'd seen other than my own. She stroked it a few times with her feet and then sat forward and called me over. I knelt next to her and we kissed, our tongues doing battle as she slid the head of his cock into her mouth, pushing it into mine with her tongue and then curling her tongue around him and pulling it back into hers. She did this several times until he started to fuck her mouth. I sta back and watched, as his huge cock stretched her mouth wide open. His balls were hanging there; I cupped my hand around them and leaned in again, stealing the fully hard cock from her and tasting the salty precum she craves so much. "Mine!" she says, pushing me out of the way and offering me her feet to play with. Mitch kneels down between her legs, spreading them wide and slowly lapping at her glistening outer lips. I move from her feet to a chair across the room, enjoying the wide angle view of the proceedings. My cock is enjoying it, too, and out it comes. I cannot resist stroking it as I watch him climb between her legs and position his turgid cock at her pussy. "Oh, God, fuck me!" she is begging him, and he climbs up her chest so she can slobber all over his cock, then back down and balls deep in one huge, long, slow thrust. His balls are riveted to her asshole, and at first they grind together, then he starts fucking her proper. I circle round to the side, and see his huge dark-skinned rod pummelling her. She grabs my wrist and pulls my mouth to hers, whispering in my ear that she wants me to lap up every drop of his jizz no matter where he shoots it, and that he's going to shoot it real soon. Just as she finishes that sentence, Mitch announces to the whole fucking world that he's about to cum. I wedge my face down in her clit, licking her little button while he slams into her in slow, measured strokes, finally pulling out just enough to flood her pussy lips and my tongue with the first few spurts, than pushing back in to shoot the remaining volleys against her cervix. He leans over and they share a kiss after which he pulls away from her, receding into the background to clean up and dress, saying 'She's all yours!"I slide into position and lap at her wet pussy, all matted and sloppy with a pint of his jizz. I slip my finger in then two and lick her clit; by the time I have licked up all his cum she has her own orgasm, and another half-pint slips out from deep in her pussy. Cum-slut that she is, I decide to have my turn, and straddle her chest. I'd been watchin her tremendous chest all night and had a wild hair to titfuck her and finish that way. I took my time and we talked dirty to each other about the evening, Mitch, his cock, his cum. I was getting close and she told me to go for it; I squeezed her boobs tighter around my cock and pushed so far forward that her tongue tickled my cockhead on every stroke. It wasn't many of those strokes before I pressed forward, "Oh God oh god oh god!" and unloaded so much cum on her face it made a noise when it hit her. God damn, she looked so fuckinghot with all that jizz on her I couldn't help myself and sucked up every drop, storing it all in my mouth until we kissed, then sharing it in a sloppy nasty snowball.Now, she wants 2 BBCs at the same time! Mitch says, "just 2?" Apparently he has a whole lot of friends....
04-15-2021, at 09:38 AM

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